Best Arlec Flashlights / Torches

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Arlec Portable LED Floodlight FL225

Latest review: Quite a handy little floodlight - light, compact, 1.8m long power cord, damn bright, and a clamp as well. This is so handy to use outdoors for some extra illumination - 1600 lumens to be exact. I

Arlec Rechargeable Torch and Spotlight

Latest review: arlec rechargeable spotlight rsl 1000 series 2 worked for about 5 minutes,went flat and wouldnt recharge dont buy one unless you want to burn time and money greatest piece of junk I have ever come

Arlec WM534
2.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: I've had it for nearly a year and use it regularly and have found that it's actually quite a good torch. It feels solid. Nothing has fallen off. It throws a good white beam. However, it's quite

Arlec 150W Portable Halogen Worklight HL108

Latest review: Other reviewers have canned this product, but I have used two in both trade and domestic use and found them satisfactory. The only problems I have had was filament breakage after dropping or

Arlec 9 LED Mini Torch
1.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Bought 2 mini 9 led Torches for $ 2.5 ea. It’s 2 weeks both have stopped working. So it’s not reliable at all. I bought just before moving to remote location. Now, I have ordered another Arlec rec