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Mavlab Nature’s Answer Powder

Latest review: My girl is 8 years old and had arthritis setting in. After taking the Pernaease powder daily for about 6 to 8 weeks, she is now running around like a puppy! I did find Budget Pet Products selling

Sashas Blend

Latest review: this is my 4th jar and the improvement from my dog is amazing. Still has a limp but he is so frisky it’s great. He’s 54 kg and eight years old, and now he jumps almost on my shoulders. Actually he ru

Vetalogica Canine Tranquil Formula

Latest review: This product has helped my dog wonderfully as she was attacked years ago by a dog and as she is a competition dog, its helped keep her calm around dogs when out and at around competition areas. I

Troy Behave

Latest review: Have used 'Behave Paste' for at least the last 6 yrs. I follow the instructions. All years my horses have hardly worried with fireworks bangs, hissing, light explosions etc. I also turn radio on

Salpet Tasmanian Salmon Oil

Latest review: Have been feeding the SALPET every morning and evening, and it is great. First of all, our girl Andy, had some digestive issues, and she always had some oral odor issues due to this. After giving

Value Plus Omega 3 & 6 plus 9

Latest review: An easy to use liquid, which easily mixes with food. My dogs dont even notice its there. Improves coats dramatically. And of course it is alot more affordable then other brands. A more affordable

Vet's All Naturals Omega Blend

Latest review: A great idea, helps with a shiny and healthy coat and my dogs just seem alot happier for it. Easy to use, just mix with their food. Seriously a great idea. You see a huge improvment on the animals

Virbac Megaderm

Latest review: Our Collie had been suffering with a grass allergy for years. His paw pads would turn from black to pink and anything that contacted grass would turn bright pink. After being on cirtisone tablets

PAW Osteosupport Joint Care Powder for Cats

Latest review: My poor old cat had been limpng quite badly and was finding it hard to get up the steps so i decided to try him on PAW Osteosupprt, at first i was unsure whether he was improving or not but after

Exelpet Arthri-Care

Latest review: I find this product with the Green-Lipped Mussel most definitely helps my two old Staffy's with their mobility. They are able to get up and down easier, climb stairs and starting to have fun again.

Troy PlaqueOff for Cats and Dogs

Latest review: I have been using Plaque Off for my 2 German Shepherds for 5 years because it works so well. My Vet gave me a bottle & asked me to give her a review. It started to work


Latest review: After adverse reaction [pain, loss of weight/appetite, nausea, inability to walk] to Bravecto Tick Treatment liver damage was confirmed, we treated with Denamarin despite Vet. Blue-coating aids

Rufus & Coco Vitality Plus