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Westpac Global Currency Card

Westpac Global Currency Card

1.8 from 69 reviews

DONT. Just dont.

18months in i will explain why tonight i ditched it. I will also share what to use instead.

1. Its bloody terrible. A card managed by the credit union association not Westpac. While its now integrated with Wpac online and updates in real time it sucks. Real bad. Read on.
2. A separate login and dodgy app that doesnt always equal the website
3. Really really expensive. If you use a westpac partner atm its free but thats rare.
4. They continually block one or other card.
5.Support is farked. Its appalling. They have twice block the card because they lost links to the card and we didnt know the exact foreign value of a puchase. Their solution required us to walk into a branch. While away. Yep. NO OTHER OPTION
6.. They have twice decided transactions are fraud but were not. But dont contact you.

Here is the better alternative learned.
ING ORANGE....They pay atm any foreign transaction fees and all atm fees if you deposit 1k in the month before and make 5 withdrawls or card payments. This month we saved $48 and that is just train fares paid online

CurrencyEUR and USD
Competitive Exchange Rate No

Not good

Travelled to USA. Card worked fine for transferring funds from my westpac account and into USD. Issue is 30 days for hotel pre auth to clear. The hotel advised and then sent clearance details, but the amount is still pending. Questioned why this 30 day period isn't written in the PDS or anywhere for that fact. They said it's the merchants terms, not theirs. What a load of crap. It's almost $2000 Aud of my money just sitting... Where?
Not to mention, when I bought the card there was a $50 cash back offer. I've just found out you don't get that cash until 6 to 8 weeks after the promo ends. So won't see it until August at least.
My advice..stay away from the gimmicks and use your own bankcard OS + cash.
Oh and charged up to 9 dollars for transaction withdrawals in Las Vegas.

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

Horrible Customer Service!!

Traveled to Chile and opted for this card as it promised no fees.
In actual fact, I was charged CLP6,600 (AUD1 = approx CLD485) everytime I debited from the supposedly fee-free partner bank, SCOTIABANK.
It was cheaper to use Banco Estado (CLP4,900).
But that's besides the point.
As soon as I withdrew, on my first day, I contacted the bank and told them I w being overcharged, the customer service woman was soooo rude, questioned me and told me that it was hard to believe because it had never happened before. That no one had ever called with such a problem. I explained that I had just arrived and the last thing I wanted to be doing was go out of my way, in a foreign country to contact a call centre. Unbelievable!!
I asked her to reconfirm which bank I should use, she told me that it was on the website, after I had explained that I'd just arrived and was at a phone booth without internet.
She kept sighing.
It was just a horrible service.
I told her I was in Chile for a family tragedy and she didn't care. She was agitated and when I asked to speak to a manager, there was no one available.

Extremely disappointed and very out of character for a westpac staff. I've been a customer for 32 Yrs and have never had this treatment.

I will simply never use this service again.

The best way to use your money whilst travelling

I purchased a card on Monday afternoon so I could pay for things whilst I am on holidays anywhere in Australia or Overseas since it is more secure and I don't need to worry about being scammed.

Competitive Exchange Rate Yes

If only I could give a 0 rating

Just earlier today I received an email from my NetBank saying that I made my first payment to biller code 0000208637; biller name GLOBAL CURRENCY CARD amounting to 409.90 AUD BUT I NEVER HAD AN ACCOUNT NOR CARD WITH WESTPAC. I never even heard of this product. It is so frustrating that when I called Commbank they now locked my account since they’ve now commenced and investigation that’ll last for at most 24 days. I just hope you guys look into this.

Unable to use as EFT card in Chile

Have used Westpac Global cards in a few overseas destinations with no problems. However just recently in Chile found the card would NEVER work in EFT machines. No problem withdrawing cash at ATMs though, (This also applied in trying to use QANTAS cash card too). So had to resort to paying larger amounts such as accommodations and car rental on a standard credit card (with the associated foreign exchange fees). Suggest if you're travelling in Chile to make sure you have a few payment options available.


Was hesitant to use this card due to all the bad reviews. It was amazing!! I used it over 4 weeks in the US, Mexico and Canada. Instead of transferring all of my money in one hit I just topped it up when I needed to and the money went over straight away. No problems with the APP. Most places I had to sign. Getting money out of an atm was easy using a Bank of America machine there was no fees. As I was only left with a couple of $$ left on my card I didn’t have to worry about transferring back to Australian dollars that way I didn’t lose money. Deffantly recommend using this overseas!!


A useless piece of plastic backed by a disgraceful, rigid support mechanism that sends you around in circles. At the recommendation of our bank, Westpac, we organised this card for our son to take on an overseas excursion in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. We filled in paperwork to allow us access to the card to manage it from Australia but we are now informed that it was rejected but we were not advised at the time. He used it once, in Dubai, but now all transactions are being rejected yet the card shows as active on the online account access. We went into a bank branch but they say it is a separate department and has to be done over the phone directly with the Westpac Global Currency Card department, over the phone the GCC department recite the standard list of responses and say that they can only deal with our son but if we go into a branch they can do more, there is not ability for them to even tell us if there is an issue with the card. I tried phone support through my account, proving who I am, they can seen his accounts on our system, can see the card but can not offer any assistance other than to contact GCC. They want a child on a bus tour moving through Europe to ring them and sort out a card issue, we have all dealt with bank service and know how that goes. I would recommend anyone considering this product to find some other product, any other product.

What a joke

Used Global Card to pay for onboard purchases on cruise. Did not know it would take 30 days for the pre authorisation amount to be credited back to card after total account had been paid. Unable to use MY MONEY for 30days. Westpac can't or won't tell me why it takes 30days to get back. It must be coming on foot. Hello there at Westpac it is 2018. Computers are in use everywhere. Will be cancelling card the day the refund arrives. Be aware don't use on a cruise.

Avoid at all costs

- Withdrawing money takes 10 days via bank transfer (although deposits are, unsurprisingly, instant)
- Customer support takes ~2 minutes to get through due to a pre-recorded PDS playback
- A payment dispute required me to FAX a handwritten form to a FAX NUMBER (this is 2018..). After two weeks - no contact - form had not been received. Emailed the PDF to an inbox - received an automated reply saying "this inbox is not manned". Customer service notified it could be 90 days to resolve issue. Received another email saying "It's going to take another 90 days". Still pending confirmation of funds release.

This is hands down the worst experience I have ever had with a product or service in my lifetime. Upon researching, the currency card is actually managed by Cuscal and the customer service is outsourced. No idea why Westpac offers this given the damage to their brand - and the previous product reviews.

I beg you, don't put yourself through it...

Horrible - Customer service whilst overseas was a joke

Chose card as first time in Cambodia and existing Westpac customer. First time using tried to withdraw US $190. ATM did not disperse funds. Went to local bank and they advised call Westpac. Looked at app and appeared money had been reversed so considered all was fine. Next day showed money deducted. Called Westpac and was advised to complete form and fax to them. Ok so someone is a loyal customer calls abouts small amount and told to fill a form and fax? This is hopeless in 2018 to fill in a form and fax when in a 3rd world country. I withdrew rest of money in card and used normal card rest of trip with no dramas. Would not waste my time with this card again. Will stick to own normal card for future trips. Will be interesting to see how long takes to get money back. Also be aware you have to withdraw money from card you cannot transfer unused funds back to your account.

DO NOT get this card if you are travelling to Hawaii

As an existing customer of Westpac and for the convenience, I chose to get a Westpac Global Currency Card to use in New York and Hawaii. I had no issues withdrawing money from affiliated ATM’s in New York But when I arrived in Honolulu there was not one affiliated ATM that I could withdraw money from without being slugged a free of $3.50 USD at the ATM then another $2.00 USD was also charged to my card.
I know that I should have checked before I decided to get this card and will do next time I need to decide which travel card is more suited to my needs.
DO NOT GET THIS TRAVEL CARD IF YOU PLAN TO TRAVEL TO HONOLULU. As at October 2018 when I visited Hawaii there was not one affiliated ATM...........if you choose this card, be prepared to pay excessive fees.

Worse travel card I have ever had. Do not risk it

First of all, I have been a Westpac customer for over 15 years and I thought they were great until the came out with the global currency card.

I had transferred Australian money into my account. I went overseas only to release that the cards were expired. I had no notice, no emails, no mails sent to me advising me that the cards expired within 10months of purchase. I had over $5k which I could not use overseas. So, I contacted them and told them I had transferred half the money into American already and the app never told the cards were expired either. When I called the help line they told me there isn’t anything they could do for me until I returned from overseas. LUCKY I was not alone and borrowed money from my partner and friends. Had I been alone what would I have done? I have returned from my trip only to find out they have still not issued me with the new cards. I had to transfer back my American money to Australian losing over $500aus and over $200aus of international phone calls to global currency helpline. They had no idea what they were doing and could not help me at all. Once I returned back to Sydney I discovered you can actually transfer back your money from your global currency card into your everyday saving account only you have to use a computer and not the stupid app! The idiots on the helpline didn’t even know this and could have spared me so much drama had they been trained to help people overseas rather than just tell their customers “sorry there isn’t anything I could do for you” I have never been treated this way and I hope no one else is stuck in the situation I was in. Having money yet not being able to use it because of your dumb bank is a total joke! Especially being overseas! I am now looking into changing my everyday accounts, home loan, visa to another bank as WESTPAC has been an absolute joke to its customers.

Takes 2 weeks to redeem unspent monies

Used this card around Europe. Several times had issues with PIN not working. Also cost approx 5 Euros per transaction ($8)
When you transfer money from account to card it is instantaneous BUT when transferring money you didn't spend back from card to your account it takes 10 business days. JOKE

Unable to withdraw money

Transfered 1200 euro on card and went to three bank ATM in Greece and unable to access money.
Spoke to Banks unable to help - Ring Australia $$$$$
Sent two online forms to Westpac no response - you dont get a reference number or acknowledgement .
Time for Westpac to show some customer service after 200 years and introduce an online chat like airlines etc.
But probably using a overseas call centre.


Do not use this card, you can be left with insufficient available balance. The hotel pre-authorised payments and then debited the same amount when checking out, so the card was debited approximately DOUBLE the actual cost. The pre-authorisations are pending payments and are taken off the available balance leaving you short of money for the next 30 days until the pending pre-authorisation times out. NOT HAPPY

No problems

I have been using a WestPac global currency card for years without any problems. I used it in the UK, few European countries and South-Africa. No issues with withdrawing cash or paying. The mobile app works great. Make sure about your exchange rates and load and exchange money as needed. Seamless to add money and exchange as needed with the app. Like anything else make sure how to use it and the associated rules. Better to use than have your normal credit card hacked.

Service is a joke

The customer service to get a card is a joke. Made 3 phone calls and no one could actually answer a question, one person promised to call back, still waiting on that call. Had the misfortune of dealing with a Samuel Smart and unfortunately didn't live up to the name and as I result I never actually the card. Strongly considering moving banks as a result.

Do not use product - won't return any monies stolen

We went to Thailand in March and still in the process of complaints to get our money back. We had over $1,800 stolen by credit card fraud while over in Patong. Because the card is still in our possession westpac believes this is not classed as fraud. Bloody ridiculous. We have been fighting this since March and have been loyal customers for 2 decades. We will be taking our business and personal accounts to another bank. Global currency cards are outsourced and are not handled by westpac until a complaint over the decision is reached. Do not use.

Not happy

So I was pretty quickly swept up in the excitement when looking at this card online... sadly i stupidly didn't think of checking reviews till after I converted my money to euros and GBP! So, understandably, westpac will have to make a profit on providing this service. And as a promotion they offered $50 cash back to those that convert $3000 AUD to any 1 or more foreign currencies. I'm going away for 5 weeks in Europe soon, so I converted $500 AUD to GBP and $2500 AUD to euro (thus equaling $3000 AUD in order to take advantage of the $50 cash back). Straight after doing so it says my account is worth $2767.84 in AUD! $232.16 less than what I converted it from 1 second ago! And yes I will get the $50 cash back IN 6 TO 8 weeks from the 19th of JUNE, but even then I've instantly lost $182.16! As I said, I understand the goal of any business is to create a profit, but far out it hurts to know i lost almost $200 like that. Even with the 3% foreign transaction fee that I'll be saving on won't even closely balance this out. My advice to anyone planning on using this - do NOT convert your AUD to any other foreign currency because yes you'll receive not a great exchange rate, but it's when time comes to convert it back to AUD that you'll lose even more money! By keeping it in AUD you still can take advantage of no 3% fee.

And this is before I've even left and tried using the supposed horrible app!

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I spoke to Westpac a week ago - reading comments it looks like 10 days which I find it hard to accept- i keep you posted. They did agree to refund international transfer fees which was great. - that has gone through and was a couple of hundred dollars.Mine took 13 days. They told me 10 business days. My son had a CBA Travel Card and transfer back was immediateasap soon as you put it

can I use my global currency card in India to withdraw local indian rupees?
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Yes but with this bank i wouldn't as the fees are too much change to anz gold if you can

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