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Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Sangenic Nappy Wrapper System

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Sangenic Nappy Wrapper System

3.8 from 41 reviews

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Great product

Product does what's it's meant to. It's effective and very easy to use. I just wish there was a cheaper option with the bag refills. Very happy with this product. I have been using it for 4 months so far. It's easy to clean and also fits into places well.

good but gets expensive

a must have in a hot climate - hot nappy bins get yucky quickly! However, wonder why another manufacturer hasn't come up with a less expensive option. The entry price is good but the refills get expensive. We buy them at baby bunting when on sale otherwise not cheap! also, I 'twist' every couple of nappies (our little girl is just 6mths so not huge nappies mine you)

Great product

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Sangenic Nappy Wrapper System is the perfect, safe and hygienic solution to dispose of bubbas nasty nappies and the odours that come with them. Making life that little bit easier for mums everywhere! Head to your local department store and check it out today.

Very effective in what it is meant to do!

- Definitely does what it claims to do in keeping the nasty odours in.
- Easy to use.
- Refills are relatively expensive.
- The size of the bin is not big enough.
- The bin is a bit flimsy.
Overall I'm happy that I bought it and it's definitely better than using individual nappy bags.

Sealed the nasty smell

I previously use a normal bin with lid but the smell filled up the whole toilet. So decided to get one of this and it did conceal the smell. Like it alot and find it more hygienic. I use it only for nappies with poop to save on refills. And happy with it so far.

had a neutral experience

First, i love that it somehow proves to its claims. Everytime I throw the nappies to this bin, there is no smell at all . The high technology does the work for that. One thing I find inconvenient is refilling it. I mean i can just dispose the nappies manually lol I just bought it for the sake of having a newborn baby that changes nappies from time to time.

Hygenic, Clean and Handy!

This product is great! You can not smell the nappies at all even when it comes time to change the bag, it's very handy and really easy to use. I would definitely purchase this if I didn't have it brought for me, the price is very reasonable as well. A++

Couldn't live without it!

Got one from Aldi when they were on special and am so impressed with how simple and well this device works. Unlike nappy bags this things reduces all odours in our babies room! On the rare occasion we run out of a cassette and switch back to nappy bags the sudden smell in the room is pretty unbearable and our little one probably doesn't like the smell either. Availability of cassettes has proven a problem and I can only find them in Coles at $10 for one or $30 for three. For us a cassette can last well past two weeks. You can also get the cassettes from eBay. Overall very happy and would recommend this to any parents to be as a must buy before little one comes along.

Had been excellent.

We have had ours for close to 18 months and it had been one of the most invaluable items we got. That said, the last 3-4 months there has been a noticeable build up of smell within the bin itself. We have washed it out numerous times, with some pretty heavy smell killers as well, however it is getting worse. Would be five stars and no end of praise if not for the recent change.

No smell. Very Clean & Convenient. Magic.

What I expected (first time mum):
I bought this because I didn't want to leave baby alone while I took every dirty nappy to the outside bin (I didn't want them stinking up the house either). I thought the refills would cost a lot but I was prepared to do it anyway for the safety aspect. I thought I would be emptying the bin daily or every second day to the outside bin.

What really happened:
It turns out, the pee nappies don't smell and just go into the general rubbish in their scented nappysack and only the poopy ones disappear into the magic portal that is the Sangenic Nappy Bin, never to be seen or smelled again. So it takes a couple of weeks to fill the bin, costing very little in refills, and still not having ANY odour, even when you lift the lid, nothing. It is a thoughtful design, easy and clean to use, no fuss, no smell, no touching anything yikky, and cost effective piece of equipment that improves our nappy changes and baby safety. Highly recommend. Love it.

Amazing Product

Love this product!
I purchased two bins each including one cartridge from Aldi Strathpine for $15 each (What a bargain!!!)
And man what a difference it has made to my apartment. I have a two story apartment, so I keep on bin upstairs and one bin downstairs. Gone are the days of racing up and down the stairs all night triple bagging a stinky nappy destined to sit in the garbage until bin day comes around. Gone are the lingering smells of my little mans efforts. Gone are the days of pegging my nose just to take the bin to the curb. It has really made difference in my life.
But...with all my praise comes a few constructive criticisms, but hey, nothing is perfect.
It has come time to buy refills and where as they seem a little expensive, when the six packs are on special for roughly $59, $10 a refill doesn't seem too bad. But still, they're a little on the pricey side for nappy bags.
Secondly, just a small mention to smell. Where as most of the smell is controlled, a small amount can linger when you have a near full bin. I simply just sprinkle a small amount of lavender scented carpet sand in the bottom of the bin and it eliminates any and all lingering smells.

All in all, this is an amazing product and really helps in keeping any, but especially a small apartment/house smell free. Most defiantly would never go back to the way it was before!!!

Good Nappy Bin

Purchased one of these bins, as our daughters nursery is up stairs and I'm not wanting to constantly run down the stairs with a wet/dirty nappy in the middle of the night.
It works really well, easy to set up, holds in smell, easy to empty. Only complaint would be that the refills are so damn expensive!

Just get this

Just get this. As a new dad (Latin for 'changer of poo collections') this was sent by the Gods of Sanity on the Auburn Wings of Scented Valkyries. It has cartridges - what bloke doesn't like to reload / change / swap something out. It works exactly as advertised. It does not stink. Awesome in a nappy bucket thing.

Refill quality has really dropped

We have had our bin for three years now and when we first purchased it, I would recommend it to everyone I knew having a baby - over the last few months our bin has done nothing but stink since Tommee Tippee appear to have changed the quality of the plastic bagging system. The smell just seems to permeate.

Comes in handy

I have been using Sangenic plus bin since my first baby and I am very satisfied with that. However I also have to agree that the refills are rather expensive too. I was looking for some cheaper refill alternative and on UK ebay I came across some czech shop selling sanuten foil which you can refill into original cassettes. I bought 200 m of foil and it is equivalent to about 20 cassettes for Sangenic and 32 for Angelcare bins. It works fine and is much cheaper.

The smell is unbearable

I purchased this as it was more economical than my previous one, and cartridges were easier to find. However, after about two months the bin started to smell and six months on the bathroom and down the hall stinks to. I change it at least twice daily (I have triplets) and every time one of my babies does a poo yet the smell prevails. Very disappointed as my other one didn't smell like that and I had it for 12 months.

Bin's great but there is a refill alternative out there!

Hi Guys,
Just been using the Sangenic bin for quite some time. As with most of the comments, we have found the refills to be really expensive. We stumbled across a product called the PooTube (pootube.com.au) which offers a cheaper AND biodegradable alternative to the original Sangenic Refills. So far they have been working well and certainly worth checking out.

The refills are just too expensive

The product is a good idea, but is uneconomical compared with other bags. Its a bit like a cheap printer, at first it seems cheap, but when you have to replace the cartridges it ain't cheap anymore

Excellent, so happy I tried it

I looked into these a fair bit while pregnant, and was a bit hesitant to get it because I'd heard its expensive to buy the cartridges. I bit the bullet and bought the bin + 6 cartridges on special from baby bunting for $49. I'm so glad I did. Bub is 6wks old, and is going through 8-10 nappies everyday, and I've only used 2 cartridges. The cartridges cost about $10ea from Coles, so it's only cost $20 to keep the room smelling fresh, and not need to run out to the bin in the middle of the cold wet Melbourne winter for the past 6wks. And when Bub gets a bit older and needs less frequent nappy changes, it'll be even cheaper. The bin locks in the stinkiness, there's no trace of odor in the room at all. I highly recommend this to new parents
Convenient, locks in stinkiness, not as expensive as expected
The bin itself doesn't hold that many nappies (advertised as 28 nappies) so you need to empty the bin relatively frequently by chopping the cartridge liner and re-tying it up. This is such a minor annoyance though it's hardly worth mentioning

Keeps away odours

I have two wee ones in nappies and have found the sangenic disposal system to be so convenient. I put all number twos in to the sangenic and empty once or twice a week. The bathroom remains odour free. It is very simple and basic to use, empty and change the cassettes.
Simple and effective

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Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Sangenic Nappy Wrapper System
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