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Woolworths Select Full Cream Milk

Woolworths Select Full Cream Milk

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Foul tasting Woolworths milk is undrinkable and the lids leak

I have been buying Woolworths and Coles milk for years. I use milk in coffee/ tea and on cereal. Occasionally I like to have a glass of milk which has always been satisfactory until recently.
Yesterday I decided to have a glass of Woolworths milk. It has a foul taste and is not fit to drink. Not only that, I’ve been noticing for months that the lids often leak if you lie the milk on its side.
I will write to Woolworths directly but in the meantime will try Coles milk or some other more expensive brands.

Purchased in April 2019 for $2.20.

Excellent product just the right balance of cream and milk

Happy to be paying a little extra for this good product for which the farmers are benefiting from. Our farmers need every bit of support we can give them through both flood and drought.

Purchased in February 2017 for $2.20.


I want to know if you will be supplying milk in glass bottles. Milk tastes better in glass bottles.Thanks Jeanette

Milk is very watery

Normally we buy the more expensive milk as it comes straight from the farmer and i like alot of cream in my coffee, My wife bought a 3 ltr carton of woolworth's FULL CREAM milk and today i wanted a glass of milk, well i think we got a half carton of milk and another half carton of water, it was very weak, it pays to spend that little bit more to get the FULL CREAM in the full cream milk, never again WOOLWORTHS.


The smell made me vomit, it was horrible, i will never buy again. Don't bother trying its a waste of money.

full cream milk bad taste

Very bad taste.. i can not use it for my coffee.i had to buy milk from aldis home brand milk

Fool Cream milk ?

The last two bottles of 2 litre Woolworths Full Cream milk (purchased two weeks apart) I have found to be extremely lacking any cream at all. I've had to fill half of my coffee cup with this stuff to get the same colour as before.
I know that even the real deal full cream milk is not "whole " milk but what I bought was more like "Lite" or Fat reduced milk. Absolute rubbish.

another crap woolies product

I bought 2 litres of woolworths full cream milk on 5th july and refrigerated it within 10 minutes of leaving shop use by date of 12 july, since using this milk mainly in tea I have had upset gastrointestinal track this has happened before and it also affects the rest of family, should have learnt my lesson then absolute garbage unfit for human consumption.


Hi All, Recently Woolworths changed their packaging from the paper/non see through carton to the clear plastic. Since this change the milk has NOT FROTHED when running through a NESPRESSO frother. Woolworths to save costs have in my mind sacrificed quality in a product that was being purchased regularly and was working. Unfortunately I will have to go back to looking for another product. “I can not believe a multi million dollar establishment has not tested or reviewed their own product before changing it” From disgruntled Coffee Lover.


Will never buy again. Too watery and it doesn’t froth up. It tastes like nothing... so much for “full cream milk”. False advertising Woolworth. People are not stupid.

Terrible tasting milk Woolworths brand

Bought 3litre milk from Woolworths used by date 26/12/2017 and it tastes off, worst tasting milk ever, ruined my Sunday morning tea had to go to local servo to buy decent milk. Not Happy Woolworths never again.

Funny tasting milk- woolworths brand

My daughter is going bananas as all the 3 x 2L milks we open (all use by 23/12/17) have a funny chemical taste.

This milk always tastes like chemicals

This Woolworths milk has a weird taste compared with similar products in the same fridge, it ruins a cup of tea of coffee and you can easily taste the difference in a blind tasting. Why won't Woolworths look into this problem, it must be affecting sales. I just won't buy it anymore it ready tastes bad.

Very displeased

I bought a 3ltr full cream bottle of milk yesterday, an it tastes like ants.
I have kept it in the fridge all the protocol, yet unusually it tastes legitimately like ants. No one wants to drink it an I don't blame them I don't want to either, would you?

I used to work in a milk factory in the bottling room, so I am fully aware of the protocol. And I must say as a frequent customer, I don't want my/your milk to taste like ants. I don't know if it is on you, or Woolworths but you'll need to look into it.
TIA. -Good Luck :)

Also please defroth your bottles before capping.
You are bottling throthed milk then capping, thus loosing about 100mls of milk. Making it quiet disappointing, when reach in to grab a bottle of milk. I do understand cheap milk=cheap quality and dethrothing is time consuming (I've been there done it I understand) and you're a big company so time is precious but customer satisfaction should still be vital.
JUST SAYING.. it would be a good idea.

Watery As

I don't know what it is, but I'm fine with any brand of full cream milk except woolworths - I still drink it as it tastes okay, but it's like the milk has been watered down so much.

0/10 Do Not Buy

It smells like a dairy farm...and not in a good way. Tastes watered down, too. I can't even use it in my tea, the taste is too overpowering. Definitely not worth the bargain price.

Suits me!

I really only buy either this or the Coles brand milk - and find this one suits me very well. Aside from the price, I actually like the taste of this milk and I usually drink it plain. It's always consistent in flavour. I'm pretty fussy with milk so when I'm on holidays etc I often cannot stand the taste of different milks. But I always buy one that has a use by date of at least a week left. I guess it just comes down to what you are used to.

Watered down

While the milk is priced well it's obviously watered down to make up for the shortfall in profits. It barely tastes creamy. It's horrible if you like a good coffee.
Depends on what you value, $ or quality.

Woolworths milk compared with raw cold press

Even though cheap it wasn't worth the price. It just tastes so watery or like you're standing at the milk shed and breathing cow smells. Hard to describe. Lucky we used it quickly on other things like smoothies etc. So bought $5 milk cold pressed 750ml and that was absolutely divinely different you can just drink that milk alone. In fact it feels a waste to even put it in tea.

woolworths milk with cream on top? the cream has gone.

I've been using woolworths milk with the cream on top since it arrived in store.
I don't mind paying extra money for milk that actually tastes like milk,
though over late May 2016 until current June 10 2016 The cream on top has gone .
what's going on woolworths.

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