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Vibrofit 3D

Vibrofit 3D

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Fitness=Motivation=VibroFit 3D

It's not easy for me to get up at 4.30am, would much rather stay in a warm bed, however I have made a commitment to myself to Improve my Fitness and Lose some weight.
This machine is FABULOUS because it is so easy to use. Choose your Program, Pick up the Elastic Stretch Bands and off you go to a FAST WAKE UP. !0 minutes on this machine is all the motivation I need to get me going onto more exercise. I'm sure/know I would MISS many Morning Workouts if I did not have this machine.
Reinhardt S

Good low impact exercise

Combined with stretching movements, dumbell weights and music this machine offers a great gentle exercise workout for improving general circulation and overall flexibillty, hopefully also resulting in some general muscle toning and a little weight loss. Great quality solid machine, but requires some experimenting with the manual settings and like all these exercise machines a volume fader/mute option on the bipping noises when changing settings would be a great design improvement. Overall very happy, another great Froothie purchase!

time will tell

Excuses for my English, I am Dutch. Bought the machine 3 months ago and I use it twice per day. It's solide, easy to use and low on noise. I turn 50 this year, wanted to give myself a present for the future, working for home care I know the problems wich come with balance problems, bone loss etc. Secretly I also hoped it would do something for my figure. Result after 3 months: 15 cm off my waiste, 8 cm off my belly, 3 kilo's lighter, stronger/firmer legs as I ever had, same goes for my behind and lowerback pains are gone, but.... what I don't get: I am not stronger despite the muscles....

Such a Great Vibration Platform

I'm very happy with my Vibrofit 3D. The 3D function, not available on all vibration platforms, is essential to assist with bone density maintenance and the machine is quiet and easy to use, and is a manageable size. I did a fair bit of research before buying my Vibrofit 3D and I haven't been disappointed.

Exercising made easy especially with limited ability to walk far

While too early to see meaningful results in my balance my machine is easy to use and I know I am getting a workout because I am sweating! It is compact, solid and strong and as I have reduced mobility this is a great benefit. The guys at Froothie we’re just so helpful and so professional at the same time.I am elderly and they were very patient with me being a little anxious at the purchase and the right to return the product if not satisfactory gave me the confidence to try it, All in all I was very impressed.

Really nice addition to my home gym

Really happy with my choice of vibration trainer - as well as being easy to use, it looks classy to, unlike some of the other plasticy looking ones on the market.

Vibrofit 3D

I bought vibrofit 3D six month ago this is solid machine .easy to operate and good for blood circulation. I feel energetic after use this product.I am full satisfied with this product.

Great Service from Froothie

This is a solid machine. It's heavy and has a strong feel to it. Been using it for a week and loving it.
More importantly though was Froothie's excellent service. I'm always a bit cautious purchasing online for this sort of stuff for that sort of money but I didn't need to worry. Froothie responded to emails quickly and friendly. I managed to mess up my order (bought two of these - one as a present, one for me, and then changed my mind). Froothie had no hesitation and were very helpful in sorting it all out. They cancelling shipment of one and refunded promptly. Delivery was prompt and in the time promised. Nice work Froothie - that's how it's done! I'd buy from you again in a heartbeat.

Vibrio fit 3 d excellent

Found it very easy to operate. Helps with my injury and great for circulation. Feel stimulated after using it like I can go running for miles! Great overall product. Thank you!

Questions & Answers

I had gastric bypass June of 2917 will it be ok to use this machine?
2 answers
WOW, That's a Question for a Medical Practitioner. Regards.Hi Brenda! :) I advise you check with your doctor before using Vibrofit 3D, as it is not recommended to those with health issues! To know more about how Vibrofit works, you can head to https://www.froothie.com.au/how-do-vibration-plates-work Any other questions Brenda? My direct email is francois@froothie.com.au, the office phone number is 1300 309 900, any questions please just call or email us (or FB us, IG, Live chat… you can even mail us! We’re here to help :-) ) Francois N. General Manager of Froothie

Good afternoon, I am thinking of buying the 3D - will it help do muffin tops and belly area (my problem areas)? look forward to hearing from you
2 answers
Hello Bobby, On it's own it may be a long stretch, however it will help give you the required Exercise Motivation and Mindset to continue with other exercises specific to the area's you want to improve.. .Hi Bobby, the vibration technology in the Vibrofit 3D targets every single muscle group simultaneously, achieving the most effective workout in half the time. You will see amplified effects of your cardio or strengthening exercises on weight loss and muscle toning. Anything else I can help you with Bobby? My direct email is francois@froothie.com.au, the office phone number is 1300 309 900, any questions please just call or email us (or FB us, IG, Live chat… you can even mail us! We’re here to help :-) ) Francois N. General Manager of Froothie

Hi I am trying to decide if I can get this machine instead of the personal power plate. I have been attending physio pilates centre which has powerplate machines and it helps me with muscle cramps and flexibility in my legs before each session. I think I would benefit from a machine at home for excersise,, stretching and balance. How does this machine compare with the personal power plate? Would the Vibrofit 3D be a good alternative? thanks
2 answers
Would like to provide some advice but I am not familiar with a Power Plate.Hello Jen D, thank you for your interest in our products. The Vibrofit 3D plate is a great addition to any workout routine. It helps you maximise muscle contractions, it promotes healthy circulation, it tones, shapes and burns. As your muscles warm up, it allows you to achieve a better stretch. Please feel free to contact us directly at support@froothie.com.au and we can send you the manual or other useful information. We hope this helps :)


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