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White Glo Express Whitening System

White Glo Express Whitening System

2.7 from 70 reviews

White Glow. Charcoal Feel ripped off

A trip overseas identified that there is NOT 150gms of product as advertised on the packaging. Emptied into a 100g container and would be lucky to be 80gms of product. This was the new lime green package which was also charcoal. Very disappointed

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.


I bought this thinking it would work but NUP. Not only did it leave my gums partially bleached looking like I had some sort of disease, my teeth were patchy and my formals in less than a week so this better go away. Please don’t waste your money, time or dignity on this product

Purchased in February 2019.

Did nothing at all

I used this product exactly as specified and directed for about 4 weeks with no difference whatsoever..
Luckily the product was on special at the chemist at the time so my outlay was not huge..
Very disappointing

Good product is not available anymore.

The White Glow teeth bleach that I have been using was $8. Now it is not available at Chemist Warehouse. The next most similar product is less volume and is twice the price. However, the results seem to be faster. Perhaps the ingredients have also changed.

Absolutely bloody wonderful got it right guys

What can I say except for it's not for you SENSITIVE people you gotta have a little bit of HARD layer of skin nice and THICK so its alittle TOUGH so it can protect you from all kinds of SENSITIVE every day items. I THINK it's GREAT! Did what It SAID it WOULD do BUT in LESS TIME then it said it would! TBH if you had sensitive teeth/gums before using this product OR ANY WHITENING PRODUCT then you shouldnt have used it to begin with!!!DOESNT ANYONE READ THE PACKAGING BEFORE BUYING ANYTHING!!! Lets not just jump straight to bagging products because you reacted you 1person out of millions of ppl sensitive kind of gals/guys-> Bunnings is just down the road 1bag should be plenty 10/10 for my rating on this product 0.5/10 for the whinging everyone is always blabbing honestly go to newsagents-> buy a personal diary/journal-> a good pen-> find a sad lonely place-> write away until your hearts content #WEAREALLSICKOFTHENEGATIVE

Product works fine but as with other White Glo products, there's a catch.

This product does work well. The LED lights basically speed up the bleaching reaction from the peroxide in the gel. I think the key is to use the gel sparingly to avoid gum bleaching. I think where White Glo falls down (and hence the score) is the lack of availability in refills and other parts. I emailed customer support who told me the accelerator gel can't be purchased separately and that the LED device is meant to be thrown out after the gel is used up. This is a massive waste of plastic and resources. I will be buying another brand of gel/bleach when I run out and simply replace the batteries when required. I hope anyone reading this does the same.

P.S This is the same with the toothpastes - they refuse to sell the toothpaste on its own. It's always packaged with toothpicks + a new brush. Another waste of plastic.

Product damaged my gums

Attempted to use this product twice, but both times my gum seemed to have a reaction to the chemicals. Probably from the spikes inside the mouth guard poking into the flesh of my gums and allowing the chemicals in. They swelled and bleached white. It was quite painful. I regret buying it. After the 2 times trying it, my teeth just have white blotches on them. Will maybe try the toothpaste instead. I will try to get a refund at Coles.

White GLO White accelerator

So far I’m impressed. I’ve used the white glo white accelerator. It has the blue light. Comfortable mouth guard, I’ve found other mouth guards from other products are uncomfortable, don’t fit well or make me really slobbery during the process. White Glo hasn’t done. I’ve used it for two days 20 minutes per day (10 min at night and 10 in morning) and can already see my teeth are whiter. White patches Did worry me after first application but if you brush your teeth straight after they go away.

Would give 5* if I can see what results are after a week. I’m excited for this product

The most horrible thing I have ever bought

i bought this product at coles, was for sale at $17.50 was $39. i tried it out feeling confident but little did i know my confidence and self esteem dropped that i cried when i looked in the mirror. its awful it burned my gums and crawled its way into my lower gums. it left looking patchy as hell like i never brushed my teeth and left white spots
do not buy it 100% regret buying it

Won’t use again

Wish I read other reviews before I bought,As alot of other people said, leaves teeth looking very patchy, seems to have taken glossy sheen off my teeth and left them looking Matt and milky,slightly whiter but not in a good way, this kind of product shouldn’t really be on market, that just my opinion though !!


this product is horrible it made my teeth look very patchy and i only used it once for 5 minuets! it also had a chemical reaction with my lower gums and made them white, this is horrible DO NOT BUY IT


First time i used this i seen a small difference in whitening 2nd time using was amazing i think it took me 2 shades lighter and i used it for 20mins instead of 10mins . Perfect at home system

Don't fall for this product

I bought this and seriously regret it. My teeth are so patchy and I only used it twice for 5 minutes each time... they look terrible now! It goes to show buying a cheap product isn't worth it... spend the money on better quality.

Caution - This damaged my teeth

I had a similar experience to other people in that the white spots on my teeth became very very white and the rest didn't change much. Has left my teeth patchy. I did't experience any of the gum sensitivities others are describing. I will not use this again.

It does makes you teeth a little bit whiter, but!

I bought the one that comes with blue light accelarator from Coles for $35 just out of curiousity. And then when I tried it the first time, I didn’t really see the difference. The next day my gum was sore and when I brush my teeth I can taste blood. I stopped using it for a day and tried the next day. Then my gum became even more sensitive that other area of my gum started to bleed when I brushed my teeth!

I regretted getting it and for the price I paid, it’s not worth it. My teeth are fine, I don’t smoke or drink coffee/tea, so I just used it to see if my teeth can get any whiter. Oh how I was wrong, it made my gum sore!

Anyway, if you are thinking about getting it, take it at your own risk!

White Glow Accelerator

Last night was my first time using this product.
Throughout my 10 minutes I had a small irritation on my gum, I took it off and rinsed.
I definanlty had a whiter shade of teeth that I was happy with, however my lower gum did burn due to the chemical reaction. (Looked like cooked chicken, but was gone after 20 minutes)
I think I may have used a little to much product.
I do have a sore gum where I was burnt and it is quite sore, so as my gum calms down I’ll give it another go with less product, hopefully I’ll just get an ever whiter result

White glow with blue light accelerator CAUTION

I used the WhiteGlow Blue Light Accelerated Teeth Whitening as per the instructions and while it did whiten my teeth (standard 10 minute process time) it also caused chemical burns to my gums.
I am now left with what looks like chewed chicken for gums.

An older persons review

First time I have ever tried to whiten my teeth and I must say that I over the moon with the results.
As I see it anyone who is reporting bad results is either not giving the product the correct time to work before removing the mouth shields or they work for a rival company.
I rinse my mouth then fit both upper and lower shield for 20 minutes not 5, I then finish off with white glo toothpaste.
By the way I am 73 drink red wine and tea.

Cheap product, cheaper results

I even used it twice a day for double the time. Didn't notice even a slight change. Perhaps this product is good when your teeth are already white and you use this just for upkeep?

Seriously?!?! NOT happy.

Just got my braces off about a week ago and now I have obvious bleached patches on my teeth! Very upset and very angry. Certainly would not recommend and am hoping it wears off, desperately.

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Questions & Answers

How many time do White glo per day?
1 answer
read the instructions on the box. I used this product as directed for about six weeks with no noticeable difference.. Luckily it was on half price special when i bought it so did not waste too much money..

How often can I use this product?
1 answer
Hello mezzanine.. I used this product as directed on the box.. twice s day from memory and after s monththerewax no difference what so ever

How often should you use whiteglow?
1 answer
According to the box, it was supposed to be every day. I had a reaction to the chemicals and badly designed mouth piece, so I would say never use it. That’s just me though.


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