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Sunbeam Chic

Sunbeam Chic

SB7400, SB7100 and SB7300
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Split the Difference

I love this ironing board and my wife hates it. It's long and wide, adjusts for tall folks, suitable for left and right handers. It is heavy at 9.6kg and trying to wheel it is fine in a straight line on a flat surface but hopeless over door thresholds or around corners. If you can't set it up in the room it's stored or you don't fancy shifting this sort of bulky object, I'd look elsewhere.


The first one I took home had a damaged leg - about 3 cms shorter than its pair however the shrink wrapping was perfect. The replacement has a downhill slope that is obvious to the naked eye. Also - what is it with the uneven and protruding bolts on the legs and the placement on the wheels?

It is unfortunate that retailers don't have these items open for inspection before you purchase.

Sub standard ironing board.

Surface not flat, steel very thin and flexes with heat from iron. Top is warped with small sectioned dipped and not level and this makes ironing large surface eg a shirt difficult.
Cannot be raised as high as my previous ironing board which I used for about 20 years. I am only 180cm tall.
When unpacked after collection from store one of the wheels on the legs was smashed, although the packaging was undamaged. Replacement was arranged without problem.

Trying to decide whether to keep this one or not

I bought this ironing board for it's large surface and the great iron rest the pulls out the side with a rung for hanging the clothes on hangers when they're ironed. I got the first one home and it wouldn't open. Just couldn't open it. So I took it back and changed it. I've got the second one home now and have used it twice. It opens fine and although the latch to hold it shut isn't locking in place it doesn't seem to fall open when it's folded up so that's ok. But I have discovered that it too has the uneven surface others have mentioned.

There is one spot where it keeps popping up and down whenever I prress it and the rest of the board isn't really flat, it's a little wavy where the supports run underneath. It's not effecting it's performance in that I can still iron everything perfectly well, it's just annoying. So I'm trying to decide whether or not it's worth the hassle of taking it back.
Other than that, the iron rest/clothes rung is great. Large size is good for ironing table cloths and new fabric (I sew for a hobby). The skinny end of the board is a little bit too wide if you have small kids clothes to iron but not a major problem. Stability seems fine. The cover seems plenty padded enough for me, I haven't had a problem with bumps showing on clothes like others have mentioned.
Large size, good for ironing big things. Clothes hanger on the side is handy.
First board I purchased was faulty (wouldn't open at all). Second board the top surface is not completely flat and has a section that pops in and out when you iron over it.

Great ironing board let down by poor welding

After looking at many ironing boards on the market, I decided on the Sunbeam Chic and was happy with it until it collapsed one day due to two spot welds failing, luckily it comes with a 5 year replacement guarantee which was honoured without question by Myers. The second unit lasted just over 6 months when it also collapsed with same problem and replaced by Myers again without any problems, at this stage I may never have to buy another ironing board again, providing Sunbeam stay in business.
Besides the above problem I love the unit and it suits me completely.
Good size, easy to adjust, great guarantee.
Spot welds on upright supports.

It is now May 2013 and my 3rd Chic Ironing Board has just collapsed, same problem as previous , spot welds failed, time to dig out the warranty and get a replacement, wishing for better luck with the next one.I am pleased to advice the replacement lasted 7 months, same problem, faulty welds on support frame, no worries replaced by Myers without question, despite the problems I still believe it is a good product to iron on , thanks Sunbeam for a great warranty.

Springy uneven top

The newest chic range ironing board had everything going for it until both my husband and I used it for the first time. Has an uneven top, the wheels, legs, iron rest all are very good quality, but the top very poor.
My darker clothes showed an imprint of the lumps on top of the board from the metal frame. When you touch it with one finger it springs in and out, how on earth did this end up in the shops shelves.
All I want is a flat surface please Sunbeam. Shop assistant agreed it was in bad shape for ironing. I have replaced it with a Sabco iron board smaller but great ironing surface stronger and straight and also better quality cover.
looks nice
top/board too thin and lumpy & springy

Great potential but fell short of expectation

I was so excited about getting the Chic ironing board as it went up to 95cm high and I was sick of bending over the board. The first one I bought had an uneven ironing surface that popped in and out as you ironed. I took it back and got a replacement but it has the same problem...must have been a faulty batch. The retailer was more than happy to refund my money
Loved the size, height and sturdy frame
The mesh top was uneven and popped up and down as you ironed. The underlay was very thin and you could see imprints on some ironed garmets

Great design but appalling manufacturing.

I bought a Sunbeam Chic in Nov 2011 because of its larger size. Great design but appalling manufacturing - surface was rippled like corrugated iron. I took it back to the retailer; his whole stock was the same - looks like a batch problem. Retailer most apologetic, cheerfully refunded my money. Still looking for one that is flat.
Large, good iron rest, stable.
Appalling manufacturing - surface was rippled like corrugated iron.

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I bought mine in May 2012 from Big w and I have to agree with you. Uneven ironing surface, my husband also agrees it is teribble to use. What we found was several brands make the steel ironing base so thin and flimsy that the tops have bows in them. Prefer my 20 yr old ironing board, does not pop in and out when you place your hand on it.


Sturdy with a large surface and clever design features, this ironing board makes me want to attack every unattached furnishing in my house. It's that good. And if it can sway a non-ironer across to the Land of the Creaseless, imagine what it could do for everyone else? Maybe not world peace. But close.
Once I finished school, I vowed I'd never iron again. Marrying a man who actually enjoys the dreaded activity ensured that this would be the case. Until our old cheap and cheerful board broke, and he sent me out to fetch a new one. I didn't want a light one like our previous model (too flimsy) nor one that would require The Incredible Hulk to drag it out of the cupboard. This board strikes a perfect balance. It's smooth to open and close, the huge surface is great for trousers, and the shelf at the end with coathanger space? Genius! I thought I'd have a go at it before TheBloke got home from work and commandeered it. I'm almost ashamed to admit that I've done a 180 on ironing, and six weeks after purchase, he still hasn't used it.
If I'm going to be perfectly honest, the price is a little steep. I mean, it's an ironing board! Why would you want to spend more than a hundred bucks on it? Also I wish that it was able to be raised just a smidge higher, so that my shirts didn't brush the floor when I hang them on the shirt hook bar.


It's a great product but considering the price I probably would have gone with a cheaper ironing board. I don't really do that much ironing and can't really justify the price. However in saying that it does what its meant to do
Very good product. Nice and sturdy and well made. From a trusted and well known brand. Easy to open and close and slim to pack away. Doesn't wobble when you iron like my previous one.
a little bit expensive considering it is just an iron board. I probably would have gone with a cheaper iron board.


Prior to the purchase of this sunbeam ironing board I have been using a smaller and no where near as good board.
I am more than happy with this new one. It seems to be quiet strong and folds up and down nice and easy.
It was expensive for an ironing board but you do get what you pay for.
There is plenty of padding so there are no added marks in your ironing. The cover is simple to remove for washing.
Light weight to strength ratio.
My one had an overtightened wheel. It was easily fixed by loosening the bolt to allow the wheel to spin but I should not have had to do anything but iron on it.

The best ironing board I've used!

I bought this board based on the reviews on the site and I can say that I do not regret the purchase one bit! I was taken aback by the price ($109) but I can honestly say that it's 100% better than my previous board. It feels more substantial with the weight and width. It folds up and down with ease and stands at the perfect height for my ironing position. The iron stand at the end of the board is handy and sturdy and the slit in the stand to hold the shirt hangers is really convenient when I am ironing all of my shirts for the week.
Reliable, comfortable to use, sturdy
A little pricey but worth it.

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I bought a Sunbeam Chic in Nov 2011 because of it's larger size. Great design but appalling manufacturing - surface was rippled like corrugated iron. I took it back to the retailer; his whole stock was the same - looks like a batch problem. Cheerfully refunded my money. Still looking for one that is flat.

Great ironing board

This ironing board is very sturdy, large enough to handle big items without being overly big, easy to put up and down and not too heavy. I looked at several other models around the same price bracket and they seemed flimsy compared with this product, other brands that I put up in the shop were not stable. Glad I read the reviews on this site before buying, am very happy with this item.
Sturdy, easy to put up and down
Seems a little pricey for an ironing board but you get what you pay for


Overall a very good ironing board, easy to move around with the wheels and with a large ironing surface. With the five year replacement warranty, you can't go wrong.
Excellent, sturdy, well made. Large size, so that everything from shirts to trousers (I'm 180cm tall) can be ironed with ease. Retractable iron rest. Well desinged legs mean it doesn't wobble when you're ironing. Although a little heavy to carry, but the wheels make the job very easy.
None at all

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Sunbeam Chic SB7400Sunbeam Chic SB7100Sunbeam Chic SB7300
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