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Tasti Nut Bars

Tasti Nut Bars

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A little skeptical

I have been buying the Yoghurt and Fruit nut bars for several months now but today I was eating one and discovered it had small fragments of metal or stone in it. I opened another one and found this one was exactly the same. I took the box back to Woolworths and was told they had received previous complaints from customers about the same thing. I wonder what is going on when these bars are being made because something's not right.

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One month later and I've now discovered that the bars are smaller but the price has remained the same. The recipe has also changed but not for the better, won't be buying again, it's a shame because they used to be nice when they first came out.

Changed recipe?

We loved the peanut bars, but they have changed! They taste completely different. Very disappointed, infortunately wont be buying again.

No rocks for me

I have literally eaten hundreds of these bars and they are the bomb, I have never had any foreign object in my bars so these two people must be the unluckiest people ever, look past their reviews and try the bars yourself they are so good.

Amazing Bars !!!

These bars, THESE BARS!!!
Oh my goodness, where have you been all my life
best bars I've ever eaten! :)

Rock in bar

I bit into a Tasty nut bar and nearly broke my tooth on the piece of blue metal stone that was in the bar. I contacted the food authority who later advised me they have left it in the hands of the NZ food authority. That was quite some time ago and I still have not been given any feedback. I will never buy this product again. If a rock is found in their product that sums up their standards for hygiene and safety.


I agree with others with regards to taste and price, they are good. However, my wife was munching down on one last week and she bit into something hard. this ended up being a small pebble or rock. We took a picture and emailed Tasti with the details. That was 3 weeks ago and still no correspondence to date...
Tasty and well priced
Bad service, contaminated food discovered

I found a jagged rock in my Tasti nut bar this week also, I bit the rock as I was chewing, really hurt. Ended up bruising the ligaments around the root of my tooth. Have sent the sample to the food authorityI just found one too? Bit hard to believe the first review was 2012 and still the same thing happening in 2014?

Best Cereal Bars Around but hard to get.

Tasti Nut Bars are the best around. However, they are hard to get. My local IGA is stocking them at the moment. Hopefully they will continue to carry them as they are not available anywhere else in town.

best nut bars

I love these nut bars, so much better than the rest, but very hard to get now. Coles doesn't stock them anymore, Woolworths only has one type, trying to find a online supplier.
Low price, great quality
hard to find


I bought the choc apricot, coconut & cashew bars because they were cheaper than some other brands that I'd tried and disliked earlier. They're actually quite delicious.
Flavoursome, cheap

Yum Yum

These are the best nut bars around and believe me I've tried them all. They are choc full of almonds and held together with a beautiful chocolate bottom and light type of caramelised toffee on the top and for $2.99 pkt they are great value. My only problem is that my local Coles store used to stock the whole range and now like all the really good products they move them out and put their range in... Shame on you Coles! Ive seen them in Franklins so thats where I'm off to
very inexpensive

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