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Sunbeam Chic

Latest review: I love this ironing board and my wife hates it. It's long and wide, adjusts for tall folks, suitable for left and right handers. It is heavy at 9.6kg and trying to wheel it is fine in a straight line

Hills Sienna

Latest review: When ironing jeans or heavy items, board has a tendency to click out of position & drop down to next position... Won't be recommending or buying any other hills

Brabantia BRB9587

Latest review: If like me, you tend to use steam majority of the time, then this ironing board is possibly not a best buy. However, it is excellent quality, very sturdy, easy to put up and down, it’s not heavy and

Robinhood ICKIT Ironing Centre Kitset

Latest review: I don't have any complaints about the service and delivery from Appliances On Line however if you purchase a Robinhood Ironing Centre be prepared to shell out further. The ironing board cover that

Sunbeam Mode

Latest review: As far a ironing boards go - this one is solid, dependable and reliable. I bought it to use in a unit that I have rented out so it needs to be tough and stand up to some solid treament. I have not

Robinhood IC1300

Latest review: Has been fantastic but just recently the timer wont turn so won’t switch off the light or power, so bit of a safety issue now. Hoping I can get a replacement t

Laurastar Go

Latest review: I had the first model of Laurastar iron (Magic) for 16 years before it finally stopped working. I do wonder if the GO can provide the same level of quality & endurance. The iron itself is much

Ikea Ruter

Latest review: Not sure if i would buy this again, as with most ikea products they are made fairly quickly and it shows in the long run. But it does serve its purpose. Cheap from Ikea, Assembled ready to go. You

Hills Caprice

Latest review: This board is heavy it is also hard and noisy to put up and this is the second one I have had after having the 1st one replaced because of the weld breaking where the legs join the board! Just lucky

Hills Tabletop

Latest review: The design workmanship & quality of material were of a very poor standard. We have always bought Hills product because of the inherent quality. Never again. The ironing board titled Elegance FG

Hills Orbit

Latest review: Flimsy, moves around on tiled floors, not enough padding. Again I bought from Bunnings and it was sealed in plastic. If I'd been able to see it open I would never have bought it. Complained to Hills

Sunbeam Couture

Latest review: I spent $159 on this ironing board because I wanted an excellent quality, sturdy board. I certainly can’t complain regarding the quality; however, there is simply not enough padding. I don’t want cri

Hills Premium Bamboo

Latest review: I bought this yesterday and I was very excited as I thought hills had a great reputation. It was over $100 and said it was a 'premium' ironing board. I unwrapped it tonight and set up ready to iron

Hills Elegance

Latest review: I choose this ironing board because I believed Hills produced quality products and paid considerably more than other brands that were for sale. I wish I had chosen the Sabco ironing board as it was

Hills Verini

Latest review: Unfortunately this product is sealed in plastic and I was unable to check before purchasing. When I got it home, I was very disappointed with the build quality overall, but was most irritated by the

Sunbeam HiLo SB1300

Ikea Danka