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Virbac Megaderm

Virbac Megaderm

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Our Collie had been suffering with a grass allergy for years. His paw pads would turn from black to pink and anything that contacted grass would turn bright pink.

After being on cirtisone tablets which was a bandaid and made his fur all dry and having a raging hunger as side effect his skin has all but cleared up..! His stomach is turning it's natural black and pads black once again. I'm hoping there's nothing too bad in it because if it's too good to be true it usually is but he is the best and healthiest his ever been so all I can say is it's fantastic.

EDIT: I also note that the pads on his elbows from lying on concrete alot which are normally rough and sometimes enflamed are smooth now. Really great stuff. I've since Googled all ingredients in Megaderm and all seem fine, though a couple are controversial about causing skin cancer in humans.. The tradeoff is probably more beneficial than dangerous though I'd think at this point in time.

Good nutritional support

My white cat suffers from mild skin allergies, she has a general extra pinkness around her eyes and in particular a few of her pink pads were inflamed. After many months of megaderm it was obvious that her general flushed appearance had settled down and she was scratching less. My cat is so much happier and back to her normal self. This product is worth trying if your pet suffers general itchiness and is uncomfortable. I mix it with small doses of gravy each day and my cat enjoys it. My vet wanted to use steroids and I didn't, this product is a good option. I would recommend this product for nutrional support in cats.

Surprised at how effective

My border collie was scratching all the time and no fleas or disable problems. Used one bottle of this stuff over last few weeks and scratching has stopped. Wish was bit cheaper but will continue with it. Wondering if cod liver oil may be as good and also cheap.

miracle oil

My dog was going bald and not responding to thyroid medicine prescribed by a previous vet. Our new vet gave us this with very little assurance it would work. Worth a try, right? Within two weeks noticeable growth, three months later almost a full fluff miracle. Took the dog back to show the vet, he's much more confident to recommend mega derm based on our experience. Better than hormone or steroid medicine, why not try it.
inexpensive, natural, effective


3 years of cortisone antibiotics and every shampoo available malaseb etc completely healed entire body first time since a pup australian cattle dog
easy cheap definitely works


Why is it in 8 ml sachets now when i used the bottle 1 litre the dose was measured at 5 ml and worked great now i have to use more can this causee a problem of overdosing?? thanks
It works great ....
why is it in 8 ml sachets now when i used the bottle 1 litre the dose was measured at 5 ml and worked great now i have to use more can this be a problem of overdosing??


I used megaderm on my very itchy, red and irritated dog, and it cleared his skin up within a couple of weeks. I had a much happier, healthier dog. And although it is quite expensive to buy, it's much healthier than his previous regime of cortisone courses, and the bottle lasts for a realy long time.
Works a treat

Questions & Answers

What is the best way to give your dog megaderm. I am finding it really difficult to give my dog the 7ml a day he requires. I am currently using a syringe but half of it gets spat out and all over his coat??
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I mixed it into their food.I also dripped it onto my dogs foodIn food

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