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Sunbeam Mode

Sunbeam Mode

SB4400, SB4100 and SB4300
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The welds broke

I bought this ironing board 5 years ago, not the best ironing board but it did the job, till yesterday. I was happily ironing and the welds snapped on the legs. Luckily I was ironing on carpet and my iron survived the full. I got injured though, but only a few bruises. My trusty Big W ironing board is still going after 25 years, so I may go buy one of those again.

Purchased in June 2014 at The Good Guys for $169.00.

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Hi Megan B. So sorry to hear of this. Please contact Sunbeam on 1300 881 861 and we can assist you further. Kind Regards, Sunbeam .

Overpriced junk that falls to pieces - buy elsewhere instead and get value for money

I own a Sunbeam SB4400 Mode Ironing Board which I purchased at Bing Lee. The reason I chose this particular model of ironing board, which is quite expensive relative to other makes of ironing boards, was that it looked very strong and sturdy and carried a respectable, well-established brand name.
However, two spot welds which attach one of the two sliding legs of the ironing board to the (underside) body of the board have snapped, thereby causing the ironing board to collapse and, in the process, rendering it useless. This occurred when I was simply opening the ironing board to raise it to the normal ironing position.
How this has happened is beyond me as it is implausible that the welds would fail under normal operating conditions. I am a civil engineer who has worked with Standards Australia's loading codes so I have a very good appreciation of the loading of structures and elements. Therefore, logically, for the ironing board to fail in this manner, it would be presumed that it would have been subjected to loads and stresses greater than the design working loads and I assure you that I have not, for example, jumped on the top of the ironing board from a great height, or done something similar to cause the welds to fail, if for no other reason than I would have injured myself in the process. In fact, while such an action would almost certainly cause damage to the ironing board platform, it would be unlikely to cause the welds to fail. Accordingly, it can be construed that the welds failed directly as a result of a manufacturing defect/improper welding practice that resulted in them not having the strength that they should have.
I would assume that under relevant consumer legislation, it would be expected that this rather expensive ironing board would have been reasonably expected to not fail in the manner in which it has and I therefore request that you inspect my ironing board and provide an explanation for the failure of the spot welds. I note that another review of Sunbeam ironing boards posted on the Product Review website, reveal that other people have also had welds on their Sunbeam ironing boards fail in a manner identical to my situation, so obviously the failure of my ironing board is not an isolated incident and is the direct result of a manufacturing process deficiency and poor quality control.
Ideally, I would like Sunbeam to replace my now useless ironing board with a new identical model. Given that this form of failure lies outside the limits of what would be considered fair wear and tear on an ironing board d, and is most likely the result of some manufacturing/welding defect, I consider that such a request for a replacement ironing board is not unreasonable, at all.
I therefore wrote to Sunbeam with enclosed photos demonstrating how and where the ironing board failed, but Sunbeam have not bothered contacting me at all regarding this matter which just goes to show that the quality of their customer service to consumers is commensurate with that of the products they sell.
I’ve learnt my lesson dealing with Sunbeam and its pathetic products in that I’ll never purchase a Sunbeam product ever again. I hope others will do the same.

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Hi EssDee54 So sorry to hear of your experience with both the ironing board and the service. Please call us on 1300 881 861 and we will certainly assist you.

Great Ironing Board

As far a ironing boards go - this one is solid, dependable and reliable. I bought it to use in a unit that I have rented out so it needs to be tough and stand up to some solid treament. I have not had an issue with it to date.

Ironing board surface has ridges. Not good!!!

I will be taking this ironing board back to the shop because each cross bar along the ironing board causes a ridge across the ironing board. One of these is near the pointy end so affects most items being ironed.

I have always had perfectly flat ironing boards, so find this to be very strange. It causes the diamond pattern of the metal base to come through onto the shirts being ironed because the applied ironing pressure is suddenly varied due to an unexpectedly different surface height.

I suggest you don't buy this item.
It is stable, and has a nice pull out tray to rest the iron on
Ironing surface has noticeable ridges across it

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Hi Heppo, Thank you for your feedback, Sunbeam takes all customer feedback very seriously and I would like to begin by expressing our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. We ask if you can please contact Sunbeam Customer Service either by phone on 1300 881 861 or email customercare@sunbeam.com.au (subject line: ProductReview.com.au with Sunbeam Mode) with your details, as we will organise to send the additional felt underlay to you. Regards, Sunbeam Customer Service 1300 881 861 customercare@sunbeam.com.au


I chose this ironing board because of the coat hanger slot, to me that made it easier because I did not have to walk to place the irone item either on a curtain track or the back of a chair, great idea. This ironing board is easy to assemble and put down, has a decent thickness in the ironing board cover and does not slide around when you are ironing because of the rubber feet. Good job sunbeam for trying to make life a little bit more easier for us ladies, thankyou.
The coat hanger slot.
I still have to iron (not your fault)

Questions & Answers

I would like to buy a new Sunbeam ironing board but I have two requirements - I would like wheels, and the over length of the board & legs, must fit into a 150cm cupboard. What do you recommend please?
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Hi Sandi. Unfortunately none of our ironing boards would fit in a 150cm cupboard. Our smallest ironing board is 152cm in height when folded. The only option would be the SB1300 but this is a table top ironing board.

Have just purchased this board.I noticed there is rubber on the section where the iron stands. Wouldn't it burn and stick to the hot iron, or am I supposed to remove the rubber pieces?
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Hi Noel, you will find this totally fine, the pieces are meant to be there and you won't have any trouble using the board...

Hi, I have a steam station and would like to know if the slide out ironing rest can take the weight and size of steam stations?
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Hi Dimitra and thanks for your question. We wouldn't recommend that you use your steam station on the ironing rest of this model as it is quite heavy. If you look at the SB8400 instead, this has a metal rack attached to the legs underneath the board. This would be sufficient to hold the steam station.


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