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Travelex online

Best rates are online but you have to use BPay - fee free or Credit card - may charge. Only problem is you cannot specify the denominations they just provide a mix.

Foreign Cash delivered to my home on wrong day

I ordered my Foreign currency, for my holiday, and chose to have it delivered to my home. It was free delivery on orders over $1,000 value, or $10 for under $1,000.

The order systems allows you to select a specific day for delivery, and say it would be between 9 and 5 on that day.
I selected the day I wanted, as I knew I would be home that day. I chose Friday 6th April.

On Wednesday the 4th April it was delivered. Two days early. Better than being late I suppose, but it was not on the specified day that we were told it would arrive.
The order system actually specifies for us to be home on THAT particular day. It was lucky I was actually in for this delivery.

I didn't need to prove my ID, it could have been given to anyone in my house. As it is only my wife and I, it wasn't a problem. When ordering I had to submit a copy of my ID, so they could confirm on delivery.

Other than that, the money was right, and the rate was agreed before I paid, so no complaints on the rate.

All in all, a better system than getting the money at the bank, and a better FX rate too.

But they should deliver on the day. I am not sure what they would do if I wasn't in. Would they have returned on the correct day, the Friday, or left it at the post office, and made me travel to collect it, instead of getting the Home Delivery service I chose.

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