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Survival Handy First Aid Kits

Survival Handy First Aid Kits

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A must have item for your Great Outdoor Adventures

I recently purchased the Survival Handy first aid kit to take with me on bush walks & camping trips. This kit is compact and light, with a place/labeled pockets for everything. What impressed me is the kit contains a Smart Bandage which is essential for effectively treating snakebite - (being far superior to other type bandage). Other kits I considered did not include these type bandages. The kit also included a disposable resuscitation mask, 2 vials of saline solution, splinter probes, CPR card, brief first aid guide and other essentials. What also impressed me is that a refill kit is available to replace all the kits consumable items. The Survival website also provides a free downloadable Emergency First Aid Handbook. In short, this first aid kit is compact & light, yet contains all the essentials as well as having instructions - a great product.

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