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Travelex Cash Passport

Travelex Cash Passport

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Usury At The Worst

Putting money on the card is easy. Getting money off the card, or switching to a different currency, is an enormous loss. I put US$1500 dollars on the card, and then needed to convert the currency. I lost $241.05 in the transaction. Travelex Customer Service just shrugged. 18% for clicking two buttons. Note that if this was done in person at a Travelex kiosk, there is no fee for over US$1,000 in currency exchange. This is a terrible product, designed for Travelex to rob you rather than a convenient way to pay when traveling.

CurrencyCAD and USD
Competitive Exchange Rate No

Total ripoff!!! Avoid< avoid<avoid!!!

We put in $400 Australian dollars, and spent less that $10 on the card. We were told today that we will be getting $289 back. I am beyond angry. Noone told me that I would lose 25% of my money by using this card. They tell you it is the safest option for travelling. Don't fear losing your money while travelling. The real robbers that you need to worry about ... are Travelex!!! Never again!!! Credit cards only, from now on!

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Rip off

Be aware of the terrible exchange rate to transfer your money off the card. I opened an account and four hours later transferred the money off, because I decided to go with a Commbank travel card instead, and lost just over AUD$900. At no point was this highlighted to me and I was unable to find any information regarding exchange rates, for this action, in their policy. Customer service was unhelpful. I will never recommend this travel card to anyone.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Don't use this if you want an easy holiday

Travelled to Japan through Malaysia; rarely was this card accepted. Tried PIN, different accounts (credit/debit etc), signing etc etc; it just wouldn't process and the business ended up saying they didn't accept.
Struggled to get cash out. Got a larger amount out twice in 10 days (AUD200); every other time we tried it wouldn't work or gave us just AUD10 per day.
Made our holiday stressful and difficult.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Steal your money

Never again will I use these cards, money left over after the holiday, download it into my bank account which states it will be $354.00, receive the money and it’s $315, call up and told the $354 is just a figure, so basically they can just take what they want of your money

Never use Travelex

I went to The Majestic Hotel Anaheim in L.A where when checking in the guest presents their credit card to place $100 on hold for any accidentials in case they need to cover for any damage as per many other hotels do this, if no charges are taken out the hotel releases the funds at checkout, Travelex however does not release the funds until 30 days after, luckly on this ocacion it was a small deposit and I did not use the Travelex for other hotels where the deposits where over $500 this can place lot of restrains & stress on your overseas holidays specially when travelling across the U.S.A, i am still waiting for my money & a responce from Travelex after providing a letter from the Accounts Manager from the Majestic Hotel indicating to release funds as they do not intend to withhold any funds.

I am disgusted about this and will never use Travelex again and stick to using my bank travelcard options as I was fortunate to take this card aswell, another thing about Travelex Global if you want to transfer money from your normal day to day account is another nightmare good luck with that getting your money instantly does not happen, like i said stay away from this Mob.

Avoid this company do not use!!!

I checked the Exchange rates online - and proceeded to exchange my money
After receiving my money, it didn’t seem right - I looked at the receipt and the exchange rate wasn’t the same - when I questioned this they said the online rate is a “guide” and they can set their exchange at whatever they want
I exchanged $500 and got ripped off $89 aus compared to ANY other company for exchanging money

Would never recommend this card

Card was purchased as an emergency back up for my usual travel credit card for our daughter's school trip to Hong King, UK and France
Card worked fine in Hong Kong - until it was lost.
Card was promptly cancelled by company (good customer service)
Site says that emergency replacement card is available - what they do not say is if you have 2 cards on your account and one gets lost/stolen, you are UNABLE to replace the lost/stolen card.
If second card doesn't work - tough luck

Problems started when she started using the card in the UK
This card has hidden fees for every transaction
There is no information on how to withdraw loaded currency from the card in international ATMs - being charged conversion fees for every withdrawal in UK, despite following travelex advice to NOT choose 'your local currency' option. Constantly does an $AUD to euro to pounds conversion, regardless of what withdrawal option is chosen and regardless of having GBP loaded on card. This incurs a 6% transaction conversion fee every single time she withdraws money. Card services absolutely no help. Local travelex agent no help.
Crap exchange rates
Fees charged every top up or withdrawal from account
Exchange rate for left over funds is EVEN WORSE then the load rate
Has probably cost daughter over $300 in fees/poor exchange practices - which is a lot of money for a 'fee free' card

This is not a service I would recommend again

The product is comparatively expensive, difficult to move money off in cash especially when you have a last bit of money on the card and want to use it before you close it. I have been forced to use this product due to South African restrictions on using money to travel, but it has always been a stressful, bureaucratic and expensive experience. Save yourself the stomach ulcers and find another product. Unhelpful and uninformed service staff also.

Worst Card Ever!

Absolute worst card ever. This card attracted additional fees overseas, the exchange rate was poor, atm’s didn’t recognize the card, I lost $500 in excess charges and atm mistakes and customer service was useless. Was left stranded on the last 2 days of my holiday unable to access my last $500 which I had set aside for cab fares and airport fees. Customer service could not have cared less. I never got the money back. $500 down because I chose this card.

Easily hacked, no customer service

I purchased this card due to the free WIFI attached. After 2 months of travelling, this app still has not picked up Boingo WIFI.
Fraud suspected on card, so it has been blocked.
Actual fraud was tried, so whilst the security worked, I was surprised how easily it was used.
I was not notified, so went to use my card, it was declined.
Emailed the 2 sites on travelex, one did not answer, the other said they dont deal with it,have to contact Mastercard instead.
4 emails later, was told I would receive a phone call, 36 hours following, still no phone call.
I have since phoned them, to keep e advised new card to be posted out...but I am travelling, so they cant g'tee when it will be sent.
Short version, no access to funds.
No duty of care.
No replies to emails.
No empathy shown at situation.

Experienced traveller, do I have back up plans.
This card is NO good for travelling, so dont bother.

Absolutely useless

Charged currency conversion fees when having sufficiency funds off desired currency, no help at all and hidden fees that no other travel cards have. Would give 0 stars if I could.

Not worth having

Could not get money from an ATM when we were overseas because the card had expired even though we still had Euros on it.
Travelex agencies in Europe would not assist telling us that we had to go to the store we originally purchased the card from. We have just spent nearly 2 hours with the Travelex agent in Frankston today trying to close our account and getting our money out. The agent (who was helpful and patient) was making numerous calls to Melbourne and overseas because our money had just disappeared. (We finally got the money) While the agents customer service can't be faulted the whole Travelex Cash Passport system is utter rubbish. Never again!


Useless card, hidden fees, had trouble reloading, had trouble getting an actual balance, emailed for help no response, phoned and even less help, App was useless, could maybe open in 1 in 20 times I tried, and then I get slugged more fees after my trip to withdraw the balance, that was "unavailable" while I was overseas. Never ever again, waste of time effort and money, could have just taken my Anz Visa overseas, and it would have cost me less in fees, with much less hassle.

Might as well pour money down the drain

I received this card as a gift, and had trouble activating the card. Call centre was extremely unhelpful and ended up hanging up and figuring it out by myself. Additionally, I have been loading money on but apparantley the lowest you can load on is $100 so I have literally LOST all of the money I have loaded on because it has been less than 100$.


Was advised by the school to obtain on for sons trip. Poor exchange rates. App wont work for a 14 year old and the phone help was clueless. I suggest look elsewhere.

Stay away from this card - it is full of hidden fee's

We made the mistake of taking this card with us on a trip to Spain. We were told there were no fee's to access our money from ATM's or elsewhere. It sounded great. It wasn't. The first time we withdrew money out of an ATM we were slugged a huge 100 Euro 'currency conversion fee'. When we checked the account we realised that every time we used the card we were were charged this 'conversion fee'. We emailed Travelex asking for help and an explanation, it took 4 days for a response and the response was an automated email response saying they couldn't help. Stay away from this card unless you want added stress to your holiday and your hard earned money disappearing in fees.

A disgrace

It’s a shame there is not a minus star rating because this card is definitely a contender for a sub zero rating. It promised to be the travelers best solution whilst overseas however when put to the test it failed dismally leaving us stranded. Fortunately we had a back up plan but it could’ve all gone wrong had we relied on this card as our sole source of accessing money. The hidden fees are ridiculous, there is no flexibility in transferring currency, it is near on impossible to load money whilst outside of Australia, and the list goes on! I cannot warn people enough to stay away from this product. Travelex, thanks for nothing but grief.

Scam beware go elsewhere

They ripped us of over 440 aud in conversion rates compared to their very own app. We checked app 30mins later and we where mortified to find out when we got pressured into this card and to find we where given such bad exchange rates. Its cheaper to use your own bank card and do large withdrawels. No fees my butt. I understand there is a difference from xe.com to travelex exchange however not 11 -20 cent per dollar difference from travellex app to travellex store on first load up. We rang up to try and rectify but told its based on the agreed value at the time. They charge 5 dollars for withdrawel so not at all worth it ever.

A huge disappointment & puts persons at risk while overseas :( Say all the right things & delivered

This company has failed there members & are unfit for purpose. Say all the right things & delivered NON
I did my research in 2016 and found this travelex card to be the best for my overseas trips to come up in 2017/2018. I had to travel 300km to my nearest travelex shop to pick up the card for security I had to prove who I was.. OK I did this as I believed it to be the best and easiest.. How wrong was I :(
First trip in 2017 to the UK.. Card would not work :o had to use my cash to pay accommodation. Phoned company up & thought it was sorted.. Used the card in an ATM to test it and yes it was working again so replaced my cash at least.. Went to use my card at one of my bookings again and NOPE not working so used my cash again :(.. I then had to sit on the phone again to sort it out but it was there error as computers were down or something travelex end was stuffed up:(.. Tried again a few days later and it worked again.. Then I went to use it again and nothing..
SO HIT AND MISS and unreliable..
I got home to Australia and had money in the account so knowing my next trip was to NZ I transferred the funds over.. Just under 12 months later I tried to get on the site to update my info before they charged me a fee & could not do a thing again :o.. Left it and forgot for a month or two but went back in and nothing again so phoned the company up.. Found out I had an older card :o ummm no one sent me a new one and the old cards didn't work the same.. Grrrr. Was given instruction to get into the account and found they had been taking $4 a month out & my funds had gone backwards.. I complained & still no mention of a new card so wanted to cancel.. Was told to use the efpos and spend the funds and then the account would go to $0 and end.. :o ummm.. I transferred the funds from NZ dollars back to Aust and spent them on a transaction so now there is minimum $ left.. I am over this card that is old and out dated but no one will update & honour.. With fees and exchange rates having to come back to Au$ It has cost me more than the visa transaction fees would have & if I had used my visa it would not have caused so much stress and time on the mobile at a $$$ in the UK.. Totally unforgivable company and hope they dont put more people at risk while so far from home.. I was lucky but for running out of call time and being stuck on the side of the road waiting for shuttle to arrive back.. Not a safe way for a single woman to travel away from home..

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Questions & Answers

Hi can I change my pass number ,as we have forgot it . Regards Leonard Davis
1 answer
No I do not believe it is possible to change your PIN. You will need to contact Travelex to resolve your issue

What happens if you still have Euro dollars on your card on return to Australia can you get your money back?
3 answers
You can withdraw any amounts back off your card into your bank account but you get a really crappy exchange rate. Better off withdrawing as much as you can before returning and changing it at a local currency placeThankyou appreciatedAs far as I understand, you can get your money back but only after very poor conversion rates to the local currency are applied. Also, if you do not use your card but you have money on it, they take out some fee for non-use and if you are not aware of this, you go to check your balance and it is much less than it used to be because of these fees being applied. It is definitely all one way (and not for the customer!).

I have just loaded money onto the card and am trying to get it back without using the card as I have just seen the reviews. Does anyone who has been through the system have any hints to avoid fees?
2 answers
If you have loaded foreign currency they will charge you to convert it back and we paid over $85 above the exchange rate conversion on just over $1000.00 SGD. It might work out cheaper to use the card, but we couldn't use our card so can't guarantee that.Travelex or Master card could have refunded back the sale, because the card did not work, customer can not use it when they needed to use it. this way the customer could have not loose money to exchange it back.


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