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Yamaha FZ6S

Yamaha FZ6S

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Practical all rounder

Bought 2006 model in Feb/2016, upgrade from 400cc, I had it for over 1 yr and 4 month. during this time I ride every day to work including rain, thunder, hail, 40 degrees heat. Basically everyday. So 600 cc is little too big for around residential street or tram track in Melbourne, fast enough for Hwy, free way, open road. 600cc engine saved me from near knocked over by merging traffic by I was able to accelerate to avoid the other car nearly hit me! I also rode my FZ6S on wet rainy Great ocean rode, Otway, Marysville, Healsville. Very reliable fat 180/60 rear tyre. very trust worthy machine. Riding position is very comfortable, but very minimal storage under seat, almost none due to emergency tools. I'm using bangee to tie any rear luggage I need to carry, or using tank bag. Everyday suburban commute will cost about $16-$$20 to fill tank and able to ride 250-300km/ tank. but if I'm riding on Hwy, I'm able to do about 350 - 430km/tank. so depends where and how you ride. over all, sporty, looking comfortable riding position, enough power, but more on mid rev range. Overall, this is very good bike and it does everything rider wants to do.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

As tame as a Beast- for a 2005 Middle-weight Motorcycle

I've owned my FZ6S for 8 months and i must say for a medium- weight Motorcycle she is amazing! I use it for commuting during the week for my Business and sometimes in the weekends she gets the opportunity to show what she can really do on the Country roads, twisties and boy can she go. There's a different mode/tone/aggressiveness when she gets up to a certain speed- i suppose it's because the motor is derived from the R6- which gives it that medium/high revs when needed.
Love my Motorcycle

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Great bike

Love this bike ! I was looking for something comfortable but sporty.. it ticked both boxes.. has that bit of power when needed and handles the corners perfectly. . I ride 200k per day for work and its perfect


What can I say....brilliant.
After having owned a Kawasaki Z750 and a Ninja 650, I was looking for a comfy commuter and came across the 2009 FZ6S. I have to say there were not many reviews around on this bike so I was hesitant at first, but after a test ride, I was hooked.
I guess I thought that because the FZ6S is comfortable to ride it would be tame also, but i was wrong ...this bike is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
I use it to commute ,which it handles easily and efficiently, without skipping a beat. Then on the weekends I take it for a longer rides for fun and boy does it put a stupid grin on my face.
I thought I would keep the bike for a little while until I could afford my dream bike but maybe I've already found it....
Great engine, excellent handling, responsive brakes.
Gearbox is its weak point but I have had worse though

Great everyday bike,with a bit of hooligan thrown in.

Hi, I've owned this bike for 2 years now,never a problem so far...very comfortable even on longer trips for me,handling and brakes great, very easy to do maintenance on bike which is important to me as I look after the bike myself.The only negatives I can think of is gearbox is a bit clunky especially as the oil gets older,bottom end torque is a bit poor but comes alive after 8000 rpm,which makes up for it. There is a myth about fuel surge jerkiness at lower rpm, which is not noticeable in my opinion( my bike is a S2 08 model) have thought about upgrading several times.... but I keep asking myself why?
Comfortable,great handling and easy to work on.
Gearbox clunky and low rpm torque is poor.


I recently upgraded to the FZ6 after shopping around for my ideal machine: something that would have enough go and stop to get me out of trouble, was comfortable and upright to ride, looked good, and didn't chew fuel. Having ridden a Kawasaki ZZR250 (EX250) for yonks, I liked the idea of the sports tourer.

The FZ6 fits the bill perfectly. Its 600cc engine has it where it needs it, and I can do suburban and urban riding, and at the drop of a hat go rolling up to the country, no sweat. Acceleration is not too over the top (unless you pull back hard) and the cornering/braking is totally responsive.

While it's not a sports bike, it has smooth lines and a no-nonsense front end, with good clearance off the ground and everything on the dash laid out as expected. The fuel gauge was an unexpected surprise, along with the immobilizer and fancy-shmancy key system.

Starting up, she's smooth and quiet: actually makes less noise than the ZZR! Once at the operating temperature (about 70 to 100 degrees Celcius) it purrs like a kitten (truly, have a listen!). My only complaint would be, that before the first service the gear change would go "KaCHUNK!". Now, after the first service, it goes "kaShnick". Riding position is exactly what I was after, not hunched down low like on a racer, not laid back like on a tourer, not in an armchair position like a commuter... I've got a good view of the road all around, and my backside isn't complaining after five minutes.

Fuel consumption is worth a note. Currently I'm getting about 230 km per 12 liters, and that's doing Melbourne's City Link every day, with sporadic suburban and country miles thrown in for good measure.

All up, I regret nothing about my purchase, best thing I've done for a while.
Smooth power delivery, more upright riding position, power when you need it, so comfortable I could ride all day.
Clunky/Noisy gear changes when new, new key would cost a pretty penny.


I ride mine every day from geelong to melbourne. It is super efficient and comfortable. Very agile and easily carves up city traffic. Plenty of power when you need it. On weekends I take it touring though county victoria and it has no trouble at high speeds or just cruising. A truely great bike. Hightly recoment this bike for any one. This is a great all rounder. It has never missed a beat in 20,000km. With the Semi naked it is easy to service and still good has all the looks of a sports bike. I have had a few bike in the past but none as completly satisfying as the FZ6!
Everything! Comfortable, powerfull, efficent, great handling, reliable. The complete all rounder. can hand the congested city or the wide open roads. All very comfortably for you and the bike. Digital guages. Fuel and Temp Guage. 2 trip meters all easy to see. Also a very good looking bike. It always turns heads!
Gearbox is a little cluncky but apart from that it is an amazing machine.


Well, I'm now into my 3rd week of being the proud owner of a brand new FZ6S and let me tell you.......it has been a real pleasure. Apart from riding my sons 250cc sportsbike, i really hadn't ridden for about 30 years. (Ex trail biker. And yes i'm a little older now). I just have to say that this bike makes you feel so confident in corners, accelerating, braking and in amongst the traffic. It just makes you feel as one, rider and bike. A real pleasure to ride. The fuel economy is great and getting better as i go along. The 1st tankfull (with a few fistfulls of throttle here and there) returned 18.8 K's/litre and the last tank got me 24.64 K's/litre. So far, this tank is looking even better again. The power range is,(for me), fantastic, smooth and yet still has plenty of torque. For me, this is a great allrounder and would recommend the Yamaha FZ6S to anyone wanting to upsize their bike.
Excellent mid range bike. Great fuel efficiency. Comfortable upright seating position. Power on tap if you need it and great brakes to pull you up in a hurry if needed. Beautifull in the suburbs and on the freeway. Gives a great feeling of confidence between man and machine on those twisty roads, or manouvering around the car parks. Absolutely a great all round bike.
Like others, have found the gear changes a little clunky. However, have also found that if you place a bit of pressure on the shift lever as you are about to pull the clutch lever, the change will be a lot smoother and no clunking. Also adjusted the clutch lever take up and position to suit my style better.

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How far down the seat height will go down?
1 answer
The seat hight in the latest model is 31.3 in (795 mm) and is not adjustable.


Yamaha FZ6S
Release dateMay 2007

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