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Sashas Blend

Sashas Blend

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this is my 4th jar and the improvement from my dog is amazing. Still has a limp but he is so frisky it’s great. He’s 54 kg and eight years old, and now he jumps almost on my shoulders. Actually he runs upto me, full tilt, jumps,almost knocking me over and runs for his life. He hasn’t done that in about 3 years

My dogs love it.

My English Staffordshire Terrier has an abraded cruciate ligament. On reading the reviews on the taste I was not looking forward to getting her to have it. She absolutely loves the taste and always wants more than her daily dose. The vet is very happy with her legs healing and hopefully we will get out of this without an operation.

My Dog is Happy Again

I have a large breed dog who is approx 11 years old. He could hardly walk and was very wobbly on his back legs, and would often fall over. He has been on Sashas Blend for just over a week and he is acting like a happy little puppy again. He is walking so good and just loves the Sashas Blend on his food. He is now a very happy dog... I can't believe it.

It smells so bad

I found the product to be very expensive and the smell so bad that the dogs would not touch it . I feel that if this product has such a good reputation then perhaps you should offer a sample of the product before people buy it and waist there money .

Doesn't work

We've been through the biggest pack that you can get AND its not cheap AND NOTHING.. NO CHANGE ZIP..So VERY DISAPPOINTING. Now trying Glyde chews

Waste of money

What rubbish! Did nothing. Once you break down what's in it, it only has an anti inflamitory effect. And it has shark in it! Switched to Glyde chews. Amazing product!

Allergic to the blend

My dog unfortunately has always had a sensitive stomach and on introducing him to Sashas blend reacted with gastroenteritis HGE, maybe coincidence, but we are now looking for other solutions to ease his joints.
He had been taking it for approx 10 days, he is a Labrador so the smell of the blend did not deter him from eating his food.

i highly recomend Sashas blend for any leg ailments.

my staffie who is approx 5yrs has had ligament trouble,so i went on the computer to find what i could do besides operating.Thats when i came across Sashes blend ,so i tried it.She would not take it in her food no matter what i tried.HUH who said animals are dumd.So now i use fillable gelatine capsules and now i have no trouble at all.

Follow up review

My ancient Lab/Kelpie cross has been on Sashas Blend for three weeks and I did not expect miracles due to her age (over 15). She is more mobile and seems brighter which suggests some pain relief. I would recommend this product to all dog owners for middle and old-aged dogs.

A good way to get all natural anti arthritic ingredients into your dog's diet

We had been looking around for a supplement to assist with our older dog's increasingly achy joints. The ingredients here are basically various types of mussel and shellfish, and cartilage. All of which contain elements like chondroitin which are supposed to help with joint health.

We've tried it now for a few months and it seems to have improved mobility significantly, which I assume also means there should be less pain.

The only thing is we feed our dogs dry food so they don't always eat all the powder. Not sure if there is an easy solution to that.

Great Improvement.

I started giving the Flexi Chews to my 10/half year old Staffy after each of his hind leg tendon repair operations, & have seen a great improvement in his walking & general mobility.......Can highly recommend them.....

You have to get your dogs to try it.

It was cruel watching my god walk, my vet recommended Sashas Blend, and I highly highly recommend it. Nefer (my dog) was getting injections for her arthritis, but now she is so much better. It is amazing. I usually mix it up with meat (chicken) and she will eat it. You have to give it to the dog each day - as I noticed one week, she didn't eat it for 2 days and her limp came back again. Definitely worth it.

Amazed at the results

My almost 10 year old male boxer was struggling with arthritis and after countless vet visits we decided to give Sashas blend a go.. Within a week we started to notice he wasnt struggling to get up and walk around.. There were times it would take roughly 20 minutes to walk the block(usually only a 5 minute walk) so going from the struggling around the block to now going for he's usual 30 to 40 minute walk he seems to be getting through it like he did before the arthritis . Highly recommended

This Stuff Is MAGICAL!!!

If I could have given a 100 star rating I would have - this stuff is truly magical.

To give a bit of background - Winnie is a 12 year old Shepherd cross who at 9 years old was diagnosed with heartworm (although I had taken all necessary precautions) and the results after the treatment were devastating. Winnie pre heartworm was like a 5 year old dog full of energy, spunk and spark - after going through the treatments I was left with an overweight lethargic dog who due to the weight gain from the heartworm treatments now was showing signs of crutiate legimate due to the 10 pounds of extra weight she had put on from the horrible treatments and lack of physical activity which had to be severely restricted during that time period.

In desperation I changed her food to what I thought was a high quality food and upped her physical activity and found to my dismay that not only was she continuing to put on even more weight (as I found out later from the new and so called improved dog food) but also making her crutiate even worse. My vet recommended glucosamine which helped a bit but only slightly.

Now in a panic I switched vets and the new vet signed us up for treatments with a specialist (a combo of massage, swimming, special exercise and laser therapy), recommended a better dog food (Acana) and most importantly Sashas Blend. I started off with the therapy and the new dog food and did notice a bit of a difference, she lost the weight and was a bit perkier, but still did not have my old Winnie back - I figured age was finally catching up to her and the destruction done by the heartworm treatments was irreversible. I was finally convinced to give the Sashas Blend a try - it is a choice that I'll never regret.

Fast track to 6 months later - I now have an almost 12 year old dog that looks and acts (once again) like a 5 year old puppy!!! She is slim, trim, has a shiny coat with endless amounts of energy and no longer do I have to monitor how much exercise she gets (before I had to be so careful as if we overdid it she'd be limping for days) and it's all thanks to Sasha's Blend. Most importantly she constantly has a big smile on her face which is in direct contrast to just a mere 6 months ago when she was so sad and depressed.

A direct example is just this past weekend - I am lucky enough that my mother has a beach house located on a large property with her own private beach. For many years Winnie has enjoyed being able to run around off leash and spend countless hours of swimming fun in a lake right in the backyard. Last summer she would spark up a bit and for a short time be back to almost her normal self and although I restricted her activity after a weekend of ;limited fun she would be limping for days after, had to be carried up the stairs and would be entirely tuckered out to the point where she had to be roused to go out for a short walk for days after. Well, we went this weekend and after only 6 months of being on Sashas Blend it was like day and night. She spent the entire weekend running around and swimming unrestricted (I'm talking 8 hours each day of solid swimming and running) and just got back late last night. Well this morning she roused me for a long walk, had another long walk this afternoon and is now bugging me for yet another walk - no signs whatsoever of limping or lethargy. I can't believe this the same dog, It's like magic.

Even after reading all of the reviews I was sceptical and thought "yeah right", another scam - maybe it will do "some" good but no where close to the reviews I'm reading. Well let me tell you that to my disbelief and amazement this stuff actually has surpassed everything I've read and yes, it actually works. My only regret is that I didn't start Winnie on it sooner as we could have saved 1.5 years of misery if I had. It breaks my heart to think of how much pain she must have been in prior to my giving het Sashas Blend and the living proof that this stuff actually does work is bouncing on front of me right now.

I simply give her a teaspoon every morning - put it in a slice of luncheon meat (I find Buddens works the best as it's super thin and flexible) and pop it in her waiting and open mouth (she looks at it as her morning treat) and that's it. Super easy and well worth every cent. If you dog is suffering from any kind of joint pain don't hesitate to give Sashas Blend a try - I can't recommend it highly enough.
Everything - absolutely amazing and all the reviews are absolutely true
Is expensive but found buying it online at Canadavet.com is more affordable - the powder can be messy but also found using a slice of Buddin's luncheon meat makes it easy to dispense

Has improved my dogs health

my staffy could bearly walk has improved over 2 weeks vet said nerv damage he's 8yrs old only spinal surgery was an option sasha's blend and fresh meat and good quality dry food has improved noticeably saha's blend is worth a go !


Helps my old dog, he is far better on it, doesnt mind the taste at all
i tried stopping and he got sore but then it worked again
I think it made a big difference to him and he is much better when he is taking it.

Great results, might try it myself:)

We put our 9 year old lab, Rosie, on it at Easter and the results have been great. She's way friskier (almost a pup again) and is really enjoying her morning walks. No problems with the taste or smell but then she's a Lab so anything is food isn't it? A bit pricey buying locally so unfortunately the second container will be bought on the net.
Seems to be very effective in loosening stiff joints.


I bought this product for my 9 year old Doberman who has arthritis, and unfortunately due to the strong smell, she absolutely refuses to touch her food, even though she is hungry. None of my other Dobermans like the smell either and they won't even eat her food even though they can be little oiggies at feed time.

fishy, strong smell that my Dobermans in particular, find unappealing.

Put the correct amount of powder into caps and place on the back of the dogs tongue and hold the mouth closed. Then gently massage the throat so the dog will swallow.Thank you Woofer. Sadly by 24th October, my precious Girl was already dead following an abdominal torsion. Somehow the flavour/smell of the Sachas blend has paled into the background, but excellent idea, thank you very much.

What a difference!

My 13 year old dalmatian has arthritis in her hips and has been having injections at the vet's every 6 months and taking anti-inflammatory medication with only minimal improvement. After being on Sasha's Blend for a month, she has made a marked improvement and hasn't needed any medication since I started her on it. I'm very happy with the product and will continue to use it until she goes to that big doggy park in the sky.
Fast improvement.
Rather pricey.


I can't speak more highly enough of sasha's blend because without it i think our dog would have had to be put down a long time ago.
We bought the product to ease the effects of arthritis on our 13 year old german sheppard, we were asstounded as to how quickly the product worked, within 3 weeks of using it our dogs swollen toe joints and mildly stiff hips were eased. Comes with easy measure spoon. Our dogs love the fishy smell/taste that it has and it is useful for sprinkling over tablets like heart worm or proban (tick medication).
The only dislike i have is that you have to dig your finger in the powder upon opening the new pack to get the spoon out.

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I have a 10yrold MastiffxDane who had become very stiff & sore, she would not even let me touch her paw & shoulder. Numerous vet visits, needles & medications did nothing for her & I stumbled upon Sashas Blend. Within 1 week she had noticably improved. I am almost at the end of her first tub of Sashas & have ordered another. She now runs around with my younger dog & shows no more signs of lameness.

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If the blend goes past use by date can I still use it???
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My bullmass is 130 pounds should we give her the sashas flex all at once or split half in am half at dinner? We are new at this . thank you
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Hi tammy . I didnt have much success getting my small pomeranian to take sashas blend it smells terable so couldnt blame him . I had tried the paws osteocare its in a chewable tablet form better tolerated and if they are fussy at meal time it can easily be crushed up and disolved in hot water before pouring over the meal once a day .If your dog will take sashes blend half in the morning and half at night would give hime a better slow release for hes pain .my pomeranian has very bad arthritis in both hips and he is now back to running and playing . Best of luck tammy hope i was able to helpin some way.

I cant get my fussy dog to have hes sashas blend i have tried to hide it in different types of food but no luck . Can i mix with water or yogurt and give in an eye dropper
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I couldn't say, as I always only ever bought the Flexi Chews which are like little treats & my Staffy loved them......


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