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Kawasaki Ninja 650

Kawasaki Ninja 650

650 ABS, 650L ABS and 650R ABS
4.8 from 14 reviews

Quick, Fast & Affordable

First sports bike!! Kawasaki 650L is a great learning sports bike. This bike has great handling, stand up right when maneuvering corners and track work. Bike has many options for customisation and altering for different weight and height categories. Excellent for learning the road and moving your way up to a larger model

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Best Sports bike for a Starter

This is my first sports bike, previously I was riding a 150cc engine and now moved to 650cc engine damn the bike is very powerful. This is a ninja EX650R, full version with 75hp. It has a very quick acceleration and riding comfort is really good. When you are riding a long journey you don't get a back pain as the riding position is really comfy. The pillion rider seating is perfect. I bought this bike on gumtree for 5800$ it is 2013 model with ABS and full version, not the LAMS. I love riding it in the rush hour as you can go in between the vehicles and park it on the footpath and not worry about the hefty parking fee. I fell in love at the first time I saw this and decided this is my bike and I don't regret buying it. I thoroughly enjoy every moment when I ride my motorcycle.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Good commute bike fun to ride on weekends

Perfect bike for commute, really comfy for short or long distances (>150km) even for the passenger. 2 cylindre gives you good power, little fuel consumption 4L/100km. Change the exhaust and you have the best city bike. Also it is learner legal so really fun as a first bike, after 2years you will need an upgrade for something more powerfull

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Awesome on every level

I purchased this bike kust recently and my son who is a honda rider was less than impressed with my choice. I let him ride my bike the other day and he is now looking at a ninja for his next bike. I have always loved ninjas but this bike is just awesome. The attention to detail and rider comfort are well above what I expected. Thinking of buying one? I say just do it you will not regret it.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Love it

My bike is 2012 model but I love it. Enough power, goes like a rocket. has done 7000Km but no issues apart from needing a battery change. Bought from eBay for $60 and took 20 minutes to change. Comfortable seat, hard to do many Kms though. Definitely recommend. Looks great and sexy.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

So far so good Non LAMS 650

I was stuggling to find a bike in the 650 range that wasn't a LAMS job & could afford. I settled on the NINJA 650. I stepped up from a 300 NINJA as I found it too under powered for what I was used to.I find the 650 almost too quiet when cruising along but it has a good growl under acceleration, it seems a full exhaust system has to purchased for the new 2017 model. Insurance costs are very reasonable. I ride the bike daily as a commuter & to date no faults, starts first time everytime. Fuel economy is almost the same as the 300 so am very happy. I have found the clunck when selecting first & from first to second a bit daunting but am getting used to it. The adjustable screen I don"t find to be all that effective. The bike's handling very responsive when changing direction. The seating position is comfortable but i would be

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Brilliant ride

I absolutely love this bike, everything about it. The power, the weight and the size are perfect. This one bike has made me a Kawasaki loyalist for life. Once I'm on my fulls i will be on a h2 or zx10rr guaranteed. great customization options as well. Do buy people.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Great commuter bike!

I purchased a 2013 version of this bike (current generation) and am very pleased with it. Comfortable riding position, exception fuel consumption (< 4.0 L/100km average even when commuting in traffic) and a good note when you put an exhaust on (I added an IXIL system). The two cylinder has plenty of low-end grunt (although it obviously misses the top-end power of the 4-cylinder bikes) and it always pulls away well in traffic.
Starts perfectly, ABS is a life-saver (literally!), parts are cheap and easy to replace and pillion is super-comfy (according to my wife). I'm coming from 4-cylinder super-sports bikes, and this bike is comfy, practical and reliable.

I have ridden this bike for approximately 2500 km.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Ninja 650 non-LAMS, ABS

Had it for a year and done 10,000 kms of hard city commuting. It holds up very well and has given precisely zero trouble. The ABS is really good for the type of riding I do, especially when someone brakes hard in front in the wet. Riding position is comfortable, power is great, looks are great, suspension is great, weight dist is great. The gearbox can be a bit clunky shifting from neutral into first, but you quickly get used to that. I find the seating marginally low for me given I'm around 182cm, but not uncomfortable by any means. Not sure what magic they've done with the steering, but you can flick this thing so easily. Very satisfied with the purchase!

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Loving my bike

I bought one early this year at team homo, mine is Lams approved and is restricted as a result. I look forward to getting my unrestricted licence so that I can remove the restrictions... Having said that I do love it!... It's reliable, cheap to run, feels fantastic to ride, and I do love having something powerful between my legs...

Kawasaki 650R (Non-LAMS)

I'm relatively new to motorcycling, have progressed from high revving late 1980s 250's (Ninja and a Katana import) to the 2013 Ninja 650r (full power version, not LAMS). I chose this bike as it has great styling and colour (candy green), standard ABS and most importantly it looks like a sports bike but has the ergonomics more closer to a cruiser. It is a very comfortable riding position and the engine has great torque and moderate power. Seat height is ideal for a short-legged 5'11" rider with easily planted feet whilst stationary and I'm sure it will suit a fair bit smaller height rider. In contrast, I found its sister adventure-styled model Versys having too great a seat height and ruled it out. I'm planning on doing some light-weight touring on this bike with luggage accessories. It also has a reasonable pillion passenger seating, unlike most of its rivals.

In nearly 7000kms of use I can say it is reliable (starts first time), a comfortable ride (the seat is good) with good fuel economy. The dash is easy to read and use. The paint finish is excellent. The screen is adjustable to a degree, but in the end I purchased an aftermarket taller and darker screen with an upward lip on the end of the screen that better diverts the air whilst riding. The underslung exhaust pipe means pillions are not heated-up whilst riding and it has a fair exhaust noise.

I have had a few minor issues that have been fixed under warranty with no problems other than having to make arrangements to go to the dealer. The issues have been one of the plastic fuel tank plastic side panels lifting, a noticeable gap developing between the plastic panels on the lower corner of the dash and a throttle that kept developing a loose cable. The cable was adjusted a number of times and then replaced. I understand the Ninja 650Rs are assembled in Thailand, not Japan. These niggles are the reason for giving the bike a 4 out of 5 rather than a 5.

In summary, its a good bike, and has fitted my needs well, I love its styling and its riding position. Overall I am satisfied with the bike. There has been some new mid-sized bikes introduced in the market in the last year or two that are new competitors that were not around when I purchased (eg.Honda 4 cylinder CBR650R/Yamaha MT07 twin/MT09 triple).

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As an update, still liking the bike overall with close to 9000kms now. It starts first time, even after a 5 week break, and the riding position is so relaxed. I originally reserved comment on gear changes at my near 7000kms review as I thought it might become less clunky. But no, it remains a bit clunky, particularly from neutral to first and first to second. My 1989 Ninja 250 has a much smoother gear change in comparison. The lower dash corner has opened up a bit again, but the other minor faults remain fixed. I am starting to do longer rides, besides commuting (note that it lane filters well, its relatively narrow), and it is recommended as a good light tourer.

Kawasaki Ninja 650 (non lams)

2 weeks in and cant fault. Have stepped down from Honda 1000 Firestorm(very performance modified). Loved the Firestorm can't say a bad word as she was awesome but very loud and probably upset a few neighbors! The Ninja is very quiet at idle and reminds me of my 2nd bike a Suzuki SV 650s 2007 which I also can not fault as that also was a great bike. The Ninja pips it with the full fairing and adjustable screen but the power seem similar although I have not taken the Ninja above 5000 rpm (running in) but the growl from the under belly exhaust is better than the SV (stock) exhaust at around 3700+. Quality appears very good although the seat and passenger seat seam to have a high tolerance with the locking device. This bike does seem to have quicker steering over the SV though but apart from that and the extra functions on the display (which looks very similar) feels like the same bike. I do prefer the Kwaka styling though especially the under belly exhaust compared to the torpedo tube stock of the SV. I had a Leo Vince on the SV and the sound from that was mint.
In conclusion if the Firestorm had fuel injection and was still around i would of stayed that brand but out of the middle weights i'm very happy with the (1st I've owed) Kwaka and it can only get better once i can unleash it from the chains of "run in".

Cheap-Styling-Insurance cost-Very nimble-Build quility-Sound above 3700rpm
Sound at idle almost too quiet! Early as still running in but can't really fault as yet.

Big lams bike

I purchased this big brand new and have no regrets.

Aways starts and is very reliable.

Is a nice full size bike so is ideally suited to any learner who might be a big guy, I'm 190 cm and have no trouble spending a full day riding.

Have had it for 3 months and covered 3,000 km both country rides and commuting.
Full size bike, plenty of torque, comfortable, reliable, economic (4.3l/100km)
Dreading the resale value, some finish not as neat as it could be, gear indicator would be nice for a learner

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I sold this bike in January 2014 and moved to a different bike. While the Ninja was a comfortable and easy bike to ride, I found that it made me a lazy rider and taught me bad habits. Since changing bikes I'm much more engaged when riding and enjoying riding much more. Overall, a good bike to start on.

Kawasaki Ninja 650 (non lams)

Collected the bike recently, a 2013 white colour, good to see drivers giving way suddenly, realised it's the White bike that does it.
Very powerful down low with solid gear change, need a gear shift indicator though, I'm impressed with this new model, it's very quiet and extremely good on fuel at 4.1lts per hundred kms, I owned a versys and was impressed with that as well, I will hang onto this bike from now on, it has all the good riding appeal and feel is also very positive, great soft feel to the clutch and the overall finish is very, very good indeed, nice to see that this engine has super low end power, only 4500rpm @100kph. I'm impressed with the screen setting on standard height as now I get no bugs on my helmet, Great going Kawasaki, another super bike, I'm loving it
Low to ground for easy foot down position, oodles of low down power, Finish is superb
New brakes need careful use until they wear in

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Have now ridden plus 10000 klms on this bike, average fuel consumption is 3.8 lts per 100klms, never had a problem, only had standard servicing and now on second set of Bridgstone tyres, the bike handles very well and with 3 disc brakes and ABS it stops super fast from any speed, I am very happy with it and plan to hang on to it, thanks kawasaki, Terry Mace

Questions & Answers

As I am new to riding I would like to know that once you have your open class licence can you have the throttle restriction taken off the bike???????
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How long does factory warranty lasts on brand new bike?
No answers

My daughter has a 650,couple of years old, and is having braking problems, took it in to get it checked out, they really don't now , but said it could need a new ABS system ??? at a cost off $1000.00, what are your thoughts??
1 answer
I would suggest you to get it checked with another mechanic before getting it fixed. If its the abs go to wreckers and find the same part and you try fixing it. That's what I did when my bike fell down went to wreckers bought the parts and fixed it myself. Regards Bhaskar

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