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Terri Scheer
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They were wonderful

I had a holiday rental and the day my first tenants were to arrive a pipe burst. Terri Scheer were so helpful. You could always speak to someone about the claim. They responded very quickly. Everything was covered with no objections or obstructions. I'm now changing my other properties over to them.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 months
Claim DateOctober 2018
Claim ApprovedYes

Excellent customer service

We had two properties insured and had to claim once. Had no issues at all. We have recently sold both properties and contacted the office. Spoke to Miranda who was friendly,professional and very competent. Business completed very quickly. Cannot speak highly enough of this service.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeNo

Loss of rent claim

Policy taken out when property purchased approx 10 years ago. Was easy to arrange.
Took approx 2 months as we were waiting on information from my Real Estate Agent, once received and sent on to Terri Sheer claim was paid within 10 days. Great service and easy to deal with.

Insurance claim madeYes

Bunch of crooks

They do everything to utilize any loopholes in the fineprint and hold back on paying. My claim has been locked up in their freezer. My claim for loss of rent and tenant damage has not been honoured as the tenant had been late each time on his rental payment for the last 6 months. The fine print says that preceding the claim, the tenant had to have paid all overdues atleast 60 days before the claim.
My advise, stay clear! Don't fall for flashy ads on TV.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Chetan, it's really disappointing to hear that you feel this way about our underwriting guidelines and processes. We'd like the opportunity to look into this for you. If you don't mind, could you please send details of your claim to social@suncorp.com.au - Nish

Wouldn't pay a cent

I had a claim with TS which ended up totalling over 60k from malicious tennant damage, they would not pay up after taking payments for over 2 years and said just use your house insurance, TS is a totally pathetic rip off and lucky for me my house insurance came through, just be aware if you think you are covered and go to make a claim don't be surprised when they have every excuse under the sun.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Andrew, I’m so sorry to hear about your claims experience and can understand your frustration! As a loyal customer we’d like to see if there is anything we can do. Please send us a private message to social@suncorp.com.au with your claim number and contact details as we would like to investigate further. - Nish

Read the pds very carefully

My suggestion is be very wary of terri scheer and the fine details
Had a claim to replace all blinds after tenants left them destroyed quote approx $1250 of which terry scheer paid $278 they simply looked at an itemised quote for each room and treated each room as a separate claim and thus applied an excess to each room
How deplorable though it is in fine print on the pds
Even though there were numerous other items as well on the bulk claim terry scheer applied excess to each and every one of the items on the claim they agreed to pay this leaving very little recompensation to the landlord.
Very slow at processing this claim also as obviously looking for every out that they could find

Insurance claim madeYes
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Thanks for reaching out to us, Mark and we're really sorry to hear about your claim experience with us. We'd be more than happy to have this followed up. Could you please email us your claim and contact details to social@suncorp.com.au? We'll have our claim management team look into this. Thanks - Stacey

An amazing honourable insurance company

This was my first time of having to make a claim due to absconded tenants who also left damage. It couldn't have happened at a worst time either as I had to leave Australia to visit the UK due to brother's brain haemorrhage. Even though the real estate, Ray White, Runaway Bay,Qld were being paid to look after my property did not and abandoned the management rights so I had to deal directly with Terri Scheer. I was so relieved to receive professional and honourable service and a big thank you to Sophia C who made a very difficult, upsetting time far more manageable. She took over and my claim was finalised.
I would highly recommend this company and encourage all landlords to take out an insurance, you just never know when you might need it.
Thank you !!

Insurance claim madeYes

Trust me, you're NOT covered for much!

TS require you to itemize all your damages so far as to allow them to NOT pay you anything for them.
(eg. In Bed 1 I had a hole in the wardrobe door, small holes x4 on 1 wall, 2 x damages on another wall, damage to both window sills, ceiling damage x 3. They requested each of these damages (x12) be itemized in the repair quote.
None of the repairs were covered as each item fell below the minimum $250 excess (per item) for accidental damages.

The way they calculate loss of rent is incomprehensible. We lost a total of 6 weeks rent ($420p/week) and after factoring in the tenant had paid 2 weeks in advance, we were expecting $1680.... they paid us $240. I questioned it twice on the phone and they explained that is how there system worked it out.

Multiple this issue across the hole property and with a claim for just over $10k, I ended up getting just over $1700.
The tenant was terrible, the process of getting them out was a joke, claiming insurance was pathetic.

Don't go with TS, I'll be going with an Insurance broker next round with real insurance cover.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Jimmi, It's disappointing to hear that you are unhappy with the outcome of your claim and we can understand your frustration. As a loyal customer we’d hate to see you leave. I’m keen to help by looking into this. Can you please send us an email to social@suncorp.com.au with your claim number and contact details. - Nish

We worked with them, good service!

Have been a customer with Terri Scheer for approx. 2 years. Our ex tenants, tho started great, turned out to be a nightmare, we had to have them evicted. They completely trashed our rental! We went through the massive process of working with Terri Scheer and the loss adjuster to complete and substantiate our claim, though it was an incredibly stressful time, with prompt communication and full disclosure of our situation, Terri Scheer assisted with a part payment at a time when we were financially devastated, our accounts were completely gutted as we needed contractors to start work asap so we had to part pay them, so we could get our property back into the rental market asap. We have noticed that with Terri Scheer, you wouldn’t be able to submit a sloppy claim, you need to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, the more evidence the better, do detailed inspection sheets, take before and after photos. After the whole experience, we’re thankful we’re with Terri Scheer, they ARE the best in the business. You do the right thing and they will. With prudent property management- (self-managed) from eviction to new tenant took about 6-7 weeks. Terri Scheer processed 2 claims in that period. Thanks Terri Scheer.

Insurance claim madeYes


I look after my sons Investment property that had Terri Scheer Landlords insurance and we made a claim after a feral tenant in a short tenancy managed to put deep scratches to polished timber floors in 3 rooms and a hallway.
They required a lot of information that seemed a bit over the top as i had a bad tenant many years ago and had a claim with EBM and was not as difficult to submit a claim.
We supplied all information and then more information but was told, in the fine print floors are not covered for damage!! We then claimed for loss of rent while the property was unavailable waiting to be repaired. Well guess what, Oh sorry in the fine print the lease had expired and the Tenant was on a periodic lease for a couple of weeks prior to leaving and you are not covered. These are both normal things to happen in the rental world and you would reasonably expect to be covered for this. But Terri Scheer is tricky and very difficult to deal with and makes you wonder what the point is in paying for Landlords Insurance if the Landlord is not covered for a reasonably expected claim!! At least EBM managed to pay for a claim. That is what they are taking money for. We cancelled the policy and and opened with EBM. I hope this is not a mistake as EBM are getting similar bad reviews, but they did actually pay a claim to me many years ago.
The Tribunal was in our favour but unfortunately the bond did not cover full repair/loss of rent so our premium to Terry Scheer was a complete waste of money!!

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Big Al, I'm sorry to hear of the circumstances surrounding your claims. I can understand how frustrating the experience would have been and we are sorry to see you go. If we can be of any further assistance, even at this late stage, please let us know. – NishSorry, Terrible business that will do anything to get out of paying reasonable claims. We will try and buy a house without floors next time!! Luckily for sites like this will warn people to keep away until you act ethically to customers who provide your livelihood!!


My current victimisation by this 'insurance' entity, alongside others in the same position, warrants an investigation by the ACCC and A Current Affair, both of whom I will be contacting forthwith. Rather than pay out insurance claims submitted by landlords, in my case a fraudulent claim for 'unpaid rent' which was indeed paid to him, they immediately pass the amount to a vicious debt collection agency to threaten the ex tenants, without providing any substantiating proof of their claim. As reviewer SJN so succinctly queries, this insurer evidently goes after tenants but does not pay out on the insurance. This is a clearcut case of fraud. SJN I am planning on taking legal action, perhaps if sufficient other victims come forward, a class action suit will encourage the regulatory bodies to look into this dubious company.

Insurance claim madeNo
Hi Jeannie, we can see that you have concerns about a claim for loss of rent and how the costs are being recovered. At Terri Scheer we activetly work against insurance fraud, and will invesigate any concerns raised about a fraudlent claim brought to our attention. If you are involved with a current or recent Terri Scheer claim, can you please send us an email to social@suncorp.com.au with the claim number and your contact details. – MandyThanks Mandy but I have no trust in the integrity of your company, I have made a full submission to the Insurance Fraud Bureau. JeannieFollowing the Insurance Fraud Bureau's investigation, this awful entity withdrew their claim with the debt collectors without so much as an apology for their defamatory action and brazen complicity in committing fraud against innocent parties. Be very wary of dealing with this corrupt, inept company.

Landlords Beware

I am a tenant who paid rent and looked after the property and left it in a decent condition. The landlord refused any works to quite dangerous situations, I tried mediation and we agreed for me to leave, they just want tenants who will put up with anything and say nothing so power points, from the start of the tenancy, hanging from the walls and hot water services that do not work amongst many other problems were just ignored.The keys they gave me did not work and they were very rude, how dare I ask to be let into a property I had just paid out hundreds of dollars for! These issues were brought to the attention of the agent time and again. For four months, before I took any action through the legal channels, and I ask you, who needs this in their lives? I put up with issues that should have been fixed before I moved in but I trusted they would be and ended up with 8 months of trouble and a stroke. I warned them that my health (heart attacks) was not good and they continued on. The ceiling was leaking and they just covered it up and of course the stains started to appear again. After reading these reviews from landlords I am wondering if this agent actually goes after tenants but then does not pay out on the insurance? They are after me for a fraudulent claim and I have told them that I have evidence both written and witnesses statements. If only I had known the landlord I could have let them know about the problems I was having,the landlord probably does not know what is being done in their name which is why the issues have not gone to tribunal and the agent has decided safer to go through a insurance agent, but what do I know... I was not the only tenant and when trying get someone to take over the agreement I was told 'there is no way I would rent from this agent', I have the email, I keep very good records.
Knock yourselves out.

Insurance claim madeNo
Hi SJN, you’ve raised some concerning issues in your review about a property you’ve recently rented through a real estate agent. We don’t own or run any real estate agency as we’re a landlord insurance company. However, if you’ve lodged a claim though us, or if you’ve received a letter from us about a claim your landlord has lodged with us, please send us an email to social@suncorp.com.au with your claim number and contact details and we’ll be happy to follow up with our claims team. - MandyYou should not be reading these comments if you do not comprehend what is being conveyed.

Refused to pay loss of rent claim

Terrible support experience. Previous tenant trashed my property. Previous agent hid details of damage. Moved to a new agent and tenant asked to leave. Left without paying last couple of weeks rent. Terri Scheer support hid behind previous agent not supplying them details of how bond was spent fixing damage. I recommend steering clear of them. Policy cancelled as they don’t have a sense of customer support.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Molly, it's really disappointing to hear about the circumstances surrounding your claim, and we're really sorry to hear you feel this way! We'd like the opportunity to look into this for you. If you don't mind, could you please send details of your claim to social@suncorp.com.au - Jess


I have a landlord policy with them and my tenant put the plug in the vanity turned the tap on and walked away. I contacted Terri Scheer about the damage once I have received quotes to repair totlaing over $3500. I was told by them that this was no covered by them as it was poor housekeeping. I disbuted this and was again denied. I then saw their TV add when the child over flows a bathtub and rang again to be told that my policy was taken out before that add so there fore did not included flooding by a tenant.

I am also an agent and never recommed that any of my landlords use Terri Scheer.


Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Kylie, we understand that having your tenants cause water damage to your investment property would be upsetting, and then finding out that your unable to claim the costs under landlord would be frustrating. If you would like the outcome of your claim to be reviewed, please send us an email social@suncorp.com.au with your full name, claim number and contact details. - MandyHi Mandy I had it reviewed twice by your office and as this was some time ago i doubt you would pay out now, expecially as we had to fixe it ourselves by goling into debit to do so. Why would it change now expecially as i dont have a policy with your office anymore.

Dont touch them

I had 3 policies with this lot and have finally taken all 3 elsewhere they will not pay claims always a excuse like holes in walls on the plaster corners in a 10 month old home and class this as normal wear and tear. Cost me 3k to fix. Leaking water damage cost me 1.5k to fix. They have now lost 3k a year in business from me.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Dodge, I'm sorry to hear of the circumstances surrounding your claims. This sounds like a really frustrating experience and I can completely understand how difficult the situation would have been. If we can be of any further assistance, even at this late stage, please let us know. - NishiYou guys need to look at your reviews and take on board and learn as you are not my issue any more and I advise your future clients to stay clear. Look at other companies reviews as not looking good for you guys. Great response "Any further assitance" is like closing the gate after the horse has bolted. Good luck for the future I think you need it. Oh yes a very frustrating experience as submitting 2 claims in 8 years having had 3 investment properties with you guys and both claims rejected in the last 2 years. Ya I am a slow learner.It is with great news I now have all insurances from this company moved to other companies no more stress and frustration.

Terri Scheer covered everything, highly recommended

Had a bad tenant, didn't pay rent, damaged the house, dishwasher, etc, didn't pay the water bill, and moved out without returning the key or informing the property manager. Terri Scheer covered everything, from bills to replacing the flooring, a new dishwasher, cleaning, repairs, unpaid rent, lock replacement, just everything. Not as quickly as ten days but it all went through pretty soon and smoothly, my property manager did all the communications with them. I was so glad I took out insurance with Terri Scheer. This episode would have left me in a real pickle otherwise. Happened in my first year with them too. I recommend them highly.

Insurance claim madeYes

Landlords beware!

When tenants skipped without paying rent and left a trashed house and yard, somehow none of it was eligible for a claim as it was considered ‘lifestyle related’, therefore not eligible. And then only small portion of the unpaid rent that was deemed eligible was less than the excess I needed to pay.
I wouldn’t use these guys, i had to spend $$$$ of my own money to fix the tenants mess, and I still can’t figure out what on earth they actually DO cover.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Lollie, we are sorry to hear you are unhappy with settlement offered for your recent claim for the loss of rent, and that we were unable to cover as part of this claim the damage caused by your tenant. If you would like us to review the concerns raised about this claim, please send us an email to social@suncorp.com.au with your claim number and contact details. – Mandy

3months into an ongoing claim

I am positive that all the bad reviews are honestly correct. I've been paying for terri sheer preferred insurance through my agent for the past 18 years (yes, you read that correctly, 18years) for the same property. And only recently put in one claim for my lounge room floor damage, which requires sanding and polishing. Started my claim on the 4 April, now entering the 3rd month and correspondence from them is only every 2/3weeks, which has always only been to advise me that they need more paper work to confirm that the property was indeed tenanted!!!???, and delays from their lost adjuster/contractor.
On one call, i asked for the contact details of a manager/head of department/ceo, only to be told there is none!
Not much shown for long term customer loyalty it seems!
I can definitely say that once this issue is resolved, i won't be renewing my policy with them.
I have also just found out that agents/property managers receive a bonus/commission in the form of paid holiday trips interstate or bali depending on the number of policies they sell during the year. Which also explains why most of the positive reviews I've read just happen to be from property managers.
My honest advice to anyone thinking of using this insurance company, is don't, and change agents if yours insists that you should have one.
Their laziness decision on my claim will determine my actions on whether to blog about it on social media and youtube, as companies like this need to be exposed and with todays tech, they can be.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Thanks for reaching out to us, Jim and I'm really sorry to hear about the experience you've had with your claim. I'd like to get this followed up for you as soon as possible. Could you please email us your claim number and contact details to social@suncorp.com.au so we can get this looked into? Thanks - Stacey

This insurance company will pull all sorts of reasons to refuse your claim. warning!!! stay away!!!

We took insurance around 14 months ago because our agent recommended Terri Scheer (TS). We had damages, theft and loss of rent. The rental tribunal ACAT decision was in our favour for close to $10,000 in damages. We applied to TS to be compensated. TS pulled all the reasons in their disposal to refuse the claim- Who you were insured with before? Did you have landlord insurance from before? From who? We were sure that we did and had no idea that there was no previous landlord insurance with NRMA. Because of that TS refused the claim. Does it matter that we had landlord insurance in place with TS when the tenant left and ACAT ruled in our favour? No!
Prior to NRMA we were insured by our bank and had a landlord insurance in place, but that policy was cancelled when we took all policies with NRMA and were not aware that we did not have a landlord insurance with NRMA prior to taking the policy with TS. That was an honest mistake. And besides, TS now unearthed another clause – if the tenant was in arrears in a period of three months prior to taking the policy with them, then they will not honour the claim. That is even if the tenant fails to pay for a month or a week in the preceding three months. Our tenant was in arrears but in an email from our landlord it was confirmed that the tenant paid all rent and that was prior to taking the policy with TS. Does that matter to TS? No!
Additionally, TS claimed that if they knew that our tenant was in arrears for any amount of time in the three months prior to taking a policy with them, they would have refused to insure us. Obviously, they did not ask, and we took the policy. They also did not disclose this condition and this being a TS policy. Instead they gladly took our payment and while they were making a review as to their negative decision regarding our case, we had to renew the policy. We renewed in good faith that the outcome will be positive. The decision was negative.
We then had no choice but to ask for a refund. It took them weeks to give it. Other clients of TS reported they had similar experience… a pattern of behaviour in refusing claims by this insurer from all sorts of reasons.
We feel that we were treated unfairly by TS and will not recommend anyone who reads this to get their insurance with them. If we knew before about this amount of negative reviews, we would have stayed away. When we told our agent, they appeared shocked after an ACAT decision in our favour and TS behaviour, but we think there is collusion as other previous clients of TS also were recommended to use them by their agents…. Again, another pattern that needs top level investigation ….

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi theboy, we are sorry that you feel you have been treated unfairly throughout the claims process, and that you’re unhappy with the claim decision for the loss of rent and damages caused by your tenant. If you would like us to follow up on your concerns about this claim, please send us an email to social@suncorp.com.au with your claim number and contact details. – Mandy

Pricy but hopefully worth it

I have been using Terri Scheer for Landlord Insurance for a couple of years now. They are consistently more expensive than other products out there. So my only hope is that in the unfortunate instance that I might have to put a claim, TS pays it without any hangups!
Moreover, I found that at time of renewal, getting a new policy online turns out to be cheaper than renewing the previous policy! Not a fair go for customers coming back to TS in my opinion!

Insurance claim madeNo

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Questions & Answers

Could I insure my house furniture while it is stored in a shipping container at a secured premise? Cheers
1 answer
Hi John, Thanks for your question. It would depend on several factors if this would be covered by any of our landlord policies. To discuss your needs please give us on 1800 804 016. We're available from 8:30am - 5pm Monday to Friday. - Mandy

I am wondering why landlords are not using the rental tribunal to make a claim? Then they could obtain an enforcement notice. Could it be that this system also does not work? Talk to your local member if this is the case and send an email to complaints at the tribunal.
1 answer
My understanding is that claims that owners try to put through to RTA are directed to QCAT (if it’s in Qld). You have to pay a fee to them and it can take sometime plus you have to appear at the hearing. An Enforcement Order can be achieved if the Claim via QCAT has not been adhered to. It’s all very long winded, time consuming and a lot of paperwork. Renters insurance is far better option; j have gone down both roads. When QCAT allowed the tenants leniency, Terri Scheer paid it instead. You can’t ask for better than that!!!

Why would any one use Terry Scheer ????
1 answer
Very good question not sure why

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