Top 5 Smart Watch Brands for Women

Isabella G.
Isabella G.Published on 30 Nov 2020

Smart watches are a convenient and stylish way for women to keep track of their health, socialise with friends and family, and stay organised amidst the business of life. Limited sizing options may have deterred many women from purchasing a smart watch in the past, but brands have begun catering to the growing demand, resulting in the best smart watches for women than ever before.

Apple Smart Watches

apple smart watch
Apple Smart Watch Series 6. Retails from $599

Apple produces the most sought-after and recognisable smart watches on the market. Exclusively compatible with iPhones, Apple smart watches can assist women, whether with day-to-day chores or an exciting adventure. This encompasses anything from being awoken by gentle alarm vibrations, to sending an email via Siri Voice Assistant, or measuring blood oxygen levels and consulting the in-built GPS while hiking.

The latest smart watches are available in 38-mm or 40-mm displays sizes yet are still quite chunky. These smart watches may not accommodate women with slimmer wrists. Also, keep in mind that Apple smart watches don’t come cheap – some Series 6 models from the Hermès range costs $2200. Compared to other brands with similar features, such as the Fitbit Versa 2, this exorbitant price isn’t entirely justified.

Samsung Smart Watches

samsung smart watch
Samsung Galaxy Watch Midnight Black. Retails from $499

Tech giant Samsung offers a range of Android smart watches that are a satisfactory alternative to Apple. Samsung Galaxy smart watches are multifunctional and well suited for the health-conscious. They’re efficient activity trackers, with integrated features designed to improve and maintain fitness levels. Women's health is further supported by the Samsung Health App, which tracks menstrual cycles or stages of pregnancy. Connect wireless headphones via Bluetooth to change songs while you jog or follow along with a swim program while training at the beach. Some reviewers have noted a couple of issues, such as a short battery life and connectivity issues. For other sports watch options, it’s also worth considering Garmin. Just keep in mind that Garmin smart watches are known for having somewhat large and bulky designs.

Fossil Smart Watches

Fossil smart watch
Gen 5 Smart Watch Julianna HR Blush Leather. Retails from $499

Renowned for their leather handbags and accessories, Fossil also has a range of smart watches for women. The Fossil Gen 5 is powered with Wear OS by Google, which enables Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. If you’re in a rush and forget to grab your phone and wallet on your way out, your smart watch has you covered. Running errands or doing a shop is made simple by using your smart watch to make purchases at stores that accept Google Pay. Additionally, you can stay in the loop without your phone by texting via your smartwatch when connected to Wi-Fi. Customise your watch with Fossil’s assortment of chic leather straps, with options such as blush pink and baby blue. The straps also range in width to suit small wrist sizes and provide maximum comfort.

Michael Kors Smart Watches

michael kors smart watch
Gen 5 Bradshaw Gold. Retails from $599

With their oversized fits and sparkled accents, Michael Kors smart watches are befitting for those seeking a touch of glamour. These designer smart watches for ladies aren’t just flashy rose-gold coloured accessories, they also help busy women stay connected with family and friends. Simply scroll through social media for an update or schedule in a catch-up via the Calendar app. The Michael Kors Access smart watch includes some useful features, such as an in-built GPS and heart rate sensor, but is geared for day-to-day life and casual exercise, opposed to intense workouts. Ultimately, with their high prices, you’ll be paying for a designer name rather than cutting-edge features.

Kogan Smart Watches

kogan smart watches
Kogan Active+ Smart Watch Black. Retails from $49.99

Online retailer Kogan offers budget women’s smart watches ranging from $50 to $150. This is exceptionally inexpensive, especially in comparison to premium smart watches, which can surpass the $2000 mark. Kogan’s cheap smart watches are ideal for women who aren’t fussed about keeping up with the latest tech and don’t require a smart watch that boasts advanced features. Best of all, there are many similar features between the $50 and $150 smart watches. The most prominent points of contrast are that the latter have longer battery life, with stronger water resistance.