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Tefal Everyday IH201860

Tefal Everyday IH201860

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Limited applications

Like others, I've been disappointed with this unit. It works well provided you want a good rolling boil or better. If you want a slow simmer, forget it. I was prompted to write this review because just now, I heard sputtering from the kitchen and found a pot of beans, cooking on the lowest setting, was boiling into a frothy mess and overflowing onto the unit's cooking surface. I've no idea why it has such a limited heating range. My other portable cooktop is an old Environ unit, a brand which no longer seems to be available. It cost $49 but allows a true very slow simmer.

On the positive side, the unit seems well made and has performed without any problems for a year. It heats very quickly and is ideal for cooking jobs such as boiling pasta or steaming vegetables. However it's not much good for any tasks requiring gentle heat.

Purchased in July 2018 at The Good Guys for $89.00.

Surprisingly... bad.

To begin, I'm not quite sure why I bothered writing this piece.

This is for the Tefal Everyday IH, which I purchased from Myer as a DISCONTINUED (and ex-display) model at below cost price (still setting me back $89), following the slow but sure decay of my Kmart induction cooktop after 2-ish years of faithful service. The Kmart cooktop decided that it will no longer accept my non-stick pans as well as this thin stainless steel vessel which it once did. Not quite sure when/why this problem started, as I rarely use the aforementioned cookware. The unit still recognises and energises all my stainless steel, carbon steel, blue steel, black steel and cast iron pots/pans. Anyway, it was time for a replacement, and I decided to spend a little more than $50 this time to see if a more reputable brand equated to better performance.

I had the choice between a couple of Phillips options, and a Breville "The Quick Cook", all for roughly the price range that I was comfortable with, but either due to negative reviews or lack of functions after browsing their user manuals, I decided on the Tefal.
And I must note first and foremost that the hob I bought didn't end up being the hob on their website, and was disappointed to discover some missing functions, such as temperature control. Nevertheless, it did include a Manual function, which is usually all I care about.


One of the immediate likes for me was the way that the control panel was slanted, and the glass top was slightly elevated above the plastic extrusions, so that the plastic would not be melted onto any larger overlaying vessels I might have. This was one of the deciding factors for me. I make the occasional roast and I do like making gravy from the drippings on the roasting pan. You can imagine how annoying it is to put a large roasting tin over a flat induction hob and covering all the controls. The roasting tin, on contact, activates the capacitive-touch buttons, turning off the cooktop in the process. Lifting the tin in any way will result in the cooktop losing contact and ceasing to function also. It just does not work. A slanted control panel means I can place the roasting tin on top of the unit with full contact, without affecting the control buttons whatsoever.

The buttons on this unit are physical tactile switches. Meaning there is actually something to press. Sure, it’s not as nice or modern to look at than a fully touch panel like all the competing offerings, but it is functional. I often catch myself drooling over the nice touch panels too, but at the end of the day, physical buttons are more reliable. One of the constant issues I have is making soup or stock. Every now and again, the boiling liquid and expanding vapours under the lid will cause spitting around the pot. Having enough of this at the right spot will trigger certain buttons. Either causing it to increase power and you get even nastier spills, decrease the power which would be the best possible outcome, or in the most frequent case, trip the power button and turn off the unit.

When making stock or soup, I usually just put the unit on timer and walk away. There were many occasions where I came back to find that the liquid hasn’t really boiled for as long as I set it, with a few splatters across the power button explaining why. I won’t be having this issue anymore, although to be fair, I should have jammed the lid slightly ajar to let the steam escape, but anyway...

The LED display is a 2-character setup, and so there are several limitations attached to it. First is the timer function. You are limited to 99 mins of run-time (much like the Ikea model). I did stumble across getting it to “2H” once but I cannot seem to reproduce this, nor did I bother finding out how to. The other functions are even more cryptic thanks to the limited display. Your Manual mode gives you P1 through to P9, and all the other functions have the same limitation with a different letter preceding its power level. I’m sure if you have a User Manual, you can probably decipher this information, but the staff at Myer were unable to find me the original box or user manual, and it was sold to me as-is. I’m expecting one of the other functions provide some form of temperature control, but it is not as straightforward to figure this out when it is showing you codes instead of actual information. Anyway, might bother you, might not. You decide.


This unit delivers 2100W, which is a small but welcome upgrade from the 2000W units that I’ve been using. It sears well on my cast iron pan but it also does that thing where after reaching a certain temperature, the overheating protection causes the unit to stop (without telling you so, of course), and you’re wondering why that second side of steak is boiling instead of searing, and why the pan’s temperature is not increasing anymore. The only tell-tale is the absence of that vibrating sound typical with eddy currents energizing compatible cookware. That’s when you know to restart the unit in hopes that your steak can be saved.

As mentioned above, I don’t know what all the features do without the user manual. I would expect that the Manual mode would self-explanatory enough, and be designed to adopt a linear power scale of sorts, but I was deeply disappointed. Low heat on this unit is hopeless. Just last night, I was braising a whole ox tongue on a Chinese marinade sauce. Even at P1, the liquid was boiling like crazy. In fact, come to think of it, even when I’m steaming, P1 is able to hold a pretty decent boil.

Also, like all other units, it can’t hold a simmer. It is the same on-off mechanism. But at least with other hobs, they don’t get it to a strong boil before cycling the coil off like this one. If I had to guess, the [simulated] power range of this unit would be between 400W to 2100W. I haven’t tried melting butter on this thing, but I kind of don’t really want to try at this stage.

Another issue is with the unit is the handling. You bring something to the boil, and you set a timer, and guess what? You can’t modify the power output afterwards without disrupting the timer. To modify the output after setting the timer, you need to press the function again (say, Manual), adjust to your new output level, and press timer again. The only saving grace is that the timer stores where you were up to last so you don’t have to reset it. But still, strange design that makes you wonder “just why?”

Another issue is the lack of response between button pushes. It’s not designed for the impatient soul like me. Want to switch from P1 to P9 or vice versa? You can’t rapidly press that + or – button. You have to be gentle, slowly, gradually, + wait a sec, + wait a sec. Yeah, it bugs me.


Generally, I’m disappointed. I got the unit for $89, which is already below cost price (or so I’m told). I believe this unit retails for $139 when new. For the price of the unit, I expected so much more in terms of handling and performance, much less ending up sub-par to its $50 budget alternatives.

It really is good riddance to see this discontinued. Once again, this is not the current model (although this is the only Tefal unit I can find anywhere) and there is a chance that Tefal got their act together with the new one, but I wouldn’t bank on it either. At this stage, at almost 3 times the retail price of a Kmart unit, and the lackluster performance and control, I think Tefal has just killed itself from my books forever.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Update 07 March 19 I'm through with this cooker. It is terrible. It's now at the stage where I find it completely useless. As mentioned above, the cooker's power range is terrible, with the lowest power setting already proving to be ridiculously high. I use this to cook rice, and I have never had burnt bottoms before. Some treat crispy cakes of rice as a delicacy (the Taiwanese, I believe), but it is definitely not what I want. I waste quite a lot of rice each time.

Poor Information

Bought this after reviewing similar products. It works perfectly except that you can not use this appliance for more than 2 hours. After 2 hours this product switches off, even when in manual mode (why would you then need to use a timer for up to 2 hours), this is supposedly a safety feature. The problem is, I bought this to cook bone-broth, out of the kitchen, this can take up to 48 hours.So I now have an appliance that is totally useless to me unless I attend to it every 2 hours or so. I feel that this should be written somewhere on the box or on the manual that is noticeable, I would never have bought this product if I knew this. Trying to contact Tefal was an absolute joke, taking more than a week to actually talk to someone and the response was basically 'tough luck'

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Average at best.

This unit will boil things for you. Like other induction cookers and electric fryers it pulses the heat off and on continuously. The difference between different settings is negligible. It just boils stuff, you won’t see any difference between the different settings except when you go onto manual mode. Overall it seems to cook things too fast at too high a heat. Don’t expect to be able to gently simmere food. This unit will only boil regardless of what setting you have it on.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Update to my review. I’m still happy to have it but I guess I was hoping for a little more finesse. It does help me a lot (good for when you have much liquid in the pot or pan and stir fry is ok). Cooks white rice well enough but definitely not porridge. Maybe I’ve been using the wrong implements, I have been using my cast iron pot and some stainless steel pots and they just tend to have food stick to the bottom. Probably if you’re using the specialised induction cookware with non stick coating it is fine. Time to invest in a ridgy didge Cuckoo or Tiger grain cooker I think for my heavier grains.

Almost perfect!!!

Fantastic function with great price..awesome!!!
Fast cooking, adjustable power just with your needs, also low electric consumption. Previously i been used other brand portable induction cooker but Tefal working even better.
Its just your perfect assistant in the kitchen. Its a highly recommended to purchase. I’m been using almost a year and looking forward years ahead to works with.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

excellent product

Cannot believe how well it preforms .Just buy it.Read reviews and was sceptical but it preforms as the reviews say it does . Most kitchens will have some cookware that is suitable to use. Amazing product.extremely well priced with easy to understand instructions and controls that make it easy for a ten year old to use

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Tefal you have exceeded my expectations

I did quite a lot of research before purchasing this induction cooker. EOFY sale price drop led me to purchase 2 of them. I am so glad I did. They have been in constant use, performing all tasks asked effortlessly. You don't need all of the extra features other brands offer. This is a simple, easy to use cooker that will do all tasks you could need. A solid little workhorse ! Good looking with a bright display panel and easy to use controls. Thank you tefal.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Just do it!

Just do it!

This is the better than my large electric home stove as the heat with the Tefal burner is almost instant.

I bought mine in Meyers as the Goodguys were out of stock. So glad for product reviews as I almost bought a philips burner as this was all that the good guys had in stock.

After reading the very poor product reviews on the philips burner and the very positive reviews on the Tefal burner I knew I couldn't go wrong.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

You wont be disappointed I promise you!

First I just wanted to say a big thanks to Product review, this site really is a game changer and has put the power into the consumers hands... ok back to my review.

The Tefal Everyday Induction is unbelievably good value, with near instant heat, easy to use controls and a nice wight and size. You wont be disappointed I promise you!!!

Please Note: the only requirement is the pans you use to cook have to have a metal alloy that a magnet would stick to for this unit to work. Aluminium and glass pans will not work on this unit!

Date PurchasedAug 2017

As usual another great Tefal product

With gas prices rising so fast, I bought the induction hob. With its' easy to use interface and ability to alter the power so quickly it is perfect for just about anything you would do on a range.
I tested it against my gas hob and it was at least 50% faster, and virtually no wasted heat.
It came with a small but useful Tefal frypan.
I love it!

Date PurchasedJun 2017


This hob is fantastic. Quicker than my built in electric elements, easy to use, light & safe. I often have to turn it down, as it is too powerful for boiling water or steaming etc. My only negative is that it doesn't come in a double hob version - would have loved that. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Renters delight!!! Love this product

Purchased from The Good Guys, came with a 20cm Tefal frypan included. Ok so the frypan is tiny and no good for anything more than about 1 egg.

But the cooktop itself is amazing! First time using induction cooking and the heatup / cooldown time is simply stunning. Your pan is hot and ready for cooking in about 30 seconds after turning it on.

Was originally going to buy the Philips model however got put off by all the bad reviews on this website. Took a gamble on the Tefal model, since there were no reviews at all, and it paid off! Cannot fault this product so far.

We are renting and our place only has an old ceramic cooktop that takes an age to heat up, and similarly takes forever to lose any heat when you want to drop back from say a boil to a simmer. This induction cooktop sits nicely on top of the builtin ceramic (which we'll never use again).

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Questions & Answers

Please clarify that the photo and reviews herein correspond to the IH201860 model
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Not sure of the model number. It looks the same as mine. Same buttons. I highly recommend buying 3 year warranty as can be done at Good Guys as I’ve gone through 3 of these already in less than 2 years. Easy replacement when you have a 3 year warranty (concierge I think they call it) and it’s only about $30 extra from memory. I’m happy to pay the extra money to know I’ve got something that will last 3 yearsLol at ironic answer to buy the extended warranty as they predictably fail... However In a roundabout way i think u gave me the answer as yours sounds like the previous model -maybe a IH201840- if you have had 3 in <2 years... Many thanks I really appreciate that u took time to contribute :)Hi Julie, Wow, the formality of that question!! Lol Anyway, sorry, you asked too late. You may have noticed that I have been deeply disappointed with this unit in my review and the subsequent comment I put in thereafter. I have since thrown this in the bin so I cannot confirm the model number, although I expect that I would have quoted the right one in the beginning (there is no reason for me to not). I recently replaced it with something I got from China. I won't be reviewing it as it would be useless information to most people here (it's not like they would be able to buy it). Let's just say that it's a great replacement, but still not perfect in my books and I'm still searching for the best. Cheers, Shaun

How well does this keep cooking in low temperature? I know some induction hubs heat intermittently which is not good for slow cook.
3 answers
Yes, still does that but there is no such thing as low temperature. This thing boils like crazy even at the lowest setting.I agree. There is no gentle simmering. You do get variation but even on the lowest level it will boil; and it is intermittent pulsing. I still find it very helpful though as I just don’t have the time to be in the kitchen as long as I once did. I really enjoy the fact that you can time your cooking and it will automatically go off at the time you set. So when you get used to what kind of food or meal needs to be cooked a certain way and for how long, you can walk away and know that it will be done and there is no danger of burning food. The high heat levels are great for stir frying and getting a pot heated up super quickly. Generally I have found that if you are using lots of liquid in a pot you can cook for a reasonable long time but if you’re only using a small amount of liquid, forget the slow cooking. You’ll burn your food and equipment every time.If you’ve got the money you could look at buying a quality rice cooker/ slow cooker. Japanese and Korean versions I think are the best. They’ve got some really amazing technology in their products. .

Can claypot be used in this induction cooker?
1 answer
Clay pots can't be used on any induction cooker. They are not magnetic.


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