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Uncle Tobys Yoghurt Topps
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Like eating chaff, only worse tasting!

Horrible chemical taste, raw, uncooked texture to the oats stuck together with a sticky substance, portion size is getting small to the point of stupidity, not that I want another bite of this gross product.

Bring back the old yougurt tops

I had the new yogurt top bars and they taste horrible bring back the old ones there the best because you can actually taste the yogurt the old ones are to die for

Total failure

I have been eating these yogurt tops for years, now I tried the new ones and they are disgusting I'm so disappointed. Bring back the old yoghurt tops please

Bring back the old ones!!

They're nothing like the original ones, they don't deserve the yogurt top title. Can't taste the yoghurt on the new ones and only faintly the fruit flavour. The oats dominate the flavour and make it dry.

Go back to the old recipe!!

Uncle Tobys have ruined the Yoghurt topps with the new recipe. The are now dry, tasteless & fall apart making a big mess everywhere. Bring back the old ones...

Bring back yoghurt topps.

I loved the way my teeth would sink into the delicious honeycomb yoghurt.
Now when i bite it's not biting into it, rather it's just shoving the crumbling bar into my mouth at once to spare it from scattering all over the place.


I love there's as a diabetic I enjoy one Of these with a cup of tea full of whole grain and 100% Aussie Oats

So disappointed in the new yoghurt tops!

Why did they change them? The old ones tasted great and the whole family loved them. Now no one will eat them and they fall apart in your hand making a mess everywhere. Won't be buying uncle Toby's again unless they change back to the old recipe!

Disappointment Overload

This is insane and VERY disappointing! Kids used to eat a whole box in pretty much one afternoon, I used to eat them every morning at work! Taste like absolute crap now! Less yoghurt and they don't hold their shape. Won't be buying these ever again.


Original was better, new flavor is tolerable. Changes need to be made to make me want these again and for other people to want them again.

Massive disappointment

I want a museli bar, not a puffed rice bar. This thing is all air. Half the yoghurt than the old style. Hate it. Won't buy again.

Totally dissapointed

This was my favourite muesli bar, I would buy each week. The new recipe is terrible the texture isn't the same and you cannot even taste the yoghurt. Why would you change the recipe? To save money I suppose, very dissapointed, will not buy anymore.
Please bring back the old recipe!!!!!

New Recipe Awful

I loved the old recipe with the yoghurt top. You could actually taste the yoghurt and strawberry. Epic fail on Uncle Tobys - made a great product and turned it to waste!


I used to eat these everyday but the new flavour is disgusting! Please bring back the old recipe. They taste gross and there's barely any yoghurt.


I used to buy a box a week for my family, however the new recipe does not cut it. Epic fail Uncle Toby's!!! Search is on for a replacement.

Not a pleaseant evolution

Tasteless with a gluggy consistency, can not taste the yoghurt, not as nice as the previous ones. why did they change?

What the heck happened Uncle Toby's?

Whyyyyyyyy??? My FAVOURITE bars of all time - gone , replaced by tasteless, muck! I'm devestated, pllleeaasseee bring back the original yoghurt tops... Begging you! Wahhhhhhhhhhh

Yoghurt tops Bring these back

Your new bars are disgusting no taste I also have just chucked out 2 boxes my kids won't eat them you have really disappointed my kids

Where's the yoghurt

The new 'yoghurt tops' are so gross it feels like I'm eating a mouthful of plain muesli. They have no flavour, are hard to swallow and where the hell is the yoghurt? I've had a box of them sitting in my pantry for weeks. So bad I will never buy again

Disgusting after you changed them!

Really disappointed with the new bars that you have instead of the yoghurt tops... There is absolutely no flavour, no yoghurt, no anything... It's like eating straw or something! Please change the recipe back to how they used to be! Used to be a favourite, now I won't buy them ever again...

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