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Sustagen Ready to Mix

Sustagen Ready to Mix

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15 reviews

Full of sugar and not quality proteins


It tastes good but is essentially just Milo. It is not even close to the whey protein products you can buy now that have kept up to tge demands of athletes. It is mainly Milk Solids and its second product in ingredients is sugar. Whey protein is way down the list. Go to a nutrition shop and buy a product that has sugar last and whey protein first. Nestle is more interested in taste than quality.


blueferrariSydney, NSW

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Great product and good alternative to over exaggerated protein powders


This is a great post workout supplement. It is much cheaper than Body Building protein shakes, with similar ingredients. I have noticed improved muscle development and energy levels after using it for almost 18 months. Also good if you are skipping meals, like breakfast.

Jacqueline Murfitt

Jacqueline MurfittPalmerston, Northern Territory

  • 13 reviews

Tastes average but great nutritional boost!


The taste is not ideal, not bad just not great. The nutritional information looks great though! I just mix a spoon with my milo for a nutritional top up nothing major.


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Shelby rose

Shelby roseVictoria

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Every morning for the past year I have been having a glass of my sustagen (prefer with a little coconut milk and it turns into a cake batter taste) absolutely delicious!



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disgusting !


Disgusting !no taste of chocolate at all . 7.50$ trow from the window .first and last time i buy this product !



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Not for everybody


Some digestive systems may not like this mixture. Is somewhat strong in formula. Can sometimes put you off food rather than encourage eating.

cathy dewar

cathy dewarHunter Region, NSW

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Instant boost to tiredness!


My diet is not the best I eat good but being active at 69yrs young I felt so drain of energy one morning, so instantly I mix 4 teaspoons of dutch chocolate flav.sustagen mixed with skim milk powder in a glass mixed it up chilled drank it,
sure picks me up instantly, so I always keep a tin of Sustagen in my kitchen cupboard. I get up in the morning and feeling hungry I reach for Sustagen and I feel energise again then prepare my eggs and bacon for breakfast. What more can I say? SUSTAGEN is really God sent! Try it and you will agree. Its instant pick me up drink.



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Tastes great & perfect pick me up


Used the diabetic sustogen 2 tins while recovering from a gallbladder attack & abdominal pains. Fasted 3 days then gradually introduced watermelon & 210mls of sustogen, found the sustogen gave me the much needed energy from the fast & was a great meal replacement, decided to stick with it for 3 weeks & lost 6 kilos. Long term I'm not so sure but for recovering from an illness this certainly makes you feel "normal" again!

IBS and Sustagen


My symptoms of bloating and pain with IBS, is eliminated with Sustagen. However, the amount of sugar in the product concerns me as I am prediabetic. I just love the chocolate flavour, I mix it with water, or low fat A2 milk. I buy the hospital grade with fibre, as I believe the fibre is also good for IBS. I replace two meals a day with Sustagen, and have one main meal in the evening. I snack on an apple, and a Mc Vities digestive biscuit (great taste, and low sugar)


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TarkGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 10 reviews

Great taste probably minimal benefits


I usually by the Sports drink but its either been discontinued or is currently out of stock. The Sports drink has 20% protein ( with milk ) so together with the mineral and vitamins its good for a post workout drink. Then again there's better alternatives out there but I do like the taste.

The regular Vanilla and Chocolate drinks probably have minimal benefits. Protein quota is low and most of your mineral and vitamin needs could probably be found in basic food groups such as in the milk and in eggs.

An egg/milk/fruit smoothie would probably be a healthier option.

Way too much sugar


Too much sugar. Better off buying pure whey protein and adding cocao powder. Eat healthy diet and throw this can of junk in the bin.


avabgLaunceston, TAS

  • 76 reviews

Tastes yum


A really nice tasting product (Chocolate is my favourite) and mixes easily. No gastrointestinal side effects, and smooth! I mix with non fat milk & it still tastes great. I have used this when i was recovering from an illness and it was palatable when i felt like not wanting to eat or drink at all! now i oocasionally use as a post work out shake.
Taste, mixability
A little pricey, but you get what you pay for



  • 92 reviews



I really love this drink and the chocolate version is just devine. However, like others have said, it is very expensive and I find it hard to cough up nearly $10 for the product when I just want to use it so much. There are similar and cheaper versions of this like Ovaltine and Milo. Best to buy when it is on special if you can get it.
This is a very nice smooth tasting drink that I like to have as an afternoon snack or at the end of the night. Packed with some good nutrients as well.
It is very expensive compared to other supplement drinks.


SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 675 reviews



This is a drink for those you may be recovering on the way to better health. There is a chocolate variety so that would be nice to have on a cold day. It seems to have less sugar than most supplement drinks.
This is a product that my mum drinks (Vanilla flavour) sometimes in the mornings. It tastes pretty good and seems nutritous enough. It comes in a good sized canister which keeps the powder fresh and dry.
It is really expensive, and sometimes, very rarely it comes on sale in the supermarkets. The chemists have the large tin ( I think its 900g), but thats also expensive.



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If you're gonna make milk shake or anything of the sort, you shouldn't use some low nutrient junk but I'd recommend you use Sustagen Chocolate instead. It is far superior to Milo and is great for growing teens and adults, I think.
Absolutely delicious with milk. Packed full of vitamins and minerals. I doubt our body absorbs them as readily in this form, but it's nice to have such nutrients as a complement to your diet. I love the chocolate version.
Overpriced, even when you buy it from a discount chemist. Could be a little bigger, as well.


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Can I mix sustagen with cold milk?

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Ian M.

Ian M.asked

would sustagen make my heart rate go up drinking it just before going to bed

1 answer

No, sustagen is not an energy drink, so nothing that will make your heart race. It’s mainly made up of proteins, vitamins etc, as a good meal replacement or after a workout/physical activity. Not good to eat or drink much before bed though or at least an hour before.



Hey can someone tell me why sustagen hospital grade gives me so much gas, oz will never meet it's 2050 emissions target we me eating sustagen Geez paul

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