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Youi Landlord Insurance

Youi Landlord Insurance

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After the first 12 months and upon renewal my insurance policy it went up by $486.00 annually (approximately 23% increase). Hence I cancelled on the spot without any hesitation, went elsewhere and ended up getting the same cover cheaper than my first year with Youi.
I was advised by the consultant that if I increased my may be a little cheaper.

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It's true, the price is a very important piece of the puzzle, so if the numbers don't add up, I can understand why you'd look elsewhere, sorry to hear we’ve lost you. Our premiums are calculated based on underwriting data & statistics including claims in the area, weather patterns, payment history & our pricing structure to name a few. If you’d welcome a call, email robynf@youi.com your details & I’ll be in touch. Robyn.

Waste of time

I tried to get a quote from Youi. It was a momentous struggle. The website is a little misleading - it takes the house details but won't give you a quote. You get called by a Youi rep who spends half an hour collecting further details and then gives you the HARD SELL. The phone operator was grilling me about Asbestos, but Youi didn't seem to understand that I didn't know. After all that the quote was almost three times more expensive the cheapest competitor.

Waste of time.

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I’m sorry you feel we’ve wasted your time Meyi, it’s not our intention. When you begin a quote on our site we let you know that we may call you. We ask more to know more about you & what you want us to insure. I get that when a house was built, you may not always know about the asbestos. All we ask is that you answer the questions honestly & to the best of your knowledge. If you find out different, we can change that. Insurers all look at risk differently & that’s why there is such a difference in the prices quoted. I’m sorry we weren’t competitive this time Meyi & I’m more than happy to have a look into this more for you so I’ve poped you a PM. I look forward to talking to you soon. ~ Cam


Have just switched to YOUI from a competitor company for Landlord insurance, after being with the other company for 9+ years. The YOUI policy price was fair and the customer service representative Graham was very helpful over the phone.
I'm hopeful that should I ever need to claim, the product will live up the the sales pitch!

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Welcome to the Youi family Marianne. Be assured should a claim pop up for you, we will be there to help :) I’m keen to chat if you have any queries around the cover to put your mind at ease, just drop me a line at robynf@youi.com with your policy details & I’ll give you a bell? Robyn

Great agency across a number of different policies

I have car, home and investment policies with YOUI. All my claims have been dealt with professionally and promptly. Would (and have) recommend to anyone. The only policy I don't have with them is for motorbikes. YOUI themselves advised they could not match current policy and should stay with current provider. Excellent cover, service and speed of assistance

Insurance claim madeYes

Landlord Insurance

Customer support setting up this insurance policy was excellent - Maree was very knowledgeable and explained the components of the policy in easy to understand language . Her follow up call was appreciated.

Insurance claim madeNo

Your Outstanding Unbeatable Insurance...Youi

Customer support was really extraordinary, as I initially had car insurance. When i was told of other types of insurance that Youi do, I decided on some landlord insurance for an apartment, which i am purchasing.
As well as a building and contents policy for a house.
Everything possible was done to give me the most pleasing outcome in each case.
Thank you Youi!

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Youi are liars and cheats

Youi charged me for landlord insurance and all along only gave me house insurance claiming it was landlord insurance. So after decades of being with them, and then making a small claim due to a destructive tenant youi are now refusing to honour a small claim - they are liars and cheat. I have cancelled all my insurance with them and suggest others do the same. They might be cheap, but they are disgusting and pathetic. They only want your money and will not pay back.

June 28th 2017 Update: not cheap at all

Youi might be cheap but when it comes to claims you find out why they are "competitive" in that they do not
honour claims and make all the excuses in the world to get out of their responsibility.

Insurance claim madeYes

I found youi better than other insurance companies

I have 5 Rental properties. I had an issue with 2 properties. Two different insurance companies. I found I had no trouble with youi got the problems fixed with my own trades and sent the receipts for claim. All done in a 2 weeks and rented back out. There was only one excess for the whole of the youi claim. Other house was with a different company, it took 3 to 4 months for the claim and I found I had to wait for there prefer company to fix which took for ever. In the end the damage was way to much for the claim so they only wanted to pay me out the max they could.
So I was out of pocket a lot of money. There landlords insurance had a number of different headers under it so you had to pay out not one excess but 4. Eg rent default, damage, theft and Brocken glass. I also found that youi covers for the length of lease as other company only paid for max 12 weeks.
This was an expensive lesson so I hope this helps other people out there.

Insurance claim madeYes

Quote on building insurance

I obtained a quote on building insurance and found Youi to be competitive in price and offer extra services which would be valuable in the event of a claim. Very happy Youii customer.

Insurance claim madeNo

landlord insurance and building insurance

good value, Jason was very easy to understand and explained the policy very well,
the policy was easy to set up it didn't take too long,
i was very satisfied with the customer support

Insurance claim madeNo

Great service

Looking for quote on Line and with in 2 minutes received a phone call with help. Just great service at a very good price, and because I have 2 other policy's with Youi received a 20% discount.

Insurance claim madeNo

Incredible Customer Service.

I could not believe how much money my original insurance company wanted to charge me once I decided to rent my own home. I was very lucky with all my tenant until the last one who for some unknown reason caused drain blockage a few times and finally decided they would not pay for a plumber's service.. they attempted to fix the issue themselves and did not advice anyone of the damage they caused.
The entire Ensuite had o be pull out, all the porcelain tiles, 2 pack vanities, etc. Youi, sent their assessor the next day and informed me of the day they were able to start ( it was actually a huge cost, considering quality of finishes we had). I had been contacted by the contractor promptly, they gave incredible choices of materials and finished - I was truly shocked?! I was not expecting this flexibility and cooperation, at all. I was able to chose the size and quality of my tiles with their builders supplier and they fully worked with my selection of vanities.
The only issue I could mention it took rather long time to finalise my repair but it has been done in a very good manner. My property was re let within two days of finalising repairs.

I have currently a few policies with Youi and had been with them for at least for a period of 4 years and cannot speak highly enough of their service.

Insurance claim madeYes

Expensive, terrible cover, even worst customer service!

I got a quite from youi that turns out to be a lot more expensive than other insurance providers. The process of getting a quote from the is also very lengthy and annoying. You have to first fill in the online application forms, then someone will call you right away to ask what it feels like 100 more questions. I cannot see why they cant make the whole process online, as all the call centre was doing is also filling in forms for us in their computer. But NO, with youi you have to go through the whole process and it took close to an hour.

I thought because they were very thorough, they would have offered cheaper covers.. But NO.

Then I got the quote and the call harrassment began. I got calls from youi twice to three times a day for the next week, every single day to follow up on the quote. This is the most annoying thing ever as they seem to be really pushy to want to get business out of you.. And thay what really put me off. Then it got to a point where i replied one of their email saying STOP Calling me. You know what happened after that, someone from youi called me and asked if they can help me. To which I replied, NO just stop calling me. Then the lady said, yes that was what the emailed said but she was just wondering if there's anything else she can do to help.

Are you freaking kidding me??!!

The whole experience just put me off there and then!

Insurance claim madeNo

Youi building/landlord insurance

Youi landlord insurance is really bad ...they just want your premium and don't care about your claim they reject most of the claim...citing its not damage it's repair and maintenance...don't go with them.

Insurance claim madeYes

Questions & Answers

Hi All, does anyone have Landlords insurance for a strata unit? When I started the online quote process, a pop up advised I can only request contents insurance for a strata unit. I was after a landlord package that included damage to fixtures and fittings and loss of rental income. Thanks
1 answer
Hi Olive, We have options that we can add to a contents policy; “Fixtures and Fittings upgrade” and “Lessee/Tenant Default and Damage”. To start the online quote, after selecting “Landlord”, please select “Contents” with a minimum value of $5000. We may need to call you from this point to ask some additional questions & complete the quote. There’s more info on the cover in the PDS on page 21 - https://www.youi.com.au/GetPDS?riskType=BUI Would you like you like me to phone you to walk through the process? - Jeremy

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