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Spinifex Bribie Cooler

Spinifex Bribie Cooler

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Spinifex Brfindabella chair trap!

The chairs themselves are comfortable enough but the cheap plastic feet are absolute rubbish and disintegrate after a few uses. There is no where that replacements can be purchased. A $60 chair to thrown out because of a 50 cent faulty component

Shoddy Fittings

We have two of these chairs and two Spinifex Brindabella chairs, purchased less than three years ago at the Townsville Outdoor & Camping Expo. Used about half a dozen times, stored in a shed not exposed to the elements. Went to sit down this weekend only to find the plastic fittings (on all four chairs) crumbled - not impressed. I would expect better from an expensive product from a recognised manufacturer!

Expensive product with cheap fittings

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Bribie Cooler
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