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Triton MOF001

Triton MOF001

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Not worth the money

I use Triton tools, but this router was a disappointment. The machine broke down during a lengthy session of woodworking. The replacement cost was so high that it was cheaper to purchase a new router, which I did and couldn’t really see the difference in performance. I still love other Triton products, just not their router.

Date PurchasedMar 2015


Don't ever buy Triton tools as their piece of crap rubbish garbage they cut out on you and the company is not in Australia and you can't find any parts for it .if you do buy one put it in the bin if it doesn't work that's all it's good for

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Good features but unreliable

My router is 6 years old. I have had problems with the electronics. The speed sometimes varies, and it occasionally just gives up the ghost, half way through a session, and won't switch on. The switch is illuminated, but it won't fire up. Then, if I remove it from the table, jiggle it about and try it one last time before I bin the bloody thing, it'll fire up again - until the next time. I've only kept it because it works so well with the Triton Router Table, but I'm going to chuck the whole lot out next time this happens, and start again.

Date PurchasedOct 2011
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Something else worth noting.... The distributors of this product don't even bother to reply if you contact them about a problem with this router. I recommend you try a different brand (I also have a Makita 1/2" router that has been going strong for over 20 years, and a Pro Bosch that is also great (but heavy). The Triton is only worth considering, in my view, because of its compatibility with the Triton workbench.

Faulty product and pathetic warranty service

I bought myself an MOF001 because i wanted something that would work in a table and was light enough to use freehand. Initially i was very pleased. I particularly liked the above table adjustment and the micro adjust when working with a router table. The fun didn't last though. The router developed issues around the brushes within two months, heavy sparking and poor contact leading to speed control issues (the speed would fluctuate up and down unexpectedly). I changed the brushes with original items hoping that would solve the problem, it didn't. Keeping in mind that I mostly use this thing on pine with shallow, lightweight cuts.. it really shouldn't have any trouble doing that kind of work.

So I was left with no option but to take the thing into a service agent. It's now three weeks later and every time i call the agent they tell me the place they sent it to doesn't respond to calls or emails so I can't even get an update on what's going on with the thing. Extremely poor service in my opinion. Clearly this company doesn't care about it's customers once the cash has been handed over.

Furthermore before i contacted the service agent I emailed the stockist in Australia asking what options I had and they didn't even bother to respond to my email, pathetic really. I will be looking to other brands next time I expand my tool collection and I'll make sure others know about this too.

The POS Triton is knackered again. It only gets used once or twice a month, it's mounted in a table and it doesn't handle any really hard work so why it would give up the ghost again is beyond me....other than poor design or manufacturing...probably both. It's the same issue again, it won't keep a steady speed and you can see sparks from the brushes, the last time this happened the commutator/rotor had a dead winding or something...seems like the exact same thing again, same symptoms. Done with triton, DO NOT BUY. Going off to look for a decent brand now. Save yourself the pain and buy one of the traditional quality brands that you know and trust.
fine adjustment ability, relatively lightweight, comes with good accessory range and carry case
short lifespan, terrible warranty experience, soft start feature is a joke (it doesn't work)

Great features, poor reliability

The features of the Triton MOF router for table-mounted use are far above other similar products on the market, which is what attracted me to this router in the first place.

- being able to adjust the depth accurately, without the hindrance of a plunge spring, both above and below the table
- a switch that stays on in hands-free use as well as locks off during bit changing (very good safety featuer)
- one-wrench change of bits (no need to manually engage the spindle lock) as this is done automatically once the motor is plunged through the b ase
- variable speed is great too to stop burning of timber

- electrical unreliability
- height locking mechanism sometimes comes undone with vibration

However, within several years of use on both soft- and hard-woods, the motor started wirring. I checked the brushes, they still had plenty of life left in them, although an odd-shaped chamfer was left on the trailing edge, indicating possible problems with the motor. Then it just simply wouldn't turn on. The red light was lit, so power was being supplied to the unit, but it was not getting through to the motor. I've since discovered that part of the armature is not working. If I start the router in a specific angle range, it simply won't start. It's tolerable, but annoying. For the money I paid, I would expect more than just a few years of reliable service.

In summary, this unit is great for handyman / hobby use provided you don't intend to use it for more than a few years, but would not be reliable enough for production use.

Questions & Answers

will this router be able to be fitted into an early triton work station ie Mk 3? this will have a bearing on my purchase for a triton router [name removed] <macleod34@bigpond.com. thank you
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I'm not 100% sure but i think so. I would suggest posting your question to somewhere like woodworkforums.com.au as they have a dedicated section for triton and routers also, you will find people on there that own one or the other or both. Good Luck. If you are spending 300+ on a router i would suggest going with a Makita or Hitachi. My Triton is now starting to exhibit the same issues that i had fixed the first time, not going to bother fixing it again. I believe the Mk3 uses a universal plate mounting system for the router so you should be able to fit almost any make to it. If not then tables are easy to make from MDF if necessary

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