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Mozzigear Mosquito Click

Mozzigear Mosquito Click

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Only thing that works for me. .

Must get Clicker on to bite quickly and it disappears altogether. SOOV Bite cream as a backup. I suffer terribly from bites, am allergic to saliva. Always have on hand.

Purchased in January 2017 at Aidacare Physical store for $25.00.


Works tried everything else this is worth the money. Totally recommend to all sensitive mossie bite reactors. won’t use any creams or spray again. Swelling went down within 4 hours.

Snake oil

Sorry, this doesn’t do anything. Used it as described and no relief. Clicked away a hundred more times. Still no relief! Waste of twenty bucks and thirty words. Thirty words!

Works Great for Bites & Itches & Disease Itches

My wife literally scratches her skin away with itching from mosquito & sand flies.
I saw these at the camping section in Big W & bought one to try.

That was several years ago. It works fabulously.
She has to do quite a lot of clicks on & around the bite. I only have to do a couple.
It also works for rashes & itches from disease.
We even gave one away to a counsellor who had an itch during a session. He couldn't believe it worked but it did.

These are around $20 in most shops but if you look up Mosquito Zap, Mosquito Click etc on eBay then they can be got for as low as a couple of dollars from Chinese suppliers - including post.

Some of the Chinese ones have weaker zaps than others but at the low price you can afford to toss a few away if you don't find it effective & still stock your car, first aid kits, beside the bed & anywhere else than you can think of without hurting the budget too much. BTW if an eBay one is not working or is too weak the contact the seller for a new one.

We have also used it for itching & rashes from skin conditions & disease with good effect although we use a cheap one & toss it after use for a disease.

the mozzie click is fantastic

the clicker is not only good for mosquitoes it is great for ant bites and wasps. It is also fantastic for leaches!!! If you apply after you remove the leach you never get any of the 2 week itching. I have also used it on ticks with good results, but you need to do 10-15 clicks a couple of times in the first day after removing the tick.

It's a "multi-purpose" tool - why restrict its use to just animal bites?

I've suffered from skin problems for some 16 months now - it mostly starts with an itch. I grabbed one of these from the local chemist on a whim (after trying "everything else") and am VERY happy with it. It won't solve every outbreak - and no-one seems to stock them "on the street" anymore - but "it works". And check the latest Scientific American cover story to see how this type of technology is the "next big thing" for a wide range of problems.

Does what it claims to do

I bought one of these years ago, and was surprised how well it works. I suffer horribly with mossie bites, big red lumps that itch for days. Such a relief to find something that takes away the itch, that is small and convenient to carry around.

When it wore out I bought another one.
Not too expensive, small, does what it claims.

Love it!

I'm always the person to get all of the mozzie bites at the BBQ - and I don't get just regular sized itchy bites, but they swell up to the size of a 50 cent coin. It's terrible. But I LOVE the clicker, it is the only thing that works for me. I need to click the bite about 20 times but the swelling goes down, stops itching and disappears a lot sooner than it would otherwise. I highly recommend it.
It actually works! The itching and swelling goes away within a few minutes
It is expensive at first but lasts for a long time, so it's worth it for me.

Absolutely useless

I wasted my money on this. It does nothing to remove itch or swelling. I feel like a sucker for paying over $20 for it. I received two mosquito bites which immediately became itchy. I applied the recommended amount of clicks which did nothing, so I kept on clicking but there was no change in the itchyness or swelling of my bites.
False claims

So good.

Mosquito bites?

As I'm writing this, I am currently sitting on my bed relatively itch free with a bad case of chicken pox. Seriously, if you think it works wonders on bites, try having chicken pox and one of these at hand. Absolutely amazing. It's only been a day and I probably would have gone mad without this.
Not just for mozzie bites
Can't find it at the shops anymore -.-


Great for people who are allergic to mosquito bites. Also great for ant bites too and removes the sting. Excellent for kids and adults alike. Have one in the car glove box, the gardening bucket, on the key ring, in the medicine chest and in the camping gear! It's a winner
non chemical, reliable, kids like it
key ring attachment breaks too easily

So cool it really does relieve the itchy bite!

Was sceptical at first but the way it works (spark diffuses inflammatory reaction i think) made logical enough sense to me to try. It really does help & prevents those sleepless nights scratching away.
I tend to click 6 or more times on a mozzy bite to get relief for several hours
Effective, inexpensive, chemical free
Difficult to click in awkward to reach areas & wish it was more readily avaiable at supermarkets or chemists


Love it. Please make it re-fillable!
Maybe we just love gadgets, but then again, this little device really worked for us.We live in Australia and like to be outdoors a lot. Bitey bugs are very attracted to my partner, and things can go septic a bit quickly, especially in humidity. We just returned from camping 3 weeks in rainy Tassie and this little device saved the day. A fingernail crossed into the bite has been offered as a free alternative solution, but mass bites in sensitive areas (like up the back-ankle where friction from boots occur) are always problematic.The device didn't work on leech-bites at all, but worked great on mass-mossie bites. We'll see in a few weeks if it works as well on sandflies when we go to Queensland for Christmas.
It's made of disposable plastic - it's a straight-to-landfill (after use) item. We would like to see it being able to be 're-filled' ` whatever than entails.


I like using natural products, the only thing I have ever found before this product to relieve mosquito bites is Soove, which contains chemicals so I am happy this has come out. Although it might not take the itch away completely it definitely does work to some extent, and I think it works better than putting a cross over the bite with your fingernail as someone else mentioned. Definitely something to try if you like the idea of a natural remedy.
Really works! Doesn't contain anything unnatural or toxic. Inexpensive and the small device doesn't take up much room in the medicine cabinet.
It doesn't work as a magic cure, it only helps relieve the itch.


AMAZING. I have always suffered quite badly with an allergy to mosquito bites, especially if bitten on the legs or feet. I have tried every over the counter bite/itch treatment, tea tree oil, tiger balm, ice, the fingernail technique and many more alternatives. Now I own 3 of these little beauties and cannot recommend them more. No more messy creams or smelly tea tree oil for me! If I click as soon as I realise I've been bitten I don't even have to take an anti-histamine!

P.s Of course prevention is better then a cure, there is a really good rosemary and cedar wood repellent the you can buy in AU with a black label.
The best product I have ever used for this purpose! Easy to use, convenient and lasts for ages!
So small I always loose them!


I bought this product at the pharmacy without even thinking it through because I was so fascinated with the concept of using piezoelectricity to ease the itch of mosquito bites. Fortunately, the product does live up to its claims, and it does work. This product can be used for a long time as it incorporates a few hundred clicks into the device. It is easy to carry around due to its size (comparable to the size of a mini torchlight). But I do agree with a comment from a previous reviewer, that putting a cross on the bite with your finger nails works too and is more cost-effective. Overall, this is a recommended product for someone who needs a gadget to reduce the itch from mosquito bites and is willing to pay.
Works to relieve mosquito bite itch, small device makes it easy to carry around, many clicks per device
Might be a device that is not really necessary


the mosquito click is something i saw on an add, and agree with the comments about doing the same with your fingernail. this is a little more effective, and is pretty cheap way to do it. it is convenient and can be taken almost anywhere. great for when you have a really itchy and annoying bite. would recommend to those who can't stand mosquitoes or have a bad reaction to their bites.
convenient, small, takes the itch away, affordable enough for everyone
same as what others have said, you can do a similar thing by making and indentation with your fingernail.

Questions & Answers

could I use this on my psoriasis on my legs which itch at night ???
2 answers
Maybe? If you can find one, it's worth a shot. If it doesn't work, you still have it for other things.I doubt it, as it affects only a tiny, localised area. For any form of itching, I use Schweitzer's Formula - zinc boron salicylate - made by a friend. I believe you can buy it online. Absolutely safe and very effective, so worth searching for. [link removed] Julie


Mozzigear Mosquito Click
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