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Westinghouse WSE6870SA

Westinghouse WSE6870SA

3.6 from 23 reviews

Fantastic fridge

We love this
Fridge it is big inside large spacious and a quite motor compared to our old fridge. It looks great too.nice layout and side compartments are easy to use

Purchased in November 2018 at JB Hi-Fi Online Store for $1,500.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Internal Layout
Household Size 3 person(s)


Early December 2018 we purchased a Westinghouse WSE6870SA from the Appliance Store. The Fridge arrived and was due to be installed. It would appear there is some distance on the definition of installation and delivery. Pushing the Fridge into a gap and switching it on is not installation. Installation includes waiting until all the plastic has been removed from the inside and leveling it. Normally any fittings required ie water would also be provided (at cost thats OK) - not so. Anyhow I digress. The unit seemed to be working OK, I managed to purchase the adapter to get the water on and all was well. About 2 weeks later one morning on opening the freezer, there was frosting on the contents and the stored ice was melting. I could not readily explain but suspected the vents were blocked by some now partly thawed meals and being away at the time advised my step daughter to restow and monitor as I would be back in a day or so but to turn the ice maker off. On my return I checked the freezer and all seemed well so turned back on the ice maker and it worked fine.

Fast Forward 3 weeks to January and one week ago, the Fridge repeated the same but this time there were no vents blocked. The Frozen compartment was wet and the whole contents had to be disposed of. (Westinghouse said we would be reimbursed so we took photos and waited for the claim form). Called it in to Westinghouse and advised us to call a local technician - Earliest he could do was 2 days. So the fridge was struggling ( We live in Queensland) but the freezer dead. The Technician arrived as planned and said the compressor had failed ( on a less that 5 week old unit) and had no idea when they could get a replacement compressor so advised best thing to do was replace the unit itself. we call Westinghouse mention we are waiting for the claim form but our new fridge is dead, and would they be awfully nice and care to send us another one ?

So Westinghouse can't get one out for about a week seems we live outside the Metro area ( in the bondu, 1 hour from Brisbane) , so would be good time to send a claim form that we could complete when watching our dead fridge and reminiscing on the short time we had together. We could not get any loan fridge so my wife headed off the The Good Guys and bought a fridge that's working perfectly ( review to follow) So it can be done.

Happy Days - the new Fridge is here !. Hang on installation means - Oh forget it - same issue as before - put it in gap and run away - my step daughter did manage to get the driver to fit the water tap - Did he by any chance have a claim form ? No not this time.

So new fridge is in, RIP the old one - We go to use the water dispenser - nothing. So check the obvious - yes there is water, yes the pressure is good. Maybe we need to leave it overnight and the fairies may come and fix it.

So today at 6am we try the fridge and YESSS!!! the fairies have indeed called ,they forgot the claim form but the water is flowing, the ice grinder works, not as many ice cubes as we thought but 2 out of 3 ain't bad right ? One jug of water is drawn, closely by another, and then another and then another - 5 in total. OK that should be enough transit residue gone. Thirsty work this, I'll have a drink. No I wont - it's now stopped dispensing water. Leave it a while. Nope nothing. Wife's due back shortly from overseas - Last time she was furious, wonder how this will go down.

18th of January. Soooo we call Westinghouse - remember us ? That nice new fridge isn't working properly - we get a ticket. A technician can come out in about 2 weeks.. Hmmm 2 weeks - must be an awful lot of dodgy fridges on the go. My wife calls a local company and they to try a few things over the phone but nothing works. That was about an hour ago so to calm my frustrations decided to review 2 of the 3 fridges I have owned albeit 2 of them briefly. - together magnificent as you can get water from one whilst you keep your food cool in the other. Are we looking at 2 defective fridges ? Will we ever get water ? Will we ever receive a claim form ?.

I's probably steer clear of one of these unless I have managed to bag a pair of Friday Fridges

Over to you Westinghouse - Redemption time.

Date PurchasedDec 2019
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Update - 24/1/19 Technician came out this afternoon and found 2 loose connections by removing the top of the fridge. All now working......but alas! Still no claim form

Stylish fridge

Old fridge slowly stopped working so had some time to really look at my options for a new fridge. I had enough space to choose any size fridge. The idea of the side by side is fantastic. It holds more than I expected and more than it looks from the outside. It is very sleek and stylish. The doors open well and I've had no problems with the temperature being different inside. It all maintains well throughout.
One of the best fridges I've had in a long time. Really looking forward to many years with this one.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Looks great, works well, large capacity

Over the last 4 years this fridge and freezer has worked well. Large capacity, great for entertaining with platters etc. Lovely layout, Easy to clean, Occasional slight noise but overall quiet. No fingerprints left and easy to clean or wipe exterior. Relatively easy to clean interior. Love the freezer draw design. Happy so far.

Date PurchasedSep 2014

It works really well!

This fridge maintains the good temperature in all compartments. It is usually quiet. The capacity is great as it can fit a lot of food. Although it is spacious, it's surprisingly easy to clean. I'm satisfied with this purchase and overall, it's a really good fridge! I haven't experienced any problems such as leakages either.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Gray fridge

Fridge and freezer run well, ample size can fit most things in the freezer without complication, great size to fit easily in kitchen, the silver does not seem to tarnish and the rubbers are holding well, runs very quietly and has not drained to much on the power bill would recommend to anyone chasing a decent family fridge

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Good Fridge

Well, good fridge, does the job, keep things cold, large space, what else you want from a fridge?
- Not sure about the power consumption. Didn't get hugh electricity bill at least
- The water tap works fine. Just have to replace the filter once a year. Not a big deal

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Electrolux service incompetent and poor customer service

Fridge/ Freezer worked for about 2 years. We started having trouble with the icemaker freezing and blocking and water leaked from behind the fridge damaging floor boards. We called Electrolux to come out and we had to pay for a fix since it was out of warranty which we paid. Part was ordered but when we followed up a month later, they had installed part in someone else's fridge. Months later they installed the new part and the ice maker worked for about a week before failing gain. We called again and service guy took another month to come out to fix but called 5 minutes before arrival and left a rude message. We then had a collection agency after us for a service that was under a service warranty, made no sense. We called and the service guy did the same thing again a few months later. Now about a year later, ice bucket still not fixed. I've arrange a service for today, taken the morning off work and was told i would find out at 9 when the guy would be here. I've just called and told anytime today and he will call 30 minutes before. Very poor customer service and incompetent service technicians.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

One of the best fridges in the market

We have never had any issues with our fridge, maintains its temperature well, very quiet and the shelves are so easy to take out to clean. We did a lot of research when we bought our fridge and this fridge by far was the most reasonable in price and had the best reviews.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Great looking fridge with a few minor hang ups.

We wanted a side by side so that we weren't digging through a big drawer for our frozen goods. We replaced our older model of this fridge with this bigger, ice and water dispenser version. Love the quality, however we miss the cheese drawer, the freezer door closes like a suction so it's hard to reopen soon after it shuts, and there has been a bit of ice crystal build up in the freezer. Other than that, the fridge is extremely spacious and the shelving system is adequate for options in the fridge and within the doors. Wish there was a larger freezer in a side by side available in the same price range in Australia, but this is probably the best we will get.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Great fridge

I recently upgraded from an older model Westinghouse fridge. I have owned the new fridge for approximately 1 month now. It is super quiet including the ice maker and appears to work great. The only downside is the water dispenser is not chilled water. Ice is required if you want chilled water.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

First Fridge - Best all rounder, does everything we need and more

Bought this for our first fridge moving into a new house.

No problems unpacking and setting up. Does have an external water filter, needs to be replaced every year, but the filter is easy to find online.

Shelves are all adjustable and the door doesn't feel too heavy or too light. Freezer could use a little more space, but is smaller because of the awesome water and ice dispenser.

The fridge barely makes a sound, and the temperature is bang on what we need it to be.

Glad we grab this rather than a cheaper alternative.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Great fridge but had error when delivered.

We purchased this fridge late last year from Harvey Norman and shortly after delivery, we received an error message “CF”. We were informed that the condenser fan was loose and it was fixed quickly for free under warranty.

The ice dispenser (Cubed and Crushed) is a little loud when dispensing ice but other than that, the fridge is very quiet and runs nicely.

Temperature is consistently cold and is conveniently displayed on the front of the fridge.

It is a shame that the water is not chilled and depends on dispensing ice with the water to be chilled.


Date PurchasedNov 2017

Huge fridge but average qaulity

I have had the fan in the back replaced twice. The fan will start and will make a loud noise as a blade will just spontaniously break off making a very loud noise like a lawnmower. Its so bad we had to turn fridge off to sleep. We chose Westinghouse for its reputation but sadly it has let us down. Water filter light (to change filter) turned on after 4months. Outlet for ice dispenser is not direct and you will have ice on the floor if you don't hold glass up against dispenser hole. Vacuum on the freezer door is very strong and makes it difficult to open sometimes. Purchased in December but didn't get delivery until march. It was a new fridge model (so it was expected)

Positives are its huge in size and great appearance. Service support was good and repairer came within 3 days.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Disappointed to have hose leak less than 3 months of use

Easy to clean. Runs quite loud. Installed in our new kitchen in July, noticed leak under freezer door in September. Emailed Electrolux and received prompt reply, they organised for it to be repaired. Disappointed to hear this seems to be a common problem with this fridge- certainly expected more than three months before having a problem!

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Room temp water on tap

If you are buying this fridge - make sure you are aware that the water isn’t chilled from the dispenser.

The sales brochure says ‘quick access to chilled, filtered water’ - but the water comes out at room temperature. To add insult to injury - the lack of cooling is sold as a feature on the fridge .... ‘Cool it your way’

4th Westinghouse appliance in the kitchen. Will be the last. (Oh, amost forgot to add - when initially connected by our plumber water leaked all over the floor. Had to get a tech out to fix).

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Fantastic product

Great fridge stylish design. Love the front handles.
The water and ice is used all the time at our house.
The fridge space is fantastic with the glass shelves make it easy to clean too.
The freezer section works well. When open the doors you sed everyhing you need at eye level.
Love the stainlesssteel look too.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015


I love this fridge the capacity and shelving oprtions in the fridge and the freezer section are fabulous. Plenty of room for xmas turkeys and desserts etc when entertaining. The water dispenser is also a big favourite with the kids. Easy to clean i cant fault it -highly recommend. Hasnt faultered once always recommending to friends

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Great fridge for large family

Wanted to purchase a French door and really liked the Samsung with ice and water but was put off when I saw how much the ice/water machine took up space in the fridge department. After having an Electrolux Vacuum cleaner with an issue and how good the customer service was, I decided to have a look at Westinghouse who are made by them.

The fridge is spacious and well lit with practical adjustable shelving and suits our family perfectly. I did end up having an issue with the fridge over a month later when I found water was leaking from the front left hand side by the freezer everytime the water dispenser was used.

Whilst this was annoying and disappointing I cannot fault the customer service and the service I received by the technician on the very same day. He happened to be in the area and called me. He fixed the issue with the valve and took photos for their quality control department and I have not had an issued since.

Even though I really like this fridge I will list the pros and cons to help other people.


Love the large slim door. A lot of doors I looked at were bulky and thick making the fridge space seem pokey.
Fold up wine rack to make more space
Adjustable shelves including in doors
Quiet when running compressor
Large fridge space
Lights are bright so easy to see everything
Fruit and veggies last so much longer than my old fridge
Filter built into water dispenser and easy to change when it is required
Love that I can turn ice machine off when it has made enough ice or we go on holidays. Also this is handy as the ice dropping in the bucket in the middle of the night is noisy as expected.

Temperature fluctuation - have a thermometer and this part is really disappointing
No pressure valve to adjust water flow - we had to purchase separate valve as our mains pressure made it very noisy.
The water does not dispense in a nice stream like the Samsung did. It has a slight spray to it.
Stainless steel dents easily - it dented when husband pushed the fridge into place
The paddle to dispense ice/water looks crappy and marks/scratches easily
Thought the child lock on the compartment at the top of the fridge door was useless. So easy to unlock
Anti spill shelves are great but hard to clean when crumbs get stuck around the edges

Will update my post if I have any further issues but overall it is a practical fridge

Date PurchasedApr 2017

A Good Relaible Choice

Very happy, produces ice and water with low maintenance, water is cold on the second glass, ice cubes tend to be a little crushed when they drop in full cube mode, fridge and freezer has plenty of room for a family of 4, shelves remove easy for cleaning, external is easy to clean as well with a wipe over with a damp cloth, very easy to replace the water filter, it is external, and they are inexpensive,

Date PurchasedJun 2014

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Questions & Answers

I can’t extinguish the replace filter message despite following instruction in manual - we have replaced the filter
No answers

I have replaced the water filter, but have been unable to remove the "replace water filter" light on the door. I have tried holding the 'Ice maker' pad for 3 seconds as noted in the user manual.
2 answers
Same problem with mine - did you get this fixed?Yes, under the Zone mark, it says "Replace Filter Press and Hold". It works

What does the code UC mean?
No answers


Westinghouse WSE6870SA
CategorySide by Side Fridges / Refrigerators
Price (RRP) $2,949
Dimensions 1787 x 1000 x 784 mm
Energy Rating2.5 star(s)
Household Size 5+ people
FeaturesDisplay Panel, Door Alarm , Frost Free, Ice Dispenser, Water Dispenser and Wine Rack
Colour / Finish Stainless Steel
Handle Type External
Shelf MaterialGlass
Number of Shelves5
Number of Fruit & Vegetable Bins 2
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)
Total Capacity 677 L
Fridge Capacity 447 L
Freezer Capacity 230 L

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  • GTIN13: 9316561025620

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