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Travel Money Oz

Travel Money Oz

2.3 from 93 reviews

Easy and convenient way to avoid carrying cash.

We used this card to avoid the banks dreaded currency conversion charges. We used this in New Zealand and the cards were generally accepted everywhere. It was easy to check the balance at any ATM. A recommended way to pay in the currency of the country you are in.
We received friendly and efficient customer service when we obtained the cards.

Purchased at Flight Centre for $4,000.00.

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Be Careful of Paying by Card

Please be aware that if you buy foreign currency using your credit card then the card company / bank may treat it as a cash advance i.e. incurs a cash advance fee and then immediate interest (depending on their specific terms). This makes paying by card much less attractive. Typically you also won't eat any credit card points.

Travel Money Oz should clearly point this out when offering card payment.

Purchased for $3,000.00.

Cant believe how amazing and safe to use...

Travelled to Europe and Norway plus UK. Travel Money Oz was so easy to use
and accepted every single place I wanted.
Customer service where I bought the card was Magic , Friendly , so helpful.
Would not leave Australia again without one.

Purchased .

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

I can't believe the rate was so low !

I went to Sri Lanka and ordered some money online, but the order ended up getting cancelled, and I was really busy so I just went to the Travel Money Oz store and asked for Sri Lankan rupees. I had been to that shop before and I thought the rate would at least be in the ball park, so I didn't bother to check what rate they were giving me. Then when my friend asked me what rate I got I checked it and it was just under 100 rupees for 1 AUD. But the online rate which I had been offered with Travelex was just over 115 rupees. I think I should have been more careful, and actually I think the rate offered at the shops/banks in Sri Lanka was possibly more competitive still.

Purchased .

Great Company!

Purchased GBP and AED in the store in King George Square in December for my trip to the UK and Abu Dhabi. Received great, friendly service and advice along with a great rate. Also put some money on a Currency Pass card to use as a back up, no problems using it in either country for transactions and withdrawing from an ATM. Just made sure to have my pin handy and always press credit like I was informed in store. After reading some reviews on reloading online I was a sceptic but I had absolutely no issue in either country topping up with my debit card! First time, everytime.
Thanks Travel Money Oz for letting me spend without a worry!!

Purchased for $2,000.00.

CurrencyAED and GBP
Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Loving how Travel Money Oz can give me reliably good exchange rates

I had US currency on hand, and needed Aussie Dollars. I would never consider any other money exchange service except Travel Money Oz. I had a good experience right from the start.

Purchased for $500.00.

Good value

Oz Money has a number of outlets; they all are prepared to offer you the best rate that gives you good value in your money exchange, whatever the currency you are seeking tio change..

Purchased for $50.00.

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Needs improvement

We travelled to NZ. All went well using the card. We didn't know our balance, but that was our own fault because we did not take phones or laptops to use on the trip. Problems were with customer service at the Flight Centre booths for Travel Money Oz at West Lakes i.e. no computer service available several times, long waits to be served, was told that there would be a fee despite claims of no fees or commissions, etc.. then told that we couldn't withdraw our money or close our account anyway

Purchased at Flight Centre.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Easy to use

Went to India, the card was accepted everywhere we bought things. It was easy to manage if you had the travel app. Customer service was very good and easy to load. Purchase this product from Travel Money Oz, Darwin Airport.

Purchased .

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

haven't used it yet but the service and staff at the branch in Colonnades are very helpful and very present.

I am sorry to say haven't been on our holiday yet we are just putting money on it at the moment, but I sure will let you know if we have any problems with the card

Purchased .

Worked great

America worked everywhere...EASY TO USE EASY TO MANAGE and was not declined anytime no problems at all not sure what else to say as it’s works fantastic. Very simple great

Purchased for $5.00.

Good service

Exchange Singapore dollars only but have use the service many time to exchange Japanese yen.
Rates is not the best but will always match or better any rates quoted.
Staff are always friendly which is Bonus

Purchased .

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Travel Money

Easy to use in Vietnam, Singapore and back in Australia. A great card for travel. I would recommend to all. Put your local currency on card so not losing too much on exchange.

Purchased .

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Great service and always have the money available

Travelled to Turkey
Also buying Turkish Lira from Money Oz and offers good service and rates
Convenient location being inside the popular shopping Mall
Would certainly recommend them over their competitors

Purchased at Stocklands Merrylands .

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Simple process

I went to West Lakes to convert currency for a recent trip. Very easy process by friendly staff and got what I needed on the first visit. I will go back for our next trip.

Purchased .

Always provides excellent service

Alaska cash only so no card was used however would probably use a card on next overseas visit. Customer service was also very good and I would certainly recommend the service to future travellers

Purchased at Miranda.

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Not worth any effort

Not very good rates and certainly Not very good service. Staff were not knowledgeable however they were friendly
Not sure what they provide as it’s certainly not a good rate or options

Purchased .

Competitive Exchange Rate No

The New Travellers Cheques

My daughter and I travelled to Canada and used our card at the airports (Doha and Montreal) and while we were travelling through Canada. It was very convenient and easy to use. So much easier than the old fashioned travellers cheques.

Purchased .


Good customer service

I am regular customer and will go nowhere else. Exchange my money before traveling all the time in Ocean Keys Shopping Centre. Very friendly ,helpful nice people.
Could give you advice too.

Purchased .

Always beats competitors rates

Always helpful.. gets best rates & betters competitors rates..only purchased cash this holiday ( Japan).. would recommend oz travel st Westfield Miranda.. didn’t use a oz travel card for this trip thanks

Purchased .

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

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Questions & Answers

Can you get a card in one name with two access cards ?
1 answer
Hi Marl S Yes you can have 2 cards, but probably not in the same name. We had two cards one in my name and another in my wives name. However you have to give an email address for each card and you can not use the same email address for two or more cards. I have 3 email addresses so we were able to have the other card with one of these email addresses. We thought that it was better to have two cards for if you would loose one for instance you still have the other to use while the lost one get replaced which would probably take some time. I am not sure if you can have two cards in the same name as we did not ask them, but I don't think you can, but I can't really see why not, just ask them. Personally I think it is a good idea not to put all of your money on the one card. Hope this helps you.

My daughter and boyfriend transferred all their savings into a Travel Money Oz MasterCard before travelling overseas. They both have been unable to access their money and have had NO luck trying to contact the company. Their 1300 number on website is unavailable and nobody responds to their email. Does anybody have an emergency number to call or any suggestions?
1 answer
Try lodging a complaint with the Ombudsman

Can you have USD loaded onto a travel card priorto leaving the country or once your in the country
2 answers
Avoid the travel cards, look at the reviews for them, they get a commission for selling them to you and then cost every time you use it .Don't go with Travel Money Oz card. If you need to get a card, get either a Velocity card or there's one from ING where I think the fees aren't as high. Yes, you put Aus dollars on it and then go on line and can change into USD.

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