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Coles Milk Powder Full Cream

Coles Milk Powder Full Cream

2.9 from 12 reviews

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Really Good

Although it is not as good as the real thong, it is still pretty damn good. Tastes nice, you can basically just use it instead of real milk.

Woolies is better

I arrived at this site, because i bought the Coles one for the first time (after using Woolies ones for the last 6 months) and i found it to be a lot weaker and didn't dissolve as easily. My hot chocolate drink tastes as though it was made only with water, even though, when i was adding the milk powder, i thought i was being a bit greedier than usual with my scoop.

I will be ensuring that i buy only the Woolworths Powdered Milk from now on.

Perfect! Cant live without it!

Love everything about it. Tastes amazing and Price is very good. I use it to make things cremier and tastier

Worm found in product

Bought a pack earlier this year because, after reading 'nutrition info' section, I can find little difference with other more expensive brands. Seems the difference is in somewhere else. I'm an international student and I sent it back to my parents in China (some time after purchase). Best-before date is June 2017.

2 days ago my mother opened the pack. And found a wiggling worm in it. Asked her to take photos and a short video. Sent to Coles. And oh, their immediate response was a whole lot of questions, 'let's investigate and improve', instead of apologies and solutions/remedies. Legend.

Well, a good thing after all. I can finally convince my parents things produced overseas aren't all that good.

lovely rich sweet ymmy taste

I prefer this to regular milk I can make it as thick and nourishing as I like, especially in home made lattes

Very good!

I have been in AU for 1 year and a half. I actually have consumed nearly twenty bags by myself. It is easy to preserve & can have a yummy drink at any time. The taste, for me, is quite good. The taste of Devondale is a little light. The woolworth one is too strong with a kind of special smell.

No bad at all

My first time to use. I google and ensure how to use it. I used a lot of powder to make 2L milk and leave it in a fridge for a while by following WiKi instruction.
It is just like normal milk or little bit sweeter. My whole family didn't complain. We normally buy lactose free milk (long life) because I get stomac ache from normal cow milk but I didn't get any stomach ach from it (so far touch wood). As other people said may be a lot of soy used?lol

We drink a lot of milk 2-3 litter a day easily so we are hoping that buying this milk powder saving us bit of money.

Awful stuff

Compared to Diploma (which Coles no longer stock) and Devondale, this is awful milk powder in every respect. I need powdered milk to make home cheeses and the results with this milk were less than satisfactory. Why remove a nutritionally sound product and replace it with a tasteless bland generic alternative? Why the Soy Lecithen?
Bland, gritty, clumps, additives

I am fed up!!

The gradual
Removal, first from Woolworths and then Coles, of my favourite milk powder, Diploma full cram instant, 1 kg packet, and nothing in its place except their own brand, has left me very angry. I hate the Coles and Woolworths powder milks. Diploma was voted the nutritionally best milk powder a few years ago and also the best tasting. Coles milk powder clumps and tasts cheap and nasty. Is it made in China?
Nothing to like at all about Supermarket brand milk powder

I really like Diploma skim milk too. I use it in my cooking all the time and even in my tea. When Woolworths didn't stock it anymore, I went to Coles but they don't stock it either now. It is a shame because it is really rare to get a good tasting skim milk.Diploma milk is still available at IGA Stores

Soy in the powdered milk

If one looks carefully at the ingredients list on each packet of Cole Brand "Full Cream Powdered Milk" one will see that what you are about to purchase is not in fact powdered milk, but a mixture of soy lecithin powder and full cream milk. Of course, nowhere does it say what the percentage of soy lecithin powder actually is, but it likely to be quite high. I arrive at this conclusion because most full cream milk has a fat content of about 3.6%, but in this mixture it is a mere 2.7%. That is an overall reduction of about 25% of the fat total which could be expected were the mixture all full cream milk powder.

There is absolutely no need whatsoever for the inclusion of an emulsifier in powdered milk, other than to use it as a filler. That is, to fill the packet with what should be milk, but is obviously cheaper lecithin.

I'm also not sure if this milk is really a product of Australia, which is the food label category employed by Coles in this case. I think that most lecithin is not Australian product, and as such, the food label should read "Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients".

Also it is worth remembering that since the advent of Round Up ready Genetically Modified Soy beans, it is considered by all experts that there is no non-GM soy product to be obtained anywhere in the world. This is on the basis that soy seeds are so easily transported by wind and other media that it is highly likely that all soy products contain at least some content obtained from GM produced food.

Use this product at your peril, and certainly do not feed it to unsuspecting children.

Is this another result of Coles' Down, Down, Down approach to food products? Down, Down, Down in quality that is.

It is not what it is purported to be and probably contains potentially health damaging GM ingredients.


This milk powder contains way too much soy, which completely alters its flavour from milky to disgusting. It is slushy and doesn't dissolve properly in either hot or cold water, leaving horrible soy clumps in the bottom of your cup or glass; which is what an abundance of soy in soluble products does. Powdered milk does not smell good at the best of times, but the smell upon opening a pack of Coles Milk Powder Full Cream is abhorrent. I would sooner chew grass myself and try to produce my own milk than buy this product again!
Nothing, this is a terrible product.
The flavour. The smell. The soy content. The way it doesn't dissolve properly. The clumpy lumpy soy bits it leaves in the bottom of your glass.

I thought that this milk powder contains 100% cows milk and no soy as this is what is says on the ingredients list.What makes you think it contains soy? If it is just a "hunch" with no evidence then you really should keep it to yourself and not post misinformation on the net.Instant Milk Powders generly use lechitn(usually from Soy) to help it disolve properly. ALso u need to add Powder to liquid not the other way round, i always adda lil at a time and use a wisk as insurence. I never tried Colse Brand as I always think cheap price+Large amount of product = Low Quality. Brand I use is Nestles Sunshine InststandPowdered milk :) Dietrician-Nutritionist. I suggest you read the label carefully before going off half cocked. not only does the ingredients list show that it includes soy lecithin, but the bold print elsewhere on the packet clearly states that "This product contains soy".


I have been using powdered milk for years and have no problem with this product. Any powdered product should be mixed in cold water or luke warm, never hot. When I make up a litre I fill the litre jug with 800mls cold water zap it for 1 minute in microwave add 100-130g of powdered milk and whisk. Top up with extra water if needed. If you make it up a night it is nice and creamy in the morning. All brands of powdered milk taste different and is an aquired taste. Some people just don't like it, not necessarily the product.
I have travelled a lot. This product has kept well even when it was opened. The packaging is study and the price is good.
The only thing I hate is when the shops remove it from their shelves and you can't get it.

Questions & Answers

How to buy online?
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Is there soya product in full cream and skim milk powder?
1 answer
Shouldn't be. Look on the labelling details.

diploma instant full cream milk powder states on front of can it makes 30 lts when you look on nutrition info it states one serve is 250mls and the tin holds 12 serves instructions state to use 1 cup of powder to 3/4 ltr of water Ie there is no way the tin can make 30lts if following this method What is correct? is this false advertising on front of can? help before I make it up
1 answer
you do reaise there is a NO. on the can right? also i think if i remember correctly UP TO 3.0 Lts one two THREE there is a dot inbetween the 3 and the 0 also a little bit of common sence would not go astray

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