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Suzuki SV650

Suzuki SV650

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Come on guys! I don't believe it's only the girls who LOVE these things!

Hi everyone, I am 56 years old and have been riding motorbikes on the road since I was 18. Have owned all sorts since and continue to love the riding experience. Lately I began feeling the need to get something lighter as I am not that tall - 173 cm or 5 ft 8 in - and am not getting any stronger the older I get. I had three bikes in the shed... all Suzukis as a matter of fact, '86 GS125, '83 RG250 Gamma and a '80 GS1000G - shaft drive.
Although it is the most fun I have ever had on a road bike, I decided to let the 250 Gamma go to another enthusiast so I didn't have to deal with the ongoing 2 stroke maintenance issues associated. I have kept the 125 for sentimental reasons and now also sold the 1000 shaftie and purchased a 2005 SV650 with only 14000 Kms on the clock. (March 2019). The idea being that this would replace the BIG bike need AND the FUN bike as well. It certainly has done this. Both light AND powerful... read on...
All I can say is "What a machine!!" I know, I am talking about a whole new breed of machine to the ones mentioned but I was not ignorant to new machines before I bought this one.
After buying the SV I felt the need to make it smoother at low RPMs (it was VERY jerky and almost dangerous going around low speed corners and roundabouts) so with a bit of research I learned how to adjust the throttle position sensor correctly and now with the difference that has made, it is superb. (If you are experiencing these sort of issues with yours then send me a reply. I can point you in the right direction for advice. The issue is quite common on fuel injected models apparently)
Sure, the SV is not as smooth as the 4 cylinder bikes I have owned but this is expected and normal. What an engine! What usable torque! What a lovely sound as well! (Delkevic pipe with the baffle still IN)
Because it weighs just 165 Kg (dry) I look forward to pushing it in and out of the shed and parking it etc. rather than dreading it, and it is actually much quicker than the older but more powerful 1000 due to the power to weight ratio... 85 Kg less weight. (Pulls great wheelies too!).
Not as good for the pillion, but tell me what bike has ever been any better than the GS1000? My wife therefore simply won't go on the back as much now I guess - oh well, I have to make some sacrifices don't I?
This is definitely NOT just a girl's bike as it seems to have gained a reputation for being. (What is all this "girls" bike attitude anyway? They love bikes too don't they)? No, it is, I believe one of the very best motorbikes EVER manufactured and If I am not mistaken, in the future it will probably be remembered as one of the 10 best bikes in the history of motorbiking EVER to have been mass produced when it comes to enjoyment, performance, reliability and especially - VALUE FOR MONEY.
I simply LOVE my new machine! For legal speed riding, highways, twisties, in fact any public sealed roads, you really can't go past one of these things. Oh, and they do the standing quarter mile in around 12.5 seconds... far from gutless!
Everybody NEEDS an SV650!

Purchased in March 2019 at Private sale for $4,200.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Mileage 1,400 km
Acceleration / Power
Fuel Efficiency
Gear Shifting

strong motor, reliable, fun

I bought the 2006 SV 650S with 35000 k's, Changed the tyres to Michelin PR 4's, great traction dry and wet. Had a full service and given thumbs up on a great buy. These machines require minimal maintenance, in saying that, fluid changes, chain checks, tyre pressure and this machine will run forever. The handling is exceptional and the big v twin pulls up quick. I am up to 41 500 k's now and thoroughly enjoying the ride. A good learner bike but be careful, there is a lot of power there. For an experienced rider, a lot of fun with plenty of power, great clearance.
My only negative, why don't centre stands come with bikes anymore?

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Perfect LAMS bike

We purchased a Gladius 650 about 8 years ago, it was for my boyfriend and was a great learners bike, good upright position, wasn't too small for a 100kg frame and had some get up and go to it. Also had the gear indicator lights, which is handy for a Learner. When he upgraded to a 1800 I used his bike to commute and found it very smooth and easy to handle. (female 70kgs) was quite low to the ground, so I wasn't bobbing from side to side at the lights and was overall just a really nice easy and comfortable ride. Recently picked up another Gladius new and loving it also have a kawasaki ER6nl. The Gladius is much smoother a ride. Highly recommended as a LAMS bike and as a reliable commuter.

Purchased from City West Motorcycles in Hoppers Crossing, this is approx the 4th bike we've purchased from them and will happily return. Great service and honest.

Date PurchasedSep 2017


This is my 6th motorbike and my favourite. Couldn't afford to buy or maintain a Monster, this is so close to one, but a hell of a lot easier to live with. It has huge grin factor, I am a small woman (5'1") and not much of me, but the bike is so light and forgiving that I can manage it. Put Yoshi slip ons on and now the sound is awfully naughty.
sound, grin factor, quality, power and gearbox.
front headlight a bit dated


This is a very easy bike to ride. Have just upgrated from a Honda CBR125R and I love it. Nice comfy seat and a great upright riding position.
Everything. Looks great & is easy to ride.
Nothing yet - only had for a short time

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