Trek 8.4 DS

Trek 8.4 DS

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Jury is still out

I was looking to replace my Giant mountain bike with something with a bit more roll and I get an extra 1-2km/h on a ride. It's a comfortable bike to ride with excellent brakes. Gears are a bit clunky, front suspension is a bit soft and I am also having trouble with rear wheel spokes. I have purchased a large size bike and weigh 96 kg and have popped out a second spoke today whilst riding up an incline. Have only had the bike for 5 months of regular riding so reliability is an issue.

Purchased in October 2018 for $599.00.

Misled by specifications

I bought a Trek because it was the only make I could find that would give a maximum rider weight that was suitable for me. I weighed just under the 136kg maximum weight and after only 2000km it started breaking rear wheel spokes. The dealer I bought it from reckons it was caused by sticks and would not be covered by warranty. In the end I had to have another wheel made up by another bike mechanic with a deep V rim and a greater number of stronger spokes at a cost of about 1/3 of the original price of the bike. He said that the original wheel was never going to be strong enough to carry my weight for a reasonable length of time.

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