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Tommee Tippee Roll 'n' Go Bib

Tommee Tippee Roll 'n' Go Bib

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Don't buy

I will NEVER buy this bib again. After washing the correct way its covered in a sticky, oily substance. Contacted the company and they pretty much said it's time to buy a new one and it's a process called 'reversion'. Definitely don't want that hanging around my daughters neck!

Purchased in November 2018.

Greasy and Sticky

Bought a 2 pack (blue & red). Good initially then after time and washing etc they became greasy and sticky. I've read a lot about these bibs and it seems like it's inevitable. Disgusting seeing Tommee Tippee is an expensive brand. Maybe try buying a cheaper brand with similar structure. I have family that use generic brand bibs that look like the Tommee Tippee ones and they've never gone gross and they've used them for baby anger baby after baby.
I do not recommend. But I do recommend a different brand that's plastic with a food catcher.

Purchased in September 2016.

Do not buy

I've had this bib for less than 6 months and it has a sticky clear film all over it. I contacted tommee tippee telling them what has happened (I've never put it in the dishwasher, always followed the washing directions) and they said it's a normal "process" of the bibs. They also said that there is nothing they could do other than give me a video on how to clean them. So I asked for the video but apparently there is none anymore. The bibs are no longer usable they are discusting to touch. They wouldn't sent me replacements or refund me. Such terrible quality and terrible customer service. Don't buy them!!

The best bib

I was given this bib as a gift for my newborn and didn't realise it's worth until a year later. It is so much easier to wash than a cloth bib and protects clothes well. I always take one with me when going out. The little food catcher is great, my baby fishes out the food and eats it from the bib

The single best baby purchase I ever made!

Bought a 2 pack of these when our daughter was 1 and started solids. They are the single best baby purchase we made. You can just wash / wipe and then dry and use again, so they save a huge amount of washing compared to fabric bibs, and seem much more hygienic. Also, you only need to own one because you can dry it before the next meal. But I am most impressed with the durability. 4 years on, they are STILL going strong, despite daily use (for messy things like breakfast cereal). That is something like 4000 meals that these have been used for, and washed and used again. I think that is impressive!

Great idea, poorly designed

These are a great idea - catch everything in the pocket, take the mess with you, wipe clean, dishwasher safe. But the design leaves a lot to be desired. The hole at the top (to fasten it together when it's rolled up) lets food through, and the dimensions of the bib mean that rolling it up (as it is designed to do) creates a crease across the top of the pocket, stopping it from catching food next time you use it! And at $14 for 2 I expected something better, these seem to have been designed by the work experience kid.
Great idea, pocket to catch stuff, easy to clean
Overpriced, some really clunky, obvious errors in design.


Great. Very useful. once on solids they are wipe clean and really the only bib you need. The only down side is the very annoying holes in the front! Need to take that feature out of the design.
I used these bibs with my 1st child (now 8) when she was a baby and found them so convenient at home and out that i searched them out for my new babies (twins). Soft, flexible (good to pack in a small bag and take out). Good to catch food and bubs like chewing on them between mouthfuls.
Not enough adjustment holes. my partner has had to get a nail punch to make more holes as the bibs are too low for littlies to catch food. I am also very disappointed to find a row of holes around the neckline. Defeats the purpose of putting a bib on when the food leaks through onto their clothes. Seriously what were the thinking when they put 5 holes there?????? Pail colours stain easily.

These are fantastic!!

As soon as my son starting eating solid food we switched to these bibs and they have been wonderful. Catches both dropped and spat out food, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, easy to pack, very effective.
Inexpensive, easy to clean, makes mealtimes far less messy!
They stained easily, but I don't really care about that.

Does exactly the job I want it to do!

I bought a twin pack of these bibs after my 9 month old son started self feeding and fabric bibs were no longer sufficient to contain the mess. They were recommended by a friend as they wipe clean, are easy to pop into the nappy bag, and are adjustable around the neck. My son is happy to wear his and it does the job well for us.
Easy to roll up, wipes clean, adjustable, easy to fasten, catches spilled food, dishwasher safe, comes in a two pack, range of colours, readily available
Nothing I can think of


I found this brand a lot better than some of the other similar products on the market. The price is very good also. This was a lifesaver for me. My son is such a messy eater and this generally catches everything (apart from what he throws!). I have a few of them as I just shove them in the dishwasher to clean. Another great product from Tommee Tippee
This is a must for those messy eaters. It comes in a range of colours. The adjustable bib makes it really easy to be able to use it for when other kids come around.
Couldn't really think of anything - I loved this product


These come highly recommended. I have 3 of them and I use them every day. Life would be a lot harder without them! They are easy to use and most importantly, compact and easy to clean.
These bibs are so easy to use. I have 3 of them. Although the are called "roll and go", I use them both at home and also when I am out and about. I am still using them now that my toddler is almost 2. I started using them from the time he was weaned at about 6 months. The neckline has adjustable slots so it can fit around even the most chubby necks! On my toddler, he is still on the tightest neck adjustment so there is still a lot of time to "grow into it"! It is convenient, compact and best-yet, can be washed and used again quickly (unlike cloth bibs). My favourite feature of this product is that it has the scoop so if the baby drops food, it gets collected in the scoop.
I have got nothing negative to comment on this bib at all.

Questions & Answers

Just wondering what this bib is made of?
1 answer
It's a BPA-free flexible plastic.


Roll 'n' Go Bib
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