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Vittoria Oro (Gold)

Vittoria Oro (Gold)

4.7 from 12 reviews

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Vittoria oro is my favourite by a long shot and yes I am a coffee snob. There is no better balance of coffee flavour than a cup of oro.best made in my espresso or percolator. As a matter of fact, slightly better in a percolator. Beautiful stuff.

Purchased for $11.00.

Excellent cup, if made the right way!

I must say after having Vittoria coffee so many times, I have had too many bad ones. I have realised that it’s not the coffee, it’s the people who make it are not getting it right. Today Iam enjoying a cup of oro at my local who just switched to this bean. Wow!!!! It’s amazing and I agree with some other reviews on here who say it’s mild with a full flavour, hardly bitter. Well done vittoria!

Can't survive without our Vittoria Oro Coffee Beans

Recently Coles & Woolworths have stopped stocking our favorite coffee beans [Vittoria Oro]. We have been able to track them down at My Coffee Shop in Glen Iris [Melbourne]. These coffee beans make a fabulous creamy, cafe style coffee. It is well worth the drive to stock up on these beans. A mild full bodied coffee with no bitter after taste.

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They are also available at a coffee shop inside Woolworths/Spotlight, South Melbourne.

Oro Vittoria

As pod coffee goes, this is the best I have tried.
Of course, its hard to beat Campos coffee from our local Wisteria Cafe in Leura : )

the best pod coffee

I have tried loads of pods but they almost always fell short of a pro coffee. Until now. The ORO pod beats many coffees I have paid $3.50 for

Perfect! plunger or espresso machine

I have been drinking this coffee for years. Plunger or through my espresso coffee machine. Smooth, nice crema, nice aroma. Not too strong. I love buying 1kg on sale at Woolies for $20-$25. Great Coffee!

Very disappointing product

I purchased once and will never purchase this product again.
I thought I would give these a go given the reviews on the site however the beans tasted horrible and had lack of any real flavour, there are definitely much better alternatives on the market.
I recommend staying away from this product and other products in their brand.

Great store bought coffee - always fresh as a daisy! Good crema!

I have a couple of coffee shops in Perth and I use the Vittoria Oro pro blend, but I am definitely of the opinion that this is as good as the commercial grind. I have used this at home in a Giotto semi-commercial machine which I would usually use a fairly fine grind in, and I have always been about to extract a good crema.

Full flavour coffee

i prefer the beans and freshly ground, but the pre-ground coffee is just as good if you keep it sealed. Delicious, strong coffee experience, with a smooth almost creamy effect in the mouth. You can taste the roasted flavour, without any bitterness, and no over roasted burnt effect. This is such a nice full flavour that I can enjoy it without any milk or sugar, but it works equally well in a cappuccino.

The best store bought option

I have tried many brands and this one is definitely in the top few options. Its reasonably strong without being bitter or overwhelming. My local supermarket has 2x 1 Kilo bags on special for $40.00 every now and then and I stock up when these deals come up. Other than Toby's Estate making up a blend for you, this is the best option.
The price is generally a bit higher than other brands but I would rather enjoy a product to the last bean than be wishing the bag would end as I have when trying some other brands.
Best taste and flavor.
Tiny bit more expensive than other options (but worth it)

Best coffee beans on the supermarket shelves

As far what you can buy in supermarkets, these beans are the best I've tasted. That opinion is from tasting over 40 brands and their various blends. I'm always grabbing anything new I see on the shelf to try out. But so far none surpass this blend. It has a step up wow factor when you switch from another bean. It isn't cheap and rarely is it on special. But when it is on special I stock up like a squirrel before winter. It's very interesting how much gap there is between some blends. One blend might take three shots of espresso to get the same level of flavour as one shot of another blend. I own a Jura fully auto coffee machine.
Smooth taste, perfect aroma, very additive.
Price, but would you really buy something cheaper to drink disappointment?


Definitely a good bean at the right price!
Suits most tastes, strong but without the bitterness, all rounded bean.
I am hooked!
I Rate this product, full bodied bean, creamy without being too tart.
I use it in my san marino "lisa" plumbed single group head commercial manual coffee machine and love it - pours perfectly every time. I buy the beans and grind prior to each coffee. It is also the right price $28-32 per 1kg bag.
Definitely a try if for the home coffee connoisseur!
Some supermarkets/deli's charge too much (over $35), shop around and get it for the right price!

Questions & Answers

Where in Adelaide are the retailers who stock Vittoria ?
4 answers
I live in NSW so no idea. However its a very common brand that most supermarkets stockI get mine at major supermarkets. And if you can wait a week or two, the stores usually have a 2for 1 or half price special.Thanks for your help. Maybe the neighbour who asked me to locate the retailers should open her eyes a bit more.

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