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Sprite Lemonade

Sprite Lemonade

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Light and Refreshing!

I always stock Sprite in my house, and have it as a standalone soft drink or mix it with beer – It’s a great mixer for many drinks! Sprite has been consistent in its quality and taste even after all these years!

•A great soft drink that you can have daily
•It is a light drink and doesn’t feel too heavy unlike other soft drinks
•Great packaging

None really. I love Sprite.


Recently I decided that if I am going to drink a soft drink I might as well make it my favourite which is the cola variety. However I have drunk enough Sprite over the years to make this review. Sprite is light and refreshing and tastes great. I love the packaging of the product because it is nice and bright. Fantastic mixer for some spirits especially in summer. Second only overall to Woodies Lemonade made in South Australia.
Great tasting and refreshing soft drink.
High in sugar as all full strength soft drinks. Should only really be drunk in moderation.


a great everyday drink that is made by a reputable company that promises and provides great quality time after time, although i dont enjoy it plain with a little cordial it is a great quench taking drink
im not a real sprite fan as i find it to be bland and no real flavour although in saying so i find it does quench your thrist and isnt as gassy a drink as other soft drinks, I have brought this several times as it is a good drink to mix cordial with and make your own strenght and flavoured soft drink.. comes in a variety of sizes from 375ml cans to 2lt bottles
bland falvouring to me, but if you add a little flavourings it ok

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it is not lemonade, it is a lemon/lime drink

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