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White King Power Clean Bathroom Gel

White King Power Clean Bathroom Gel

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9 reviews
shayne m.

shayne m.Central, SA

The best ever.


First time user I found it to be incredible, I sprayed it on, left it for 5 minutes and hosed it off. It removed 100% of mould and soap scum. I totally recommend it.

Purchased in October 2020 at foodland for A$499.00.

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  • 4 reviews

Rubbish spray bottles


Stay away from this rubbish brand if it comes in a spray bottle, just from the fact that their pump action bottles stop working & unless you cut the bottle open you cant use the remaining product as the top dosn't unscrew off.
multiple times i have thrown a half or more bottle away.

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.

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Last week it was How it cleans the base of our toilets, then the walls of the shower,Today she presents me with the immaculate clean filters from our washing machine. And, she says, you don't need scrubbing.
Honestly, you at White King must be doing a great job as she usually is saying Brand A is a rip off as it doesn't work, or Brand B is useless. Even when shopping at Woolworths she has been known to tell people at the cleaning product aisle that White King Gel is the one they should be using
One word of warning though, DO NOT DELETE OR CHANGE YOUR PRODUCT.
Bruce Worrell, Paralowie S.A.

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Great product,


Use this product in the bathroom all the time/ love it
Had a fair bit of mould in the bathroom and it has removed every last bit. I work in a supermarket and have no hesitation in recommending it to my customers.



  • 13 reviews

Nice white grout


Cleans as well as bleach but the smell is no where near at strong or long lasting. Makes the grout white and cleans scum off the glass shower door. Would recommend this product.

Di Allen

Di AllenGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 4 reviews

Great for washing machine mould/scum too


It took 10 mins to remove smelly mould/soap scum/stains on the rubber seals of front loading washing machine!-a common problem that can take hours to fix, even replacing the seal. Previous advice was to use strong bleach on rags in the cavity, leave 2 hrs so thought this product worth a try, a little stronger than same brand premium bleach, (sodium hypochlorite)- rinse of course,and being a gel (tho agree it's a bit runny) doesn't affect my eyes.



  • 10 reviews

False Advertising - No Longer a Gel


I used to love this product and have used it for many years. Unfortunately, last time I bought it, it was no longer a gel even though the packaging still states that it is. Now it is a very runny liquid which pours out very quickly. The gel was great as you could squirt it around toilet bowls and a small amount around the edge of the sink. Now it comes out all over the place as it is so thin.

I will not be buying this product again and I am very disappointed that such a good product has been ruined.
Used to work well
False advertising, too runny, not worth buying now.

Powerful stuff


Excellent cleaning agent. But it has trouble with mildew, it will not left it off any surface. My ensuite was black, from mould, living in the tropics, with not much of an exhaust fan it was bound to happen. It worked like a treat, the tiles were back to being blue. While scrubbing, ensure that you wear as much protective equipment as possible. I suggest wearing a respirator, because without it, it will stuff you up for days, and wearing a face mask will not suffice, the fumes just seep through it. Utilise as much ventilation as possible. Nausea, headaches, upset stomach, and constantly smelling bleach are some of the symptoms.
Excellent on mould
Won't left mildew


NiveaNew South Wales, 2017

  • 15 reviews

Excellent Mould Killer!


Recently, the grouting in my bathroom has become a bit mouldy due to the damp conditions (winter season). I applied a bit of the powerclean bathroom gel on the grout, gave it a little scrub and left it overnight to work it's magic. Next morning, the grouting is all nice and white without any corrosion or signs of discolouration on tiles! Wonderful product!
Works fast and kills mould efficiently!
The bleach smell might be a bit too strong if too much is applied, make sure the bathroom is well ventilated during application.

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Questions & Answers

Christene B.

Christene B.asked

Can I use White King bathroom powergel on granite benchtops

No answers
Lisa Rayko

Lisa Raykoasked

has anyone else experienced migraines after using this product? I used it yesterday for the first time in my bathroom, which was well ventilated, and had a horrible migraine last night....used it again today and now have another terrible migraine coming on so I am starting to question if it as the result of using this product as nothing else I have done can explain it, and now after both exposures to the product Im thinking I am reacting to the toxic ingredients in it. I never get migraines, or headaches for that matter.

1 answer

Hi Lisa, i still use this product but water it down as it is quite strong as well as using it in a ventilated area. I also do this when my hunby is out as he is an asthmatic and it really effects him

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