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White King Toilet Power Gel

White King Toilet Power Gel

3.8 from 11 reviews

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Love using this!

Look, I'm not normally a fan of cleaning toilet even though I do it for a living. But using this gel is super easy. Put it on, leave it for a while, quick scrub and flush. That's as easy as it gets and it smells fantastic too.
I used it when I moved into my new home and it got all of the previous stains out very easy!

Ruined toilets

This product in lavender has stained both toilets blue permanently. Nothing will get it off! I've tried every other product there is but nothing will get it off. Worst toilet cleaner I've ever used

Love this product.

Will not use any other toilet cleaner again. This product leaves my toilet clean and fresh without too much scrubbing! I leave it there for 10 minutes then flush and it gets rid of all stains and scum.

The best toilet cleaner in my opinion!

I found these on special at Woolworths and decided to try it and I was very impressed! Excellent clean and freshness. We have and older toilet and I can say I've never seen it sparkle so much truly amazing. This has a good thick formula and really does the job. I have been converted now to purchasing this produced I have been telling friends and family too! Have tried lemon and lavender fragrance both fantastic.

A bit above average

I sometimes use this toilet bowl cleaner and found it do a pretty good job at cleaning the toilet bowl though found that have to leave it least double the time they recommend to leave it there before flushing for least 20 minutes though for even better results it works even better if left overnight / I totally recommend this toilet bowl cleaner product to anyone who likes to keep their toilet smelling and being clean

Great product

Cleaned the bowl of my toilet perfectly, no more dark marks or stains left on the bottom, i love going into the bathroom and it smells good and clean
Cleans wonderfully with no fuss

Stains the toilet bowl blue. Permanently.

I bought this toilet cleaner hoping for a better clean. But after about 3 applications, there was a blue residue left on the toilet bowl. I have tried to get it off by scrubbing for hours, and using other bleaches and cleaners and nothing will get it off, we left it a month of normal use and cleaning with Duck & Harpic cleaners, and the stains are still there. I am going to have to buy new toilets for our 3 bathrooms now.
More pleasant fragrance than some.
Stains toilet bowl blue.


a great toliet cleaning product which is simple to use and will guarantee you loo is clean and frehs smelling after each use.
this is an easy and quick to use product that will clean your toilet bowl without much effort, my children are able to use it as well. just open the lid and turn it towards the inner rim of the bowl and the gel comes easily out. all you need to do prior is scrub the bowl down and and flush after 10minutes of application and your loo is clean again. has a kiddie safe lid
none that i can think of


Overall a good product does what is suppose to do, keeps toilet clean, germ free and helps keep toilet sparkling. Would be nice if they could come up with an environmentally friendly version and packaging though. Good product and does the job. Would recommend.
Keeps our toilet nice and clean. It is quick working.
Probably not the best product for the environment, but you need a clean toilet and this will do it without a fuss.


This gel is one that I always look for at the supermarket as it does leave my toilet looking a lot cleaner than other products that I have used. It can be expensive but the product is good.
I think that this toilet cleaning gel does a much better job than others out there. It seems to give the toilet a really good clean and I find I do not have to use a lot of the product for it to work well.
Can be more expensive than other toilet cleaners out there, but considering it does a good job it is worth paying more for.


This is a good toilet cleaner that works really well. The longer you leave it on, the less scrubbing you have to do. It cleans well and leaves a nice fresh scent afterwards.
This is a very effective toilet bowl cleaner and is not too expensive, best to buy it when on sale ofcourse. I use is regularly and it works well without having to do a lot of scrubbing.
It is a bit stong scented, so would not suit people with sensitive issues. I think it does have strong chemicals in it, so if you are using it, keep the windows open during and after cleaning.

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Does it have bleach in it. I have a sectic tank I love the cleaner but worried about bleach going into my tank? Jessie
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I want to know the answer

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