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Hovex Pantry Moth Traps

Latest review: Last time I bought this product it was very effective. This time I shouldn't have wasted my money. I kill more moths a day with my hands than the trap has caught in a month. No happy. Will not buy

Hovex Permethrin Ant Killer

Latest review: First time I've tried this !!!! After clearing back of work top, of foods , utensils etc (using gloves) I sprinkled some on trail , left a while and all dead. We are going to use in roof as prob

Hovex Ultra Lo-Odour Termite and Insect Concentrate

Latest review: I was at bunnings looking to buy a different brand of ant killer, I spoke to the floor attendant and he more or less l said it was test and trials until you get one that works, I kind of got the

Hovex Mosquito Coils

Latest review: These coils really work . Not only do they repel mosquitoes but they actually kill them. We used them on a house boat trip recently on a Houseboat on the Coomeral River near the Gold Coast. When it

Hovex Natural Camphor

Latest review: Easy to use the only problem is some of the packets only have half the amount of camphor balls i shake the packet to hear if there is any in

Hovex Germgard Insect Control Bomb

Latest review: This product worked great, we tried many products finally i did in a week it control cockroaches and small insects really it works great and thanks for giving a such a nice product, Totally recommend

Hovex Fast knockdown Flying Insect Spray

Latest review: I used to find Hovex really good, but this one is dreadful! Strong odour and very oily residue left on areas where it's been sprayed. We cannot use it at all, waste of