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Chill Chest
Latest review: It is easy to carry any transport and storage in the backroom, in a cool place the only problem l have is that it does not work at all please

Atomic Beam Lantern
Latest review: Just the ants pants for me I have a campervan I tow behind my motor bike and sidecar and it gives great light for the van. Would recommend to

Atomic Beam Torch
Latest review: This torch is extremely bright and I thought I purchased a gem of a torch. Put it in my pocket and walked with it for about 2 hours one night. This resulted in the button breaking and the rubber

Outdoor Connection Brampton
Latest review: Great professionals, staff super friendly to top it off! The products are very good quality and also was offered to change items once we got wrongly the first one. Very

Garmin eTrex
Latest review: I purchased the eTrex 20 for hiking, And found it to be quite good, I'm no expert on GPSes but this unit worked well for me when we hiked Thornton Peak, Daintree Queensland the terrain was quite

LED Lenser P Series
Latest review: I was given this as a gift many years ago. It gets intermittent use, but every time I use it I am impressed with how bright it is. A few weeks ago it wouldn't turn on. Playing with the switch showed

Coleman Instant Up
Latest review: We bought a 10 man Coleman instant up a couple of years ago for a two teenage daughters to share. We've Used it 3 times, (2 weeks each) total of 36 odd days. 1st year. All good. 2nd year day 1

Latest review: Total waste of money. You can’t hold the cup properly as the glass becomes too hot to handle and the cork band is too small and doesn’t offer the protection required to prevent burning your hands. I

Black Wolf Turbo
Latest review: Pretty much same review as Nathan from Sydney with the 300. Floor condensation is an absolute FAIL! I've tried everything to prevent moisture issues. I'm a well seasoned camper and know I good and

Black Wolf Turbo Lite Plus
Latest review: Brilliant tent, but if solo just give yourself 2 hrs to put up if using all panels, and an hour to take down. Watch your head when pulling down the inner. Got separate canvas duffels for each

OzTent RV-5
Latest review: We have owned an Oztent for over 10 years and have been on countless trips using it in all types of weather. It handles strong winds and driving rain with no issues. Even after 10 years it looks

Black Wolf Bladerunner
Latest review: I have had this for years and it has never failed..Impressed me that much I told my Team mates and they use them now..They get abused thru the airports and dragged thru mud n dirt and the wheels just

Caribee Sky Master 40
Latest review: This is one of the most comfortable backpacks. The straps are thick and padded. It comes with a removable crossover strategy. Very roomy with plenty of compartments a well thought out back pack. It

Coleman Chalet 9 CV
Latest review: After using twice, 6 weeks and 2 weeks, fly rotted from sunlight. Was refused warranty and told that tent wasn’t meant to be used outside for so long. Will never trust Coleman products again. Agent a

Macpac Apollo
Latest review: We sold our enormous 3 room tent after finding the putting up/down too annoying. We have had Macpac Apollos for many years and love them, so settled on the Wanaka as a family tent (for 2 adults, 2

OZtrail Tourer
Latest review: For a relatively cheap tent this has been great. We used this it for 6 years, and it held up well to being jumped on by toddlers, fallen on by drunkards, heavy rain, crazy wind, dusty festivals, hot

BlackWolf Mantis
Latest review: I have used this tent on the overland trek, moreton island, stradbroke island, and the kids use it for their scouting hikes too. Over the last 6 years, it has demonstrated excellent longevity, storm

Black Wolf Turbo Lite Twin
Latest review: Had this tent for about 6 years, its a good tent until it rains then the floor leaks and it wets everything inside. We have resorted to putting a tarp on the floor to avoid everything getting wet.

Maglite LED Flashlight 2,3,4 D-Cell
Latest review: Tried replacing the bulb, no go. It is recessed beyond the reach of my pliers. No instructions are on their website. Their support documents warn against opening up the stupid thing. I think this

Contigo AutoSeal West Loop Travel Mug
Latest review: my Dad bought a contigo travel mug and i bought 2 travel mug as well one of my one had a problem ( rubber in lid) but when i called to them they said sorry and fixed up problem for me . one of my

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