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Well Naturally Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars

Well Naturally Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars

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-BananaBot-Sydney Surrounds, NSW



I just tried the peppermint crisp dark chocolate & it was SO good. If you're on a sugar free diet I mean this let's you have your cake & eat it. My only complaint is WHY do healthier options have to be SO much more expensive than bad ones? This was on sale for $3 for 100g down from like $5 or more which is ridiculous. No wonder so many people are unhealthy coz crap diet = cheaper.

Purchased in January 2020 at Woolworths for $3.00.

Carina D.

Carina D.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Ripped off


This wasn't the product I brought from Well Naturally. I brought the choc fudge bars for $12 for a box of 5. I thought this was reasonable but when I opened it at home the bars were so small compared to the box that you could fit at least 15 bars in it. It was way over packaged and very deceptive. I feel very ripped off.

Purchased in May 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $12.00.

Great tasting dark chocolate


The taste is smooth and cocoa-y. Very pleasant and not too sweet. There’s no bitterness and it’s a perfect consistency - not too soft or hard. I have tried all the Lindt dark flavours and I’m very picky about dark chocolate, but I really love this one! Best of all it has no sugar so I’ll definitely be buying more.


boogernaughtSA, 5251

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Not nearly as good at the milk chocolate


I like good quality plain dark chocolate (Lindt or Green & Blacks organic 85%) but I do not like this.
I LOVE the Well Naturally MILK chocolate bars I give them 5 stars! I regularly eat the plain milk, coconut and my all time favourite peppermint chip milk chocolate. I’m doing keto and it is the best treat. So when I saw dark mint crisp I was keen to try it. I actually spat it out. Not a fan of that kind of that kind of bitter, and not creamy enough too waxy. So if you don’t like the dark bars like me you still might enjoy the milk.

I feel lied to and manipulated!!!


So I find this awesome product, boasting <300kj per serving on the nutritional information. Now any normal person would expect that one bar would be one serving (as is the case with other competing low carb no sugar products). No!! One bar is actually 3 SERVINGS!!!! Which means that if you have been enjoying this chocolate bar thinking you are getting only 300kj per bar... YOU ARE WRONG. It is closer to 900+ kJ per bar!!!!!

Knowing that anyone who is buying this product is probably doing so as part of calorie controlled diet, and buying it under the impression that logically, one bar is one serving, I can’t help but feel manipulated and cheated.

You will not get a single cent from me again!

Kung Fu Chicken

Kung Fu ChickenMelbourne

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I like chocolate and all the good stuff in it like antioxidant and theobromine, but dislike the sugar. I also like how chocolate makes you feel good, but it’s unfortunate you have have to avoid it as it’s considered junk food.

With this chocolate I can satisfy my chocolate craving, without worrying about the sugar. The chocolate taste great, and is sweet enough. It is smooth, delicious without any bitter artificial sweetener taste. It is sweetened with stevia, instead of aspartame or sucralose, which irritates my stomach.

Guilt free chocolate that tastes wonderful


Finally a chocolate bar that isn't full of sugar. I am very impressed each time i taste the many flavors of your range of chocolate. Thank you for giving us a treat without the guilt of indulgence at a cost!



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Polydextrose warning


VERY upset!! After eating it (too small writing to read in the supermarket) turned out it contains Polydextrose which is a from of processed cane sugar. Polydextrose is mostly not digestible so classified as ''fibre'' but in fact causes kidney damage, liver damage, make you go to the toilet and in large quantities require warning on the label, looks like this is why the blocks are so small. I wish I kept the docket so I could return it : (


LynaMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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Enjoyment without the guilt


When it comes to healthy eating I'm all up for low calorie foods. It's not the best tasting chocolates but these bars help satisfy the temptation at least so I can be on the way to achieving my goal. It's a great snack in the draw at work when you want something sweet.

Surprsingly Good !!!


I have been trying to eat healthy for a little over a week. My biggest down fall is sweets !! anything with sugar I fall into the temptation, My boss had a Well Natural dark chocolate and mint bar. She told me how healthy it was and it was okay to try it. Oh My , It was great , a bit strange with the lack of sweetness but it was just sweet enough , the strong peppermint was great BUT , the aftertaste.. do-able , definitely doesn't bother me much , but it is a bit peculiar :) LOVE LOVE LOVE IT but :)



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Love them love them love them


I am a low-carber and prefer not to have artificial sweeteners, so these bars are a god-send. If you don't like the dark ones, try the milk versions, including the hard-to-find but really yummy jaffa one (Target used to sell them). I have one of the almond ones everyday, keeps me sane!


CatherineCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

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Didn't enjoy this chocolate.


I tried the mint crisp flavour. While the dark chocolate and mint is a perfect combination, I didn't like the strange aftertaste from the erythritol. I prefer Cacao Tree Sugar Free Milk Chocolate, as it doesn't have that strange aftertaste. Was quite expensive too for a 45gram bar.

Beat cravings! Ex-sugar addict won over


If, like me, you have trouble controlling cravings for sugar, you will love these bars. I finish each one with satisfaction rather than wanting more, more, more. The 70% dark choc is also helpful in making you feel you've had a deep, strong chocolate experience. The bars are delicious, my favourites so far are mint and cherry. I have yet to try their milk variety. I have found this an amazing way to incorporate choc without the crazy addict feeling that can accompany a sugary milk choc splurge! Give them a try.
Delicious taste, stevia tastes good, very satisfying, helps curb cravings, easy to stop after 1 bar, tastes just as good as normal choc!

Angeli Y


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Love It!


I have made my own raw chocolate, and also had Loving Earth's raw organic chocolate so trying Well Naturally's Sugar Free Dark Chocolate - Peppermint flavour was a real treat! I absolutely loved the peppermint which had a strong flavour and it was a little bitter. I am use to eating dark chocolate so I really enjoyed this chocolate.
I found this creamier and smoother than the Loving Earth's raw organic chocolate. I liked the little crunch in the peppermint. It is hard to stop at one serving which is 4 squares (15grams). The calorie content is only 68 calories per serving and the sugars aren't extremely high either. Love it!
Everything! Strong peppermint flavour, smooth chocolate consistency
Hard to not eat more than one serving!

Ambivalent opinion


I stopped eating sugar 3 days ago, and as a huge dark chocolate fan this chocolate has been handy in moments of weakness. I tried the Cherry flavour and found it really peculiar tasting and didn't like it, however the Orange was much better. The only issue I find is that, because of the Stevia, they have this really odd undernote of sweetness, that I'm not too sure I like.
Sugar free, Good flavour range, Not too bitter
Strange aftertaste, Did not like Cherry Flavour



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Great product


I'm coming from a place of not eating sugar- I only use stevia and that also means that if I do try and eat something sweet- its just too sweet for me now. This is since 'weaning' myself off sugar earlier this year.

So with that in mind (i.e. I'm used to the stevia and not into overly sweet things) I also prefer dark chocolate over milk, so this bar is really perfect for me. I have a couple of pieces when I want a real treat and its really satisfying and feels really indulgent. I love them and I'm so glad I came across them at my local supermarket!!

Could be too bitter for some and not sweet enough


yavisQLD, 4030

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Sugar Free Chocolate


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