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Yamaha PDX-B11

Yamaha PDX-B11

4.6 from 5 reviews

Fantastic sound at a bargain price

Absolutely love this product. So easy to use, lightweight and portable and the sound quality is amazing given the price point. I'm tempted to day the best value bluetooth speaker on the market. Yamahas sound quality far exceeds any other portable speaker I have heard. Unbelievably cheap for the amazing speaker that it is.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Love it!

Maybe I'm a technology noob... but I find this device awesome and totally love it! It's so convenient and I'm impressed by the quality sounds it projects via bluetooth! Portable and can be used with 6x AA batteries. I haven't used it outdooors with batteries yet so don't know how good it will be but will be giving it a go this summer! Such a great item!

Awesome Sound, Incredible Price

I love the Yamaha PDX-B11! It has an excellent sound output, a little less capable with high treble though (then again, who wants to be carrying a $3000 home entertainment system for a swim, picnic, etc.), but super dynamic. It lives up to its 8 hours of battery life claim, even on cheap alkaline AA's, and it's quite competent with delivering all music of all genres. It's fun, packs some punch, can deliver music to extreme distances, and it has a 10 metre Bluetooth connectivity distance. It's great, and my only recommendation is if you love fun outdoors (and life in general), buy this BABY!
Dynamic, long battery life, inexpensive, rugged, instant party-starter, ....


I find that the music playback skips a lot. Even when I turn off all other wireless devices, internet etc in the home as suggested in the manual. The first few times i used it it was perfect, then it started skipping often, to the point that it can be on, playback occuring (according to device that is playing the music) but I have had no music for 10 minutes.
Portability and options for batteries
Skipping during playback. Would prefer it to come with it's own battery power pack that is rechargeable as it chews through the AA batteries

Great item

Fast and exciting-sounding, Yamaha's Series speakers are a bit of a mixed bag, thanks to a lightweight subwoofer. If gargantuan bass isn't what you're after, then this system will give any room a lively 5.1-channel serving of both music and movie soundtracks. excellent for any travel or party, friends love being able to easily connect and play there own tunes
Easy connection, bass, quality
Big, bulky

Questions & Answers

Are you able to connect the Yamaha speakers together like the boom2? As I am trying to find a speaker that will be best for a 30th birthday for some good sound for background noise.
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Yamaha PDX-B11
Bluetooth ConnectivityYes
Price (RRP)$169
Battery TypeAA x 6
Release dateFeb 2013

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