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Thermos Vacuum Insulated Stainless King Beverage Bottle

Thermos Vacuum Insulated Stainless King Beverage Bottle

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Save your money

Bought one as I needed the larger capacity, it lasted a month and was returned by the store for a replacement after waiting 8 weeks to hear from customer service, faulty unit. Second one arrives and after a month same issue, hot on the outside and booing water cold within an hour or two. Like many others thermos says send it back at my expense to have it looked at again. Why would I post a thing my expense.
So now it sits here so I can show friends what not to buy.
Sad experience will put me off anything in this brand again.

Really good does its job

Use this when we go out, love my tea, keels hot for almost 1 day, from 9am - 11pm, stylist sleek look keeps hot longer also use to keep hot water for bubs when he was formula fed works really good just a bir pricy but you pay for what you get


Bought the 2lt King Series. Already have 2 1.2lt Work Series Thermos which I love. Filled the 2lt with boiling water at 7am in the morning. Opened it for the first time at lunchtime and coffee was barely luke warm. Could not recommend this to anybody. Will stick with the work series models which keep coffee hot for well over 24 hours and will return the 2lt king series model for a refund.

Stopped working warning don't buy

Bought from big retailer 6 months ago but did not keep the receiptr. Worked well then no longer kept water hot. Outside casing heated up but flask does not keep water hot. Pretty bad for what I paid. No reply from customer service. This is supposed to be a premium product? Don't buy is my recommendation

Not as described.

I used this for my baby milk to keep warm water. The water does not keep warm after 2hrs . First week was good then after 1 month the water keep cooling quickly. Then after the second months the water last for only 1hr warm.
Even if I put the hot water not more than hour.
I don't like the product.

Not so Good

Worked perfect for about 3 Months lasting 12+ hours of hot coffee.
Now it's down to about 2 Hours of hot drinkable coffee.
Won't be buying another one of these that's for sure

Customer service TERRIBLE

Brought flask 3 months ago , there is a glass or metal sound coming from the walls of flask, explained it was used for boiling water for newborn bottle , was told no idea what it could be send it back at my expense no help at all , reception had no idea what she was taking about
Never buy this product!!!!


I purchased this bottle in ebay. After 11 months of normal use (only put hot water), it can no longer keep water warm. Outside metal is hot when put hot water in. Very disappointed. Called Thermos regarding warranty and was told I should contact ebay seller. Contacted ebay seller, no response. Not sure if I am just unlucky, but the bottle at this cost should last longer.

Thermos is nothing like the olden days Stanley Thermos!

The Thermos 1.2 Stainless Steel King Thermos, is a well constructed and easy on the eye Thermos. However Thermos's marketing hype stating that it will keep beverages cool or hot for 24 hours is an absolute lie!

I have had two of these Thermos's for the last 2 years, the first was a X-Mas pressie from the other half and this was a great idea due to the fact that we both drink alot of coffee and boiling the jug multiple times really puts the pressure on the electricity bill...

Unfortunately the first thermos had rust growing inside of the flask on the internal walls stainless steel lining after a few months of use, where nothing but using Jiff, a long spoon and a scorer could get it off. I dont live in a hard water area, and most of the time the water that is put into it is filtered through a Britta water filter and nothing but water was ever used in the flask. I returned the original Thermos back to the retailer in which another thermos was given to me for exchange - an exact replacement but for colour.

As dictated in the product manual - you are to 'prime' the bottle with a hot or cold beverage before filling it, in which this takes time and effort, and is a waste of time and boiled water usually. Upon filling the bottle with a hot beverage, the time usually that this bottle keeps the water hot is about 6 hours or so max... Understandably this reduces the need to boil water throughout the day, however one would only need to boil the jug once in the morning to have hot water in the thermos through the night typically.

I believe that the Thermos Stainless King is lacking any thermal battier in the screw down lid, it feels and sounds hollow when tapped on, possibly letting heat radiate through the lid and the outer cup lid. The area where the lid screws down into sounds hollow too, it seems that the stainless steel sandwiching is devoid of any or enough foam filler which in turn is letting the heat escape? This cup / cap area always feels warm to the touch, the thermal rotation of water internally will understandably always return the hot water back to the lid in which more heat will escape. Another dull idea with the Thermos is the lid, you unscrew it to pour water out, and cool air flows into the top vent, which lets steam escape unlike the old vacume flasks which keeps a majority of the steam inside the flask and the water from cooling.

This Thermos is still proving itself to be more of a pain, than any help in keeping hot water hot. I have another Aladdin 'Stanley' Thermos that's about 30 years old, in which it keeps hot water hot throughout the day and well into the evening, however weighs the same as a bus! And this Aladdin flask is a gem but is too heavy for lugging around and more of an antique, so its left at home to this fact that it cannot be replaced if lost or damaged!

I would highly suggest to those that are looking for a Thermos to avoid the Stainless King and to look for another Flask of a different brand and much better quality, for those that wish to keep hot liquids hot for only a few hours the Stainless King may be for you - unfortunately its not for me!

Unfortunately, it seems that this X-Mas pressie is on its way back for a refund!
Great looks, slim line, light weight, tough stainless steel construction, good size cup that acts as lid.
Doesn't hold the heat of internal liquids for times suggested by manufacturer? Lid is not insulated and lets heat escape, poor design for water pouring as lets cool air in.

I ended up taking back my second thermos, due to rust occurring again inside the flask and poor heat retaining properties... Went to Aldi and bought a $10 stainless steel cheapie and am totally happy with the result as it holds the heat in all day long!! Poor form Thermos!my 1.2 thermos king is at 82 degrees celsius after 12 hours and 72 degrees after 24 hours only issue is cup dints very easilyThe newer versions are foam lined whereas the older Alladin Thermos's are Carbon lined - I've got nothing but praise for the older style. The new thermos's are nothing but problems!

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