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The Roofing Professionals

The Roofing Professionals

Eastside, Northside and Westside
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quick and efficient

The roofing professionals answered my calls quickly and politely, after the hail storm at Christmas I had quite extensive damage to my roof and skylights, they supplied me with photographic evidence and a written report of the work that needed to be carried out. when they arrived to carry out the work they were polite and took off there shoes when walking through my house. they cleaned and left everything spotless when they had finished. and showed me detailed pictures of the work they had done. I was very happy with there service and would recommend to family and friends. thank-you

Satisfied Customer

So pleased with my colorbond roof, the tradies were pleasant , answered any questions I asked, left no rubbish left behind, and not overly priced.

Should be called "amateurs" not professionals ....

Would give one star if possible.They simply don't reply to online website contact form at all after one week , so why have this facility on your website if you dont bother responding to it ?? ... then they answer their phone with " hello" !!! and say they will ring you back to get details of your job , then dont ring back !This does not instill confidence in your name " the professionals" , more like amateurs really.

Total Nightmare

I did all the checks and read references online and "as used on The Block"! They must be good....wrong. What a disaster. A job that should have taken 3 days took 3 months. They'd show up for a few hours then disappear. The didn't cover the roof when the tiles were taken, so rain came straight in on our ceilings until my husband put up a tarp. They were so rough breaking guttering, throwing tiles from the roof into the garden and onto the driveway, damaging corrugated iron roof and leaving rubbish in the gutters and on the roof. They ignored our instructions that some insulation had to be replaced before the roof went on. We bought the insulation and they left it out. Numerous water drips appeared through our ceilings causing damage to the plaster. They would sort it out...yes, yes, yes. But it just got worse. The tiles were just sitting on the roof, not even held down by anything. In the end another roofer came in and pulled the tiles off and re-did it as best he could. They were so unprofessional. Do not use them.

Poor service

Replaced the whole loungeroom roof after there was a leak causing damage inside. Service was average at the time. A few months later the roof leaked again causing further inside damage. It took a few days to get them out to check it. They used a lot of silicone and said a skylight needed replacing which I had to pay for. I inspected the roof with another roofer and it was very obvious that the original job was poor and defective. The only reason the skylight sheet leaked was because they put sharp metal roofing under it. They still won't accept that the original job was poor despite other roofer's reports to the contrary and want me to pay for the new skylight sheet. I have engaged another roofer to fix the roof at my own cost.

Roofing Unprofessionals: Foul Language; Disgusting Service Destroyed My New Carpeting In Attic.

Foul language; disgusting service destroyed my attic interior. Intimidating when asked about the mess they left in my attic. The guy running the show, that was NOT Jack but the OTHER owner, just told me "Not their job to clean up they just install roofs." all the dust and rubble... They laid down no protection to the new carpet. They just left my attic in absolute ruins. I could not get such thick layers of fine dust out. It was simply ingrained into the carpet beyond repair. I had to remove it completely. It was just as disgusting as the language all day with"%$&*" this and "&*%## that" - the arrogance. Being a female impossible to be able to get anywhere with arrogant tradies unfortunately are the majority. Picking one out of the book or internet is becoming a terrifying endeavour, but this service is starting to make a difference.

Fix My Flat Roof Storm Damage Woes

AT LAST a tradesman who does what he says!!! Yeah, Jack Yuen of The Roofing Professionals Westside and the great tradies who work with and for him up on the roof did a great job replacing the entire flat roof section addition at the back of our house which had been badly hit by the big hail storm on Anzac Day. We're in Old Mount Druitt (Sydney), an area very badly hit with hail, we'd only just spent around $100k doing renovations last year and the insurance company gave us nightmares prior to having the claim approved so we were already a bit 'Jaded.' I'd read many reviews by googling to try to the best I could to ensure I got the best people and I think I did after getting a couple of quotes they were all about the same cost but Jack just seemed to be able to talk about detail so easily and made us understand what we needed to do to fix things. We were offered the potential to replace only part of the roof that was rusting out but we chose to replace the lot knowing we will be selling up in the not too distant future and will have a totally new roof. It took two days to complete and Jack wouldn't even accept any payment until a few days after when one solitary piece of barge board damaged at time of delivery was resupplied by their metal roofing supplier was changed over to entirely finish off the job. These guys were amicable & good workers, reliable to turn up when they said they would and had nice personalities that made me feel comfortable with them being at my home. I felt sorry for them working in this heat on a metal roof but they said everyday is the same and they love doing what they do. I would highly recommend the services of Jack Yuen's business from my experience I will again be in touch should I need work on a roof for one of our other investment properties. Thanks Jack & team.

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