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TOM Organic Ultra Thin Day

TOM Organic Ultra Thin Day

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Long time buyer BUT no more

I've been buying TOM for over a year they used to be great & was the only pad I'd wear but the last couple months they have changed the pad it feels stiff & hard like your wearing cardboard. I've stopped buying this product as it no longer breathes at all. Really disappointed have now thankfully found another brand that delivers.

Product has changed

I first started using Tom Organic Liners a year or more ago and was very happy with the quality which I found to be superior to similar products. However, the quality has deteriorated. At first I thought that maybe there was a faulty batch but after my latest purchase I accept that the product is now of an inferior quality and I will no longer purchase.

False advertising

The amount of plastic packaging on these is ridiculous. They've put them in a cardboard box and the pads themselves are biodegradable but each is also wrapped in plastic and there is another layer of plastic inside the box. As far as I'm concerned this is just a con to get environmentally conscious people to buy their products without knowing how much plastic is involved until they get home and open the box.

Horrible, cheap and tacky product. Most good reviews here are fake.

I am shocked at the appalling quality of this product. Its like a garbage bag lining with low quality absorbent material that disintegrates and fails and the garbage bag like plastic lining makes crunchy sounds. After reading the reviews here I tried this product and was horrified at the tacky quality and couldn't believe anyone would want to use this. Revisited the reviews to realise the ones recommending this product are fake and have written reviews for only Toms organics products. Gave a few left over to a couple of friends to try who were shocked at the terrible quality either. Had to bin the remaining unused bag. Do not recommend.

Love Them!

I've never loved the idea of wearing pads. They always felt icky and uncomfortable but after switching to TOM products I'm now totally fine with wearing a pad. They are so comfy, you forget you're wearing it. THANKS TOM :)

I love this product!

I have really enjoyed using TOM products. I was so surprised at how utterly comfortable they are to wear - it doesn't even really feel like you are wearing a pad - perfect! I absolutely love it and totally recommend!

Love these!

Love TOM products - these are really absorbent, with no smell or irritation. It's a plus to me that they contain no nasty chemicals either.
They are kind on the environment too. Won't buy anything else!
I love how they stay put and are really good value for money.

the ONLY pads I will use

these are the only pads I will use now. They are comfortable, fit well and no leaks.
I can wear them without having to worry about the pad moving or leaking, and no toxic chemicals! Where has this company been for the past 30 years?!

Not very absorbent

while I love the fact that these pads are organic, I won't be buying them again. I was going through 2-3 times the amount I'd usually use, and I was so worried they'd leak! This was impractical for me, as I can't be rushing off to the toilet so regularly!

Bleach and chlorine free!

These organic pads are amazing. They're comfortable all night (or day) long. No nasty smells, no embarrassing rustling when I walk, no rashes or abrasions, and it's comfy soft on my delicate parts. Plus they actually absorb moisture properly and the wings stay put. Since trying these I have thrown out my other branded pads and vow to never use them again. I hope TOM organic takes over the female hygiene world because more companies should be pointing out the harmful chemicals in products we use.

Best Organic Quality - Can't live without it!

I am allergic to most female hygiene products - they literally melt my skin! I started using organic ones to avoid the uncomfort and had success. Ive triwd multiple organic cotton products but TOM organic is by far the BEST quality. Absolutely Faultless. It's a bonus that theyre not only good for me but for the environment too. I'm never turning back.

Swap to Tom organic now!!

I changed my sanitary products to the tom organic brand as I was having a very uncomfortable time with all other products. They attracted me as they are chemical free, and animal friendly which are all so important.
The pads are so comfortable I never know I'm wearing one, they are very thin but so absorbent I've never had and leaks or issues. If your not using the tom brand you need to be!!

These are great!!

I have super sensitive skin and using non-organic pads cause me to break out into a rash, however these don't!
They absorb my heavy flow really well and never once have they caused me to seep through and stain my underwear, even with a heavy flow.
The wings are so sturdy! They don't peel off or bunch up at all.
The pads don't have any 'wet dog' smell - just a slight fresh cotton smell which is almost unnoticeable. They also don't make my period smell any worse then it already is.
They're super thin and make little to no sound when you wear them.
Also, they're only a couple of dollars more than non-organic pads, so you may as well give them a go!

Not very absorbent

Stains on my first day?! The wings aren't very practical, they are cotton so the blood easily spreads from the pad onto the wings... I've used three and have had the same problem of the wings being covered in blood.

Audible crunchy plastic backing

I like that these have no nasties, but that is no excuse to poorly design/construct them. They have an unnecessarily long and baggy casing around the absorbent cotton filling. It isn't shaped well to fit to the body, so bunches up when moving. Worst of all the plastic backing makes audible crunching/rustling noises when when your body is moving. Not that my period is something to be ashamed about, but do we need to broadcast the fact and make life more uncomfortable at this time?

Surely there is a better alternative to crunchy plastic in a product that touts being natural? Make better designs!

Works well, not bulky

I've switched from using Libra ultra thins to these. As a long-term user of pads (I'm 52) and having tried out many other brands, I had stuck with the Libra brand for a couple of decades. So it was with a degree of nervousness that I picked up the TOM box. I'm so glad I did. They're truly ultra-thin, absorb well, and I like that they've used as little plastic as possible in the packaging (although I'd love to see more compostable/recycleable materials used). Nice too that I'm able to use organic materials next to my sensitive skin. They're not priced much higher than comparable (non-organic) brands.

Foul smell but okay

Product works okay but they let off a foul smell even without being used I find they smell like wet dog I have never experienced this with any other female product.. It may be that it is organic cotton and nothing else but the smell from when I open up the packaging makes me feel ill.

Happy customer!

I have very sensitive skin and am so happy to have discovered TOM products. It is the only hypoallergenic organic product that I have come across to not cause irritation and pain.
Before I discovered TOM I thought that I would have to put up with the discomfort, so I am happy to pay the little bit extra as this product is what it says it is.
I like that it is Hypoallergenic and is "hypoallergenic" not like competitive products which cause irritation
Not available in all supermarkets & pharmacies

Life saver for that TOM

I am so happy to have found the TOM brand. I had been suffering with sensitivity, irritation and inflammation from other brands for years!! I tried every brand I could find and even the other natural, "organic" brands gave me trouble. Eventually I put it down to me being the issue and came to the conclusion I would have to put up with the pain and discomfort.
TOM has been such a relief, every description on the box has been true to form, and it's certified organic which is great to find
Great for sensitivity!, very soft and comfortable, doesn't shift or move, certified organic

Great on the sensetive!

Started using these pads in my search for something to be good to my sensitive skin (because scratching down there isn't a good look at the best of times). I was using Cottons pads, but I found that they didn't stick very well and they were still making me itch after a couple of days of use. But no problems at all with the TOM!

They are a little more expensive then the other brands, but it's only $2. And I can justify that $2 per month for the comfort they give me!

And the organic status is great for the planet and all that jazz. :)
Great for sensetive skin!
A little more expensive

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Questions & Answers

Is it normal for these pads to have a foul smell even before wearing? I bought a packet and the smell when I opened one made me feel sick!
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No, mine have never had a foul smell. If they all smell then I’d suggest contacting them, the customer service is fantastic and I’m sure they’ll replace them for you if wherever you bought them won’t help.


TOM Organic Ultra Thin Day
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