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Vibrofit One

Vibrofit One

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Delighted - recommend

Following from surgery to my knee, I put on weight as I was unable to walk or do other exercise. Since using Vibrofit One, I have lost 41kg! Amazing result. Strength is also returning to the injured knee, tho this will be a long-term project. Very impressed!

Just what I needed

I have restricted right hip movement and pain. Unable to exercise I thought I'd give this a go.
I have found it to help a lot. My movement is better and pain is reduced.
It is very easy to use and my balance has improved.
I don't use it on days when it feels like it is making the pain worse, but those days are now getting less.

easy to use

Bought it for my husband and myself to use. I found that it aggravated my back so i had to stop using it, but my husband finds it good to use.

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Hello Louise, My name is Francois, General Manager Froothie Australia. I wanted to thank you for being one of our thousands of Froothie global customers - we appreciate you chose Froothie and Optimum in your health and wellness journey. I am glad your husband has a good experience with our product, however I was saddened to hear that the product might have aggravated your back. As per the hundreds of online reviews globally, the aggravation you encountered is very uncommon for us, with no other similar cases reported by our international Customer Support representatives. As per our website, we always recommend seeking medical advice before using the appliance to make sure no preexisting condition could be affected – kindly make sure you get in touch with your physician to find out if the Vibrofit is suited for you. :) Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. You can contact me personally anytime at francois@froothie.com.au - your support and help are highly appreciated. Respectfully yours, Francois N,

Oh so easy !!

As sufferer of chronic rheumatoid arthritis i get amazing relief from my vibrofit 1. We looked at other options that were far more expensive but decided on this. Best purchase

Impressed and recommended

I suffer from labral tears in my left hip and arthritis that severely restricted movement and I was headed to a hip replacement. Quality natural joint medication reduced the inflamation and pain and the Vibrofit allowed me stretch out and exercise the hip. I am now able to walk for exercise and bowl again. Very happy and highly recommend

I highly recommend the Vibrofit, my partner is now using it and we have both lost weight. My sister-

I feel the vibrofit does work, using it 10 minutes daily, I also think you need to adjust your diet and size of meals, it met my expectations. It's very easy to use.

Quick and easy

The vibrations are great for post-exercise soreness and getting the lymphatic system working a bit better. It is definitely better than the ones advertised on TV so I would recommend this product if you're in the market.

New relief

I suffer from arthritis in one knee and blocked arteries from my smoking days.Since using the Vidrofit one 10 mins a day I no longer take any medication for either of these problems I highly recommend this machine

Can you use this if you have a pace maker

Can you use this if you have a pace maker my father has one he he would like to use it I love my platform I use mine everyday thanks

Fantastic quick, easy

I have noticed a difference in using the machine...my left leg use to ache, especially after going the gym...vibrofit has helped relieve my aches and I sleep sound at night now.quick easy to use...

Great product,very good construction,made to last.

Very impressed.Have lost 2Kgs and lost inches off my hips in just 5 weeks.I use the machine twice a day with the ropes @10 min. a time AM and PM and I feel much better all round.By the way I,m in my mid .seventies.

Perfect warm up.

I am very happy with my Vibrofit. My great passion is cycling and I bought the Vibrofit to use before and after a long ride. The "before" session warms up my leg muscles and gets me going quicker without the usual muscle pain I've been experiencing in the first 5 or 6 klm. The "after" session helps soothe my tired muscles and flush out any lactic acid build up. The good thing about it is I can use it daily and keep in tone when the weather is not good for getting out on my bike.

Extremely Impressed :)

No words can describe how a small machine like this can do wonders. I am mid 30s work full time and simply don't have the time to head to the gym. Just 10 minutes a day I'm already starting to feel and see results. If health and fitness is important to you, I personally am a PROUD owner and would HIGHLY recommend this product to my friends and family as it is a worth while investment :)

Ecstatically Happy with my Vibrofit

Easy to use - Quick results - Happy with personal progress - Would be happy to recommend to family friends and the general public - competitively priced and considered affordable

it kinda makes to dance you to loose weight

really love the way it works, i feel so many muscle contractions while using it. In about 2 weeks while using it I have lost about 2 kgs and thats without changing anything about my diet. loved it.

Best product I have treated myself 2.

I work just for legs at first.for circulation.then at 4 mins left I stand and do full body workout.Really pleased with results.wouldn't part with it. actually purchased one for my son and reccomemding everyone I can to get one for themselves,sp impressed


I've been to see my diatission who seems to think along the same lines as I do, when it's hard to get out and exercise due to the heat/rain then this machine comes in handy, it's great for circulation and yes you'll put on muscle mass faster than loosing fat, muscle mass weighs more so it appears that your not loosing any weight but more gaining weight, persistance I've found is the key, and even though they say that you only need to use it once a day? I use mine a half hour after each meal, plus whilst sitting and watching TV. If your like me and have a bad back that plays up from time to time, I still sit and use the machine, surely something is better than nothing!

keeping more agile

Being an RFS volunteer I need to keep fit and agile.I am 66 the average age of our brigade and over the past month I've notice more flexibility and combined with regular walking and bike riding my work on the foreground is less fatiguing.No I havnt lost weight but feel stronger and not so tired.I use it twice a day with the resistance ropes which helps with balance when doing squats another bid improvement to my mobility. Recommended.

Helpful for rehabilitation

I have had a full hip replacement and I am finding that sessions on the Vibrofit are quite beneficial to my recovery. My only complaint is that the volume of the announcement that the machine makes when you switch it on and also the beeps are way too loud! Means that I can't use it when other people are asleep. Is there a way to turn the volume down? I can't see anything.

Elderly couple pleased ...

My wife and I began using the V1 approximately three months ago. Both in our 70s. We both believe we have experienced increased core strength. And to present have enjoyed walking farther and with greater comfort.

This, although we both have been very gradual in our use of the machine. We use it for 10 minutes with more serious effort about every other day (although nothing like the full exercises seen on the website) ... and just stand on it at low speeds for 10 minutes on other days. (Recovering. Ha.)

Neither of us have reduced weight but feel this machine has been beneficial for our health. Certainly my legs are stronger.

We are very happy with the purchase. Look forward to using it everyday ... and enjoy the challenge of increasing our usage gradually.

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Questions & Answers

Hi is there anyway to turn the start up beep off? I want to use my machine early in the morning but the beep from start up and changing speeds etc wakes my children. Thanks
1 answer
Hi Leisa, better late than never :) It depends which version you have because for some you can switch off the sound completely, for others not. However, you can control the volume.

I just purchase a vibrofit.. i just wish there is an Vibrofit Apps that u can follow and connected to your cellphone..is it existed?
1 answer
Hi Vhing! The Vibrofit One does not come with an app, however you can find our Vibrofit Online Training Classes by heading to https://www.froothie.com.au/vibrofit-online-training-classes. Anything else I can help you with Vhing? My direct email is francois@froothie.com.au, the office phone number is 1300 309 900, any questions please just call or email us (or FB us, IG, Live chat… you can even mail us! We’re here to help :-) ) Francois N. General Manager of Froothie

my machine gives an error -5 what should I do?
2 answers
Hello Julio, thank you for your message. Please contact our technical team directly using this link http://www.froothieinternational.com/warranty.php and they will be able to personally assist you. We hope this helps :)Hi Julio, can't answer your question but I found their support extremely good. My unit broke down and under warranty I returned the unit at their cost and the motor and main PCB (electronic board ) were replaced without question. I had to package it for return which is not easy without the original packaging so suggest everyone keep it. Cheers John


Vibrofit One
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