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Swallow Litelimo

Swallow Litelimo

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great pram will recommend to all and the kids love it too not expensive and great looking everyone comments on how cute & cool it is
both children can sit up and lay down and not be in each others way the back has three positions up middle and flat the front has only two an incline for laying down and a sitting position extremely comfortable and safe. easy to use folds down quite small fits into the back of any sedan(that i know of) fits through all doors and checkouts and easy to manouvre takes a fair bit of weight too
Cant say anything bad have used this pram for over 2 1/2 years and its still going strong (and i walk every where i've got no car)


Easy to use pram. Inexpensive yet still perfectly functional.
Got a lot of use out of this and when baby was older they swapped positions for variety/fun.
Not as pretty as some of the fancier models but colour scheme is very neutral so will be in fashion for years and suits boys or girls.
Lightweight for a 'weaky' like me (from memory think it's about 11kg)
Both children get to see while out and about.
Easy to navigate through shopping centres and checkouts etc.
Baby can layback for sleep, toddler can 'recline'
With 2 children in it, can get a bit heavy to steer.
(I had a big 2 year old and baby)


I love it and my kids love it. I found it cheaper than others on the market and yet it has been perfect and suited all my needs. I purchased it when my youngest was about 3 months old and my eldest was 2. It was a life saver for me, as I was able to have both kids safe and secure in the one pram. My two year old had a tendancy to just wander and it got quite difficult chasing her whilst trying to keep one hand on my single stroller, especially in car parks. Its convenient, very easy to fold and unfold. Folds quite flat and is not too bulky. I've had it for nearly 2 years and I cant fault it, its had plenty of use and still works well.
Value for money. Lightweight. Easy to use. Durable.
Basket underneath a bit awkward to get to when rear seat is fully reclined - but I really dont see how this could be avoided - Personally I would rather have the choice to fully recline the rear seat, than to not and have the basket easily accessble.


Absolutely love it and find it really funny when people comment on it, e.g that looks like a train carriage and asked where i got it from. i also recommend it for anyone with more then 2 kids.
Love all the features on it. I bought mine 4 yrs ago and still using it, I now have a 10 mth old and we decided to keep the double one over our single one as my 4 yr old can still run off and having the extra seat is great for those occassions. I have the raincover and also found a sunshade to cover both seats that is made by valco. Is also great when i go shopping i pop my 10 mth old in the front and put the shopping in the back.
Just the basket being a bit small but can access it by using the zip to put shopping into it.

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Where can I buy this pram from? I have looked online and can't seem to find anywhere that sells it...
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Sorry the Litelimo was discontinued some years ago and is no longer available.


Release dateMar 2005

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