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Westpac Landlord Insurance

Westpac Landlord Insurance

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Waste of money - if something actually goes wrong, you will need a proper insurer

I’ve been a customer for years, when I actually needed them due to storm damage, hopeless. They use dodgy contractors to assess your claim who are rude and delay things.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim DateMarch 2019

"Tenant Neglect and Poor House keeping" = $75k damages and loss of rent - only paid out $10k

Westpac has in recent years changed policy wording that excludes a lot of tenant malicious damage claims - they call it "tenant neglect and poor house keeping"

this includes
1. destruction of bathrooms through deliberate flooding of property
2. destruction of carpets through malicious paint thrown on carpet
3. destruction of kitchen floor tiles with a hammer
4. destruction of timber floors boards with chisel and hammer
5. destruction of blinds
6. removal of light fittings from ceilings
7. removal of rubbish and building damage
8. and lots lots more

there isn't much that the policy does cover, but did cover
a. tenant ripping toilet cistern off wall
b. broken windows
c. lock replacement after keys weren't returned
d. 4 x week rent arrears

What really is funny is that we have mystery shopped several westpac branches and associated bank of melbourne branches, and now sales member ( commonly known as CSS's ) are aware of the definition of "Tenant Neglect and Poor House keeping", and tried to sell me insurance based on bad advice and incorrect policy coverage

aviod at all costs ( your own property )

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time3+ months
Claim DateApril 2017
Claim ApprovedNo

Worst Landlord Insurance

Was very disappointed with their landlord insurance and would not recommend them for this type of insurance. The claim went on for 4 months and I had to lodge several different claims. When you send them an email you get an automated response someone will call you within 7 days, which they never do, I needed to always call them back . Lots of fine print ie., my ducted vacuum system was misused by my tenants, was told by assessor they were going to repair the system, then Westpac told them to not repair and that I needed to put another claim in for burnt motor, which I did only to be told 7 weeks later that the vacuum system is over 20 years old and they will not repair. it. I also had to upgrade a couple of years ago as when the fence blew over from a storm it was not cover. I really could not understand why they treat their customers in such a way. In the end I changed to another specialized landlord insurance company.

Value for Money
Customer Service

Worst customer experience ever!

My story is like everyone else's on here.
Suffice to say it's been a nightmare which is still going on.
Despite paying for top Quality premium landlord insurance westpac deploy the most disgraceful tactics to not pay which are clearly designed to crush the claimants resolve to pursue their rights and frustrate to the point where claimants crack out of sheer disbelief you then become earmarked as 'aggressive' so they don't actually have to deal with you.

Claim was accepted in March 2017 and repairs completed in October. Took 7 months to complete the repairs;
No rent for over a year and they claim it's reasonable!
They are refusing to pay for loss of rent - the whole reason I took this insurance in the first place.
Continue to deny my claim based on parts of the policy that I'm not actually claiming against;
Claims officer (who made noises like she was actually going to assist me even to the point where she mentioned compensation) then went on leave but assured me another claims officer would be in touch - true to form 5 weeks goes by and nothing.
I Chased them up yet again to which westpac swiftly denied my claim based on the same thing I successfully argued them down on last denial!
So it's Groundhog Day all over again!
If they think I'm going away they are seriously mistaken. I was a spirited optimistic 49 year old when I put this claim in, now I'm a cynical angry and determined 51 year old who has the time to go all the way to the courts if necessary to get this thing to its rightful conclusion.
They've happily taken the money for my premium policy, I expect the service to be honoured.
When it's done, I'll post an update on how it all ended up but I predict that there'll be more denials in my future :(

So Groundhog Day continues....

Sung to Sonny and Cher's I Got You Babe....

They say they wont pay for loss-of-rent;

They bank on my resolve being already spent;

But they don't realise to the death I'll pursue;

My rights prevail and fight for what is true;

My claim they'll pay, and I'll get to say;


I got you........babe!

Insurance claim madeYes

Landlord Insurance Claims Process

I lodged a claim with Westpac for my rental property for the ensuite which has a failed membrane in the shower. The Assessor cut holes in the bedroom wall to expose the wood frame and remove the carpet and underlay to expose the concrete floor and left the property in that state with no repair still done in December. Westpac will not cover the repair of the bathroom walls but will cover the repair of the walls damaged behind the shower walls. They won't explain why they won't repair the walls. The Plumbing Report they provided stated that it was a 10 minute job to fix the shower membrane - he didn't notice the failed membrane (he was a professional plumber), despite me providing a report from QBCC. Claims Central said 'trust us, we do this all the time". Rip people off, is what I believe they do all the time.

BT Financial Group, who are handling the claim, continually swap Claims Officers, won't respond to the complaints I have lodged and then totally ignore the claim. The tenant moved out in October and I can't get another one in because of the damage still to be fixed by Westpac.
The worst claims service I have ever encountered. I don't think BT Financial Group has a phone. Avoid Westpac Landlord Insurance because even complaints lodged to Westpac have been ignored. I am ready to move my mortgage elsewhere as well because they just don't care.

Insurance claim madeYes

read the fine print if there is one

All sounded good when getting insurance, but once the claim was made, all separate little issues (escape of liquid from various sources because of tenant negligence were counted for separate excesses). Couldn't claim one thing although repairs costed way over the excess if combined. All lodged at the same time as one claim.I would not recommend.

Insurance claim madeYes

Easy going on promises, tough on money

It was very easy to sign up with a friendly Westpac stuff a Landlord protection insurance. Unfortunately, it was not so easy to get money when a horrible pest was finally evicted from our rental property. Out of the claim for the loss of $18.000 we finally received $7.700! Not even a half of the lost money!

Insurance claim madeYes

Hopeless and slow. Never get back from them. DO NOT BUY

I claimed my landlord insurance a month ago, got an automatic reply saying will be done in 10 business day. Now its a month, still no any process has been acted.

Insurance claim madeYes

Absolute waste of time and money

After 12 years of paying for insurance with "Landlord extras", (Comprehensive cover for storm etc) I found that I couldn't really claim anything, even though the tenants left the house in such terrible condition that is is now virtually unrentable.
I could not claim for 2 large trees that had come down in a storm, because they did not actually damage the building.
2 skip loads of old rubbish, furniture etc. dumped in carports and verandas = not claimable.
Locks replaced? No, because technically the tenants did not steal the keys. 10 other copies so they can help themselves to the next tenants belongings???

Basically, "It seems to me", unless you have malicious damage that you are prepared to file police reports etc. you cant claim much else.

oops....Earthquakes....you CAN claim earthquakes. Really handy in Australia

Insurance claim madeNo

Worst insurance ever

Waiting 6 months with no any results. Small claim, only three unpaid rent???
What would happened if claim was much bigger?
Would not recommend to any one to go with Westpac...

Insurance claim madeYes

They CAUSE financial hardship!

Customer service is atrocious!!!
3 months of having to chase them, speak to a dozen different people, getting wrong information and still not resolved.
All this time with no income, waiting for them.
Is anyone doing a class action against them, as I would like to join.

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst insurance ever

I made a very small claim after sewerage damage to carpet. They did not action it for a month and left the tenant without carpet in winter. A third party assessor was sent out and either never visited or had no idea because he didn't even know the contaminated carpet had been removed 2 days after his inspection. In order to try and get the claim resolved a made a number of phone calls to the claims line and never got through. I am (but not for much longer) a premium customer and contacted the premium banking service who could not get through to claims either. They paid the claim though but the third party assessors rang a week later and said they were restoring the sewerage contaminated carpet that had been removed 2 months prior and did not believe that the claim had been resolved! This has been the final straw for me with Westpac and I am cancelling all my accounts and policies.

Insurance claim madeYes

Please avoid at all costs. Genuinely horrendous to deal with

Submitted a claim on the 01/03/16. Had an assesor out on the 03/03/16.

Assesor came out took many photos of the various damage caused by the tenant and took the rental agreement by taking a photo of it. Offered the bank statement as loss of rent was also being claimed for. Was advised it was not required.

A week on I contact the insurer for an update and this is where things got messy. The Assessor claimed that they sent the report to the insurer, the insurer claimed they never got the report. Long story short this went on for two weeks till the insurer decided to contact the Assessor and request it. They finally got it but from here on was another stressful battle. They advised that the information from the Assessor was not complete and that they need to get their own assessors out but wasn't able to do so for a week or so. I got a call from a clown from the claims team accusing me of not being cooperative and stating " help me understand why I didn't get my own assessors out if the matter was urgent" this is despite continuous phone calls for follow ups. I didn't know I had the option of getting my own builder out to write up a quote for the damages. The whole approach was accusatory. They then stated some of the damage ( most of it was not malicious - therefore not covered ) this is despite holes in the walls, sharp jab marks on the kitchen table, curtains being ripped apart. After explaining and calling the insurer no joke over 7 times they finally agreed to get out an Assessor to the property the evening prior to our flight out of Australia so that they can finalize the claim. Was promised by the Insurer ( manager ) that I would receive call prior to our departure to finalise the claim. No calls no email nothing. I had to contact them whilst in the airport only to be advised that they are not able to assist as they haven't got the report from the Assesor. They said they would get back within a day. This never happened too. Just called the insurer for a follow up they still have no scope for the damages caused in terms of monetary value to fix the damage however they stated that out of the 7 areas damaged that only two would be classed as malicious damage and the rest not covered. Also they are stating they don't have the rental agreements. What an absolute joke??!!! Given I contacted them overseas they stated they can't call me back or put me through to the internal dispute resolutions team as I now need to put my complaint in writing and that this process will now take another 15 days?!! Stay clear please. I have lost over 7 hours of my time, lost my voice and have had my blood pressure on the high, stressed and frustrated with the whole experience. I don't know how they run their business. It is by far the most difficult company to deal with. I have other insurance policies with another insurer that has far more significant damage that was dealt within the week the claim was submit. The organisation is from Australia's leading bank. They are anomaly rely a delight to deal with and treat every customer with respect and courtesy.


Please stay clear.

P.s my claim is still ongoing over 1 month and we are no where closer to the finalising my claim.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Still no outcome ??!! Obviously they don't care enough to respond .

Claim escape of liquid from broken pipe

3 months after claim numerous phone calls to Westpac they finally found an excuse not to pay after 3 building inspections!!!! I am long term customer of Westpac with numerous loans and savings but this did not help in any way, No feedback had to call to find any information on claim and was told on 8/07/15 that I would receive official letter and all reports from inspections still no letter 28/07/15, oh well at least I know that Westpac service is the worst I have experienced. Will be looking for a new Finance Co. and Insurance Co.

Insurance claim madeYes

if i could , i will give zero stars

it is a wast of money, wepac refused to pay when tenant left a letter at the property and broke a 12 months lease only 3 months into the lease. wespac considered it enough notice given and refused to pay operator was very very rude. real estate thought it was ridiculous and moving on to terri scheer now, cancelling all my policies with them 5 in total.

expensive and useless

Empty Promises

I have to ring so many times and each time they said they will review and get back to me next week but never receive any call back from them. I had 3 policies and definitely thinking of moving to another insurance. Their service is terrible, useless, waste of time and unprofessional.

Never Again!

Westpac insurance is not underwritten by Westpac as they want you to believe. It's underwritten by BT financial group (btfg.com.au). I also had a nightmare landlord claim with Westpac early in 2012 when my property was trashed and abandoned and BTFG said there was "no evidence of malicious damage" (which most insurers hide behind). In the end had to threaten BTFG with the media to receive partial payment... Never again! I'm looking for for another Landlord Insurer now. So far I hear, Terri Scheer and EBM are the most honourable.

They decline everything!

Westpac Landlord Insurance - waste of money

Had to make a claim recently - has taken 83 days to sort out. Tenant split up with girlfriend and trashed the unit and didn't pay rent prior to leaving. Westpac in the end classed most of the malicious damage as bad housekeeping, despite inspection sheets etc clearing stating excellent condition. As it is also strata they wanted strata insurance to pay claim!!. When he was leaving he burnt the carpets with cigarettes - but classed as bad housekeeping. Nowhere in the policy is this distinction made. Also the unit was vacant whilst they delayed the claim as it was severely damaged, but loss of rent is capped so overall the insurance has cost me a lot.
On the surface, policy seems good but wait till you claim!!
Claim experience woeful, policy wording and actuality incompatible


I rented out a unit in a lower socio-economic area of Sydney and took out this insurance as a precaution. I was gald I did as I had a bad tenant who caused damage, did not pay rent and worse still knew the law - at Tribunal he produced evidence that he had a dependant child living with him and was granted 6 weeks extra time before eviction... Westpac Insurance paid my claim in the end but they did try to charge an excess that in my case was not applicable. Just keep an eye on them if you do have to claim, read the policy booklet well to know what you are entitled to.
Reasonablly priced. They did pay out a claim I made.
When you make a claim you no longer deal with Westpac but the insurer behind them, they investigate the claim and they tried to charge a $500 excess, I knew the fine print of the policy as a worked for Westpac at the time and had to point out to them that for the amount of my claim they could not charge the excess, it took me 'the customer' pointing out there own policy for them to not charge the excess. In 8 weeks I had my claim paid.

Any excuse not to pay claim!

My parents house was completed trashed by their tenant yet Westpac refused to pay, claiming damage was due to bad house keeping??? Even though estate agent noted all the damage which in his opinion were done on purpose and original inspection showed house was in good condition
Westpac views the following as bad house keeping;
Broken windows
Burnt carpet
Rooms filled with dirty nappies
Unpaid rent (husband left, wide refused to pay rent, and when agent demanded payment, we believe the above was intentional done.
Never Westpac again, rather take my chances uninsured! Ended costing my parents over $10k no thanks to Westpac
Will happily take your money
Will find any excuse not to pay

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