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Wahl Traditional Barbers Safety Razor

Wahl Traditional Barbers Safety Razor

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A possible alternative to those pricey disposable blades

I have always had difficulty shaving since I started around age 14 - I am now 44. I either miss bits, or get skin irritation, or razor bumps. In the past I have found electric razors provide the least problems, but it's a compromise between closeness and convenience. I'm trying the single blade traditional shave because the information I've found says its better for my skin, and cheaper than disposable blades. So far it's slightly scary, the blades are very sharp, and my skin still burns, despite using a sensitive skin shaving cream. I'm taking my time. I expect if I was in a rush in the morning I'd probably cut myself more, whereas electric shavers reduce this risk substantially. The under nose area is tricky, and I haven't managed a close shave yet in that area. Frankly I'm considering doing what a lot of men do, not shave at all, save money, and no skin irritation. Maybe just a short stubble which I can keep tidy with my adjustable beard trimmer. Also, most creams either smell bad, or dry out my skin. I've tried shaving oils, which tend to work better, plus you can see where you've shaved more easily, and there's less mess.
The old school blades do result in a much closer shave, but they also remove a few layers of skin, so it's a compromise between closeness and comfort.

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