Sanitary Napkins

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TOM Organic Ultra Thin Day

Latest review: I've been buying TOM for over a year they used to be great & was the only pad I'd wear but the last couple months they have changed the pad it feels stiff & hard like your wearing cardboard. I've

U by Kotex Regular Ultrathin Pads

Latest review: Bought regular size pads and had to throw more than half to garbage due glue being on top of the upper side of the pad making them unusable. There is no chance of me buying this product

Libra Pads

Latest review: Would give a minus if I could the web site never works. And changing the packs is a pain you don't know what's what if they fall out of pack. No

Stayfree All Nights

Latest review: Very very bad! Make me itchy each time I use it! First I thought it could be I sweat too much, but I have no problems when use other brands. This brand is the worst

Olivia Sanitary Pad

Latest review: I've been using Olivia Ultra Thin pads from ALDI for years. I would buy a few packs at once and not worry about running out of them for a while. It was a great product, better then many brands.

Wonder Regular Ultra Thin

Latest review: I love Wonder pads, they're really cheap in comparison with other brands and you get 18 pads in one pack which makes them even more economical. The pads are super-thin, so they're really comfortable

Wonder Super Ultra Thin

Latest review: I really like using this pad. It is nice and thin so you don't feel like you're wearing a nappy like you can with some other super pads. Has good absorbency, have not experienced any leaks with this

Natracare Maxi

Latest review: For years I have used conventional tampons and pads, nervous about the pesticides and plastics they contain and putting them in or on my body... very scary. Natracare products are completely natural

TOM Organic Maternity Pads

Latest review: They are great however my knickers and dress were always stained as there are no wings. Otherwise the material is so soft and

Cottons Ultra-Thin Pads

Latest review: These are a god sent for me as I'm allergic to many other sanitary pads out there. It came highly recommended by a lot of my girlfriends and I'm glad I tried. Highly

Stayfree Ultra Thin with Thermocontrol

Latest review: I like these pads, they work well for my regular flow. Sometimes, when I have a heavier period, I put two pads, one on top of the other, and I am OK. My skin is very sensitive and these pads never

Stayfree Ultra Thins Cottony Soft

Latest review: The StayFree Ultra Thin (not Dry Max) line of pads are the only ones I can use. The cottony soft cover has never given me a rash in my 2 years of use. Even on a 40 degree summer day. The plastic

Libra Pads Goodnights

Latest review: I suffer with severely heavy menstrual bleeding and these pads are the only ones I can wear day and night thank don't leak. After having my son via c section sadly my periods are 100% worse and I

Moxie Sleepovers Pads

Latest review: First things first. Moxie's packaging looks very appealing. The actual pad material is very soft and doesn't give me any rashes. I wish it absorbed better and sustained longer. The cover of the pad

U by Kotex Super Ultrathin with Wings

Latest review: These do not come off easy and they stick to your underwear. This wasnt an isolated occurence and it was very frustrating. Would not buy again. I spent some time picking the sticky residue off 1

U by Kotex Overnight Ultrathin

Latest review: This pads absorbance is not enough for heavy flow and cant change then every hour. I used whisper which was so good with absorbance and it keeps you dry. But this product is a

Pureste Pads with Wings

Latest review: I am not interested in buying these again, even when they were on sale. They just dont do a great job. And I really dont know about the sterile part, because hopefully all the pads we use are sterile

Wonder Overnight Ultra Thin

Latest review: In general, these are a bit cheaper than the other branded pads. I dont buy these anymore because I didnt find them to be anything too special or worth buying at all. I I bought these because they