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Waterfords Flavoured Natural Mineral Water

Waterfords Flavoured Natural Mineral Water

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Change of taste. Really disappointing!


I used to buy Waterfords flavoured natural mineral water all the time but since they have changed the shape of the bottle the taste has changed beyond recognition. In fact I have been throwing most of it away. Maybe they have tried to make this product healthier I don’t know but it is nothing at all like the original. What a shame as I always purchased Waterfords over other soft drinks. I miss it especially the Apple Berry flavoured one.


RoxyMGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Packed with artificial sweeteners


I bought the Lemon Lime & Bitters today. It tastes good, but is full of artificial sweeteners. 950 Acesulphame Potassium, 952 Cyclamate, and 955 Sucralose. Not good. Won’t buy again.

Nice surprise


I brought the lemon lime and bitters and also a bottle of orange and passionfruit for the bottle (making sensory bottles for kids) and was quite surprised they were quite delicious. We tried the apple and berry one but it tasted like dish soap to us xD. Good to know there are bigger bottles available will look out for these.

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Waterfords Diet or sugar Flavoured Mineral Water


I wrote to Waterfords about the reduced bottle size and same price and they very helpfully directed me to Coles or IGA to buy the old style 1.25L version. Apparently it is only Woolworths who have ordered the "designer-style" 1L bottle which is tasteless as well. Go to Coles or IGA stores - easy and enjoy your Diet Mineral Water. I but Lemon, Lime and Bitters my favourite.


CatleafGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

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What a shocker


Bought this product from Woolworths thinking the flavour would be absolutely lovely and this is the first time buying this product. Was I so wrong. It's got the yukkiest taste ended up adding lemon cordial to it to not waste it. Got the other flavour in the cupboard but it can sit there till I am up for the challenge. Never again.



Bottle size has been reduced 1/4 litre from 1-25 to 1 liter for same price as the old bottle. Loved my bitter lime and lemon and apple berry. Bought my last bottle.

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Waterfords apple berry


Why change something that was a good product. I wont be buying this new formula tastes shocking. Apple berry was my favourite drink and haven't bought anything else for years. Now i have to find something else.

This new bottle and water are terrible


Purchase 1 bottle of the new product at woolies paid $1.80 for the lt what a rip off ,then we tried it. And it was absolutely rubbish taste nothing like the old product we used to buy 6-8 bottles per week but will now find an alternative from another company



Very disappointed in new bottle Mineral Diet water smaller size, bottle falls over in fridge door. Tastes nothing like the original. Cost's more and I won't be buying it again. I bought up to 5 bottles a week but not any more. JJ

New bottle smaller size ..rip offs


I am so sad to see Waterfoods have changed their bottle and downsized to 1litre instead of the usual 1.25 litre....this happens a lot buyers be ware. Price is the same!!!!!!!!

Trevor K


Hard to get from supermarkets


It is getting hard to purchase Waterfords drinks from COLES and even Woolworth. Especially as far as variety goes. Does anyone know how to purchase on-line or directly from the supplier?



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refreshing drink!


The bottle and colour itself is very aesthetic but the drink itself is amazing, it's very fruity and refreshing and great for summer. Apple berry and peach are the best ones in my opinion and are all very thirst quenching.


RonGlen Innes, New South Wales

very nice


very nice, love the taste, very refreshing for a low joule fruit drink and extremely affordable - well done, the Apple berry is my favourite. Being Australian owned and made is a big bonus, well done and keep up the good work, supporting Aussie made stuff is what we should do.
low joule fruit drinks normally have a bland taste but your drinks are taste and refreshing
I have not seen these drinks in smaller bottles such as a 500ml or 600ml bottles - are there any?


simm_meevic, 3020

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a great fresh thrist relieving drink that i would definately recommend others to try. is low in sugar content and is great for anyone who is on a diet...
a great healthy option fizzy drink that comes in a variety of flavours. i dont like the portello but do enjoy the apple berry. isnt too fizzy and is best served chilled. you will find this drink will take your thrist away without you feeling guilty for drinking it. not too gassy as other soft drinks on the market
not all supermarkets stock this and have limited variety available. doesnt come in smaller sized drinks for having when out


I find the codes unhelepful at the checkout. I would like to lable to show cyclamates,acesulpama sucralose nnumberr



Theses drinks are great worth the money and all the family enjoys them.
They are great on a hot day for the thirst quenching effect
I wish you could buy the peach one and in the drinks in cans that would be great.
My children would love them for school
Thanks waterfords


SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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I used to buy the smallest bottle of this mineral water to carry it in my bag and it was so convenient. This mineral water is great tasting and really refreshing to drink. I buy the diet apple berry and its really very light in flavour, but still tastes great. I also love the light pink colour, so this drink has everything in it. I like to store this in the fridge so that I can have something cool and refreshing to drink. Overall, this is a low priced, yet great tasting mineral water which I cannot complain about at all.
This mineral water looks and tastes great and its low priced too.
I wish they made this in more flavours, that would be great!



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If you don't feel like water on a scorcher of a day, this will truely quench your thirst. Waterfords Flavoured Natural Mineral Water is truely refreshing and with so many different flavours, your bound to like at least one of them. I'd recommend trying them all, but especially the Lemon Lime & Bitters and the Blood Orange- they're both delicious. They're all diet, so they're great if you have any diabetics in the family.
The price is great and it's an alternative for diabetics, won't rot your teeth as much as other sugary soft drinks.
They're not as easy to find in shops as Coke and Lemonade.



This is the first range of diet drinks with a pleasant clean taste and none of that artificial sweetener aftertaste. Wtaerfords beats all other "diet" softdrinks claiming to have it right. Sure beats the Coke and Pepsi products hands down!
Truly thirst quenching
Natural taste
No aftertaste of artificail sweetener - at all!

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I would like to know if Waterford’s lite and fruity has aspartame in it?

No answers



We like the Waterfords drinks very much, but now our local Woolworths isn't stocking it or at Coles! Very frustrating, we really would like to know where we can purchase the bottles of drinks - of varying flavours? Thankyou
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Trevor K
Trevor K

Have you tried contacting the supplier and buying a few boxes at a time.

Tru Blu Beverages Head Office 43 Mons Street, Condell Park NSW 2200 Australia
Contract Packing Freecall 1800 289 135

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